Saturday, March 22, 2014

This is an ACF Special Report - Anne Sweeney To Step Down Early Next Year!!!!

This is an ACF Special Report!!!!!

Well, days after I posted my Latest rant about Anne Sweeney, I found out this little piece of News. Anne Sweeney, The Retard Queen,will be Stepping down from her position to become a TV Director. Yes, After Years of raping The Disney Networks, The Retard Queen is finally Finally, stepping down. Although, it would've been best if she was fired. 

Disney needs to reinvent itself as a Company and with Anne Sweeney gone, That will be possible. 

While this news is awesome, I'm concerned about Who her replacement is gonna be.  Will they Carry on her work? or will they Change the Disney Networks for the better? Will they make Things Worse? Or Will They Undo The Crap That Sweeney Has Done?

I'm pessimistic about this, but we can all breath a sigh of relief that Anne "The Retard Queen" Sweeney will Finally Be Gone from Disney and Hopefully The Disney Nightmare Will End. But, unfortunately, she'll be leaving Next Year. So, We still have have to deal with her Bullshit for the remainder of 2014.  Let's just hope she doesn't do any irreversible damage until then.
To See For Yourselves that this is Real, Search for Her Name On Google and hit the 'News' Tab. There should be a bunch of stories on this issue.

On A Related Note, Bob Iger is set to step down in Late 2016. Joy!

This has been an ACF Special Report!!!!!

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RekkaDragonJay said...

I agree. We must be cautious on whoever replaces Sweeney. Other than that, there is hope for Disney after all.