Saturday, April 5, 2014

The Queen Has Become A Goddess!

It's Official Anne Sweeney is No longer the Retard Queen, but is now the Retard Goddess. Apparently she thinks it'd be great to air Baby shows on Disney XD. It was bad enough that she insisted that the Girly Bullshit air on XD, but now she wants to air Baby Shows on that network too.

Here's just one of the stories that proves my claim:

And worse still Bob Iger Approves of this. Ugh! Sweeney will Never Get it. She will Always be their to assault our intelligence  Under Sweeney (and possibly Iger), Disney will Always Fail. Why? Because Sweeney (and maybe Iger) will always Spit and Piss on the Smart TV watchers.

For more info on this show, go here:

We can't afford to wait until Sweeney Retires Next year. We Need to act NOW! For the Good of not only the American viewing public, but also for Disney's survival.

So it's now official, Anne Sweeney is Now a Retard Goddess. F-You, Sweeney!!! Iger, You Suck!

Oh, I'm thinking of starting a twitter account, just for my activism.

I So Miss The Eisner Era :(

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RekkaDragonJay said...

You got to be kidding me? Are they trying to besmirch the seven dwarfs? You know, I am glad that you are going to sign up for twitter. I need all the help I could get.