Thursday, April 24, 2014

The Hub Network's Biggest Screw-Ups

I know I should be completing my To-Do List, but I just feel the need to do this.

What I'm gonna do here is list the Biggest Screw-Ups of the Hub Network. As you all know, the Hub Network was Supposed to be the "Cool" Family Network. After the Constant Failures of Disney and Viacom, TV viewers (myself included) were ready for a Superior Family Network.

At first we were pleased....well somewhat. The Network was greatly flawed, but had the potential to get better. Though, it was much better than the Disney Channel and the Nick Networks. Things started getting better slowly. The Hub started airing cool shows and even created it's own version of Toonami, HuBoom. The only huge flaw The Hub had was the fact that it aired the same lame movies every single month. The only upside to that was that the Hub Family Movie was solely a Weekend thing, with 2 Movies on Saturday and 1 Movie each on Fridays and Sundays.

But it wasn't long before Things went Horribly wrong. Nikki Reed,Former Disney Executive,was brought in as the Network's Program Director. Reed quickly became radical loyalist of Discovery Communications and followed their orders with no Question. With Reed in charge of Programming,the Discovery Networks had a Perfect Puppet to do what they asked without Question. And Soon The Hub Network became a Clone of The Disney Channel.

And Now The American Cartoon Federation Presents: The Hub Network's Biggest Screw-Ups.

1 - Getting Rid of HuBoom. This Block had the potential to be the Next Toonami. But sadly Discovery Communications has decided that the block was too expendable.

2 - Removing and Suppressing the Cool Cartoons. Seriously, This needs no explanation, just look at their Current Line-Ups. All the Cool Animated stuff is on Early in the Morning. 

3 - Giving WAY too much airtime to the Girly and Pre-School Crap. Screw Littlest Pet Shop, I want my Dan Vs.

4 - Overly Promoting the Girly and Pre-school Garbage. What Shit-Headed Losers.

5 - Airing the Hub Family Movie Every Day (with a 2nd airing). This is Seriously stealing Airtime for the Sitcoms.

6 - Suppressing and removing Sitcoms. Some were moved to very very late at Night, While others were moved very early in the Morning. Some were even removed from the line-ups all together.

7 - Suppressing the Cool Live Action Shows. I really Hate the fact that Hercules: The Legendary Journeys and Lois and Clark air at Unreasonable times (very late at night and very early in the morning).  

8 - Unneeded Censorship. They feel they need to Censor Every Family Movie that they air. Dumbing them down for small children. And it's not just movies, it's Old Animated Shows too. Any Episode of a show that has a mature or sensitive theme in it, the Hub Network will never air it with the rest of the series. Stupid! Just because a show or movie, that's supposed to be for Everybody, has some slight mature themes to them,doesn't mean that it needs to be censored for the babies. Those Movies and Shows are for ALL , not just for that tiny insignificant demographic.

 9 - Turning the Hub Network into a Kiddie Network. There is a heavy difference between a Family Network and a Kiddie Network, Seriously.

10 - Ridding the Network.of All Retro Sitcoms. This is coming soon. I assure you.

11 - Failing to see the Potential this Network has.  

With all of the above, The Hub Network has gone from okay to bad...And things are about to get worse. Much worse. 

Screw You, Discovery Communications! You Suck!  

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RekkaDragonJay said...

Like I said, the Hub Network has broken their Pinkie Promise. Now they'll never show Beast Wars, Static Shock, Jackie Chan Adventures, The Tick, Full House, Family Matters, Xena: Warrior Princess and some animes on the Hub now.