Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Disney Movie and Show Ideas

Let The War Against Sweeney/Iger's Disney Commence. We will start with Movie and Show Ideas for the company.

As The Modern Video Game Mario would Say: Let's-a Go!

Note All Shows will be rated TV-PG and TV-14 (rarely). The Movies Will Be Rated PG and PG-13.

Sofia's War: A Revamp of Sofia the First. It take's place in 1990 New York City and it features a 17-Year-Old girl named Sofia Martinez who,after her brother was murdered by the Latino Mafia,decides to get revenge. After she does, she decides to make it her calling to fight crime as a vigilante. More info Coming Soon. (movie)
The Pirates of Neverland: A Revamp of Jake and The Neverland Pirates. This is a strait-up comedy..with strong 4th wall breaking. Captain James Hook is always looking for ways to rule the galaxy and gain riches. Standing in his way is Jake and his crew, who's job is to protect neverland and it's properties from bad guys. Unlike other hero teams, Jake and his crew goof on the badguys a lot. (tv show)
Stitch Vs: The TRUE sequel series to Lilo and Stitch. Lilo has gone off to collage and Stitch is living with Nani and David (who are married). Stitch has learned the complete English language and can speak normally. Anyway, 40+ Years prior, Professor VonKaiser,a rival of Jumba's, had created monster eggs and hidden them all over Earth. VonKaiser's goal was to have the eggs hatch into Giant monsters (called kayjoo) to destroy Humanity,so that he can take over. However in order for the eggs to hatch, they needed to feed off of Earths natural resources. Unfortunately, the process was gonna take a great while. The eggs go undetected. In present day, the eggs have absorbed enough resources and are ready to hatch. When,Jumba finds out about the eggs,he sends Stitch to stop the monsters. With his new ability to grow,Stitch is ready to combat this new threat, while keeping in mind the final proverb Lilo dropped on him before she left: "An Archfoe Today Can Become A Best Friend In The Future!" (translation: if you spare an enemy,they may become your ally in the future).

More Info Soon.
Toyzai (working title): A PG/PG-13 rated version of "Robot Chicken" basically. Has many famous action figures in comedic situations.
Phineas and Ferb X Pixar: Crossover movie with Phineas and Ferb and Pixar. More Details Soon.
Shego Movies: Alternate retellings of The Shego series done in movies.
Guardian of The Universe (workin title): A Movie about the Origins of The Planetary Guardian's, Rayjin (earth's guardian) and Eisneroth (the universe's guardian). Eisneroth is a well intentioned extremist here and not a complete villain. He is content with his current position. He hates humanskind because he sees them as too imperfect and sinful for Earth.

More Info Coming.
Doof On Trial: A Special Episode of Phineas and Ferb where Dr. Doofensmirtz is put on trial by the other Disney villains for (in their view) being a "Terrible Villain and an embarrassment".

More Info Soon.
The Demon of Bald Mountain: Origins and Tale of The Legendary Bad Guy, Chernabog. More Info Soon.
House Of Mouse Deluxe: Mickey has expanded his nightclub, so now more Disney characters can visit. It's House Of Mouse with New Cartoons and More Disney Characters than ever before (including ones from tv). More Info Coming.
Legend of The Monkey King: A Loose (and funny) Adaption of Journey To The West.
The Samurai (working title): A Samurai Movie. Based in Feudal Japan (natch). Detail's Soon.
The Duck Knight: An Animated Movie adaption of the Darkwing Duck Comic.
Donald Duck's Family Chaos: An Animated Sitcom about Donald Duck and his Large Family. More Info Soon.

That's it for now. You have to admit these shows and movies are WAY superior to what's being shown on Disney now?

Next Time, Video Game Ideas and Shego Season 5.

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

A Message To Ben Sherwood

Ben Sherwood (as of now) will be Officially replacing that Retard Goddess next year. I don't know him well, but I do have a Message For Him:

Do Not Screw Around! Be Different From Your Predecessor! Don't Cater To The Babies! Don't You Dare Cave In To The Self-Serving Political Groups (I'll talk more about them later)! Be What Walt Wanted, Not What Iger Needs! Be For The People! We Need Disney To Dominate, Not Be Dominated!

Did You Get all of that Mr. Sherwood? I hope To Jesus In Heaven That You Do! You need to heed this Message once You get into Power. It's the only way Disney can be fixed in a Post-Sweeney Era. If this seems all too tough for You, don't worry. I'll be More than Happy to give you a hand.

I want Sweeney Gone NOW! And I'm more than ready to give you a shot Mr. Sherwood.

Sunday, May 18, 2014

Is Ariel Selfish and Uncaring? - An ACF Exclusive! (And a personal one, to be precise)

     [Image Removed Due To Copyright Complaints From The Walt Disney Company..Sorry, Jase]                   
As we all know, my buddy Stefan and I, we at war with Disney, not the old one, mind you, but the new one.  The totalitarian type Disney, runned or should I say, ruined to the ground by both Robert Iger, and his lapdog, Anne Sweeney.  With a name like Sweeney, it doesn't sound so sweet, not as sweet as the very character that I will talk about now.

We all know the deal.  There is no secret that I like The Little Mermaid.  But, I didn't always like it.  Let me tell you a story how I came to like this wonderful movie and everything in between.

As a kid, at the time, I often think of it as "girlie stuff".  It means if a boy sees a movie that has mostly girl stuff, they think of it as icky. To a kid, it is just fun and games, especially when a boy likes other things like video games, wrestling and comic books, which I thought of that at the time when I was watching The Little Mermaid at school, whenever recess was canceled.  But, by the time my father died, the fun and games were over. For the next several years, whenever I avoid watching The Little Mermaid, I thought of my father's passing.  All that changed in 2006, when I bought the Platinum Edition DVD, all my fears of watching it, were all gone.  But, all I needed was a little push, whether it's from watching Sailor Moon, whose courage helped me through the dark times, or watching Little Shop of Horrors, whose songs were done by the same people who did the music for The Little Mermaid, Alan Menken and the late, great Howard Ashman.  Since then, I have not only embraced both The Little Mermaid and my femininity, but I made it my mission from God to meet Jodi Benson, who not only is the heart and soul of Ariel, but also a believer of God, like myself.

Stefan's Notes: Jodi Benson is Great! She should be in Voice Acting more.

Anyway, what this got to do with Ariel, you ask?  Although I have embraced my childhood, there are some who don't.  I heard on the web, and everything in between and they say the same thing over and over again, including the Nostalgia Chick.  They keep saying that "Ariel is an uncaring, selfish mermaid, who forsakes her friends, family and voice for a man she hardly knew."

Well, before I get to my thoughts, here are the main factors of Ariel's character development and why they think that way.

First of all, she was a teenager at the time. And teenagers all go through the same thing: Rebellious, headstrong, and everything in between.  We all go through some teen-angst but what teen doesn't.

Next, Ariel didn't become human because of Prince Eric.  She wants to be human because she wants to see what the human world is like and what their customs are.  No sense of staying in a grotto full of human things forever.  Which leads to the main reason why many people hated Ariel all the time, her father King Triton.

The son of Poseidon and grandson of Neptune, Triton is the ruler of Atlantica, the fabled home of the merfolk.  Although a powerful monarch and loving father, Triton at the time had one thing he hated more than Ursula: Humans.  Why do you think Ariel was naive enough to believe that Ursula could make her dreams come true, it was all because of King Triton himself.  It seems that stubbornness runs in the family.  While Ariel believes that not all humans are dangerous, Triton is the exact opposite. Long ago, Triton didn't have a profound hatred with the humans until his wife and Ariel's mother, Queen Athena, was killed by humans.  And because of that, the kind-hearted and caring ruler of the seas was no more.  But when Triton found out through Sebastian that Ariel is in love with a human like Prince Eric, his Xenophobia kicked in and destroyed everything around Ariel's grotto, including the statue of Eric himself. I'm sure he won't win any "Father of the Year" awards with actions like this.  In short, King Triton, very big guy, with a very short fuse, bad combination.  Anyway, although he has given up his hatred for humanity and becoming kind and gentle once more for the sake of his granddaughter, Melody, Triton's rage against the humans, by destroying Ariel's grotto, will be stuck with me for the rest of my life.  Talk about Nightmare Fuel right there.

Look, the point is, Ariel is flawed character.  But that doesn't make her selfish and uncaring like the Nostalgia Chick puts it.  Ariel is the most sweet, kind and caring person in all of animation, whether she is a mermaid or a human.  Sure she makes a lot of mistakes but she learns from them, even after becoming a mother to Melody.

What is sad about this whole negativity towards The Little Mermaid is many things. For instance, other than bashing Ariel in general, Disney canceling the 3D re-release of this wonderful movie because of low grosses from the other 3D re-releases, comparing Ariel to Bella from the Twilight series (Not Cool!) and as of right now, there is no Ariel figure for the game Disney Infinity.  It would be cool to have her alongside Rapunzel.

One more thing, let me tell you differences between the Platinum Edition DVD and the Diamond Edition Blu-Ray of The Little Mermaid, but from a personal stand point.

The Platinum Edition is a badge of honor to me.  It represents my path to redemption and resurrection after so many years of repression after my father's passing, all ending with me meeting Jodi Benson herself. 

While the Diamond Edition represents all the broken promises Disney has given us.  That and messed up the Part of Your World sequence and all that.

Bottom line, an ordinary kid would've like The Little Mermaid and then hates it when all grown up.  But not me, though.  I am the exact opposite.  And to end this, I will answer this question: Is Ariel Selfish and Uncaring?

Stefan's Notes: Count me in as one who likes TLM during AND after my Childhood.

The answer is...No.  She is not.  She may be flawed, but she is not selfish and uncaring. These people just pegged her the wrong way.  They don't know Ariel better than I do. And Stefan, if you are reading this, I will help you deal with Iger and his lapdog Anne Sweeney.  I will fight to save Disney for Ariel's sake.  You can count on me.

Nobody puts Baby, or in this case, Ariel in a corner!

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

The Capabilities Of SOPA and PIPA aka Revenge Of The Media Orgs

Let's Get started on the More Important things for this blog..Like completing my To-Do List. I'm in a Sailor Moon Mood, so I'll be doing that TBA Sailor Moon Post.

(3 suited men enter)

Man 1: Stefan Bullock, I am a Legal representative from Warner Bros.

Man 2: And I'm A Representative of The Walt Disney Company.
 Man 3: And I Am, Representative from Toei. 


WB Rep: We've come before you on behalf of our Clients, who would like you to cease violating Copyrights. 

Disney Rep: You are hereby demanded by our Clients to cease and using our Properties.

Excuse Me? Last time I checked, using the Names of Characters and Their Shows for a blog post was perfectly legal.

Disney Rep: Well now it isn't. You see. Mr. Bullock, Using Copyrighted material now expands to Names. Naming characters,shows,etc, Without permission from the owners, Violates copyrights. Just like using Audio and Video Clips. As well as Media screen caps and art. And Fan Fiction will be plain illegal soon. Let me give you an example. If you Mention or even writing about characters or other properties that belong to media organizations sans their permission,is now a violation of Copyrights

You guys are all full of it.

WB Rep: You are also charged with creating Unauthorized Reviews and Documentation of Copyrighted Properties. Disband this blog, Fix it, or pay a fine. Or you can go to jail? It's you're choice Mr. Bullock. 

Go to hell and stay there. I know for a fact that you guys are full of shit. And there IS no law forbidding people to write about their favorite shows, movies,games,etc. And on top of that, there are plenty of unauthorized documentation and reviews out there on the net. And So what if I use images,audio,and video from you guys, it's fine as long as i don't claim them as my own. Fair Use People. Remember It!     

WB Rep: Fair Use matters not to us. We are acting according to The Digital Media Copyright Act and the potential Stop Online Piracy and Protect IP Acts, We have every right to force you out of business,if you are violating the law. Same goes for your friend, Jason Ayala well. cease using copyrighted names in an unauthorized matter and stick with names and such that are public domain. We will not allow you to use the names of our intellectual properties anymore.    

You guys suck. And I'm not complying. Now, Get the hell out of my space you damn annoyances.

Disney Rep: Our Clients aren't the only ones who support this new copyright extension. Other Media groups,such as Viacom, Universal, and Lionsgate are also with us. So please,do not challenge us. You won't win. And don't think that we are just singling out you. We plan to do this with every blog and site that uses our works,names included, in an Unauthorized manner. Oh, I almost forgot, I have something for you. I am an ally of the legal team of Mrs. Anne Sweeney and they've asked me to give you this. *hands out a document to our hero*

*takes document* A Legal Document?

Disney Rep: Indeed. You are hear by ordered to stop slandering the good name of Anne Sweeney. If you dare ignore this, you will be sued for slander.

WHA!? *crumples up the document and tosses it* You guys are assholes who abuse their power. Now Leave!

Toei Rep: We were hoping you would be like this.  

WB Rep: We will take our leave. But, you have been warned.

(the 3 reps leave)

Names being copyrighted material. How stupid.
Note: This was a dramatization of a demonstration of what WILL happen if SOPA and PIPA become law and if DMCA isn't reformed.

Saturday, May 3, 2014

Toontown Will Never Be the Same - The Death of Bob Hoskins!

The following ACF report is a short, re-edit version of the long description of this fan art I have made.  If you want to read the original, full version of the description, visit http://animejason2010.deviantart.com/art/Godspeed-Eddie-Valiant-aka-Bob-Hoskins-451530758. Thank you.

Today we say goodbye to the very actor who has since passed on, Bob Hoskins.  He died from pneumonia and not to mention lost his bout with Parkinson's Disease.  He was 71.  Hoskins, who is a British actor, was best known for speaking in a thick, Cockney accent, whether its speaking in the old queen's English or with an American accent, mostly from Brooklyn.  I don't know much about some of the other movies he did before retiring, but I know him for three characters he was best known for.  He was Mario in the live action Super Mario Bros. movie (which he admitted that is not one of his best work, but when I see the movie again one day, I will watch it in memory of him), Smee from the re-telling of the Peter Pan story, Hook and most importantly and the most famous role he is best known for was the part of Toon Detective, Eddie Valiant from the hit live-action/animated hybrid, Who Framed Roger Rabbit.  And why Eddie Valiant, you ask?  As we all know, Eddie Valiant is a private detective, who specializes on cases that involves Toons.  He and his brother, Teddy formed their own detective agency to help with Toon cases until Teddy's death by the hands of a deranged toon, who was revealed to be Judge Doom, red eyes, squeaky voice and all that. Anyway, because of that, he went into heavy drinking and does small time cases until Marvin Acme was killed and Roger Rabbit was accused of a crime he didn't commit.  Despite his xenophobia towards Toons after Teddy's death, Eddie defended Roger no matter what. Eventually, he cleared him of murder charges, exposes Judge Doom's insidious plot to kill off all Toons and saved all of Toontown, while at the same time, regaining his faith in Toons and his brother Teddy found peace, now that Judge Doom has been, how should I say, "Dipped."  In a sense, Eddie Valiant was the original Animation Crusader.

Where am I going with this, you say?  Well, let me put this in a fan fiction kind of way.  After saving Toontown, Eddie continued to do Toon cases.  He became so devoted to all Toons, not just the domestic ones but the foreign ones, he wanted all Toons to have the same equal rights as us common folk.  Unfortunately, the bureaucrats at Washington D.C. shot down his proposal to give Toons the same rights as us, but they see Toons as just that, a minority, a joke if you will.  Valiant's plea felt on deaf ears, and the those bureaucrats made him a laughing stock.  Afterwards, he went back to heavy drinking.  He died a broken man. He died fighting for what I believed in, just like I am today.  Eddie's fight for the rights for all Toons mirrors that of what I am fighting for, the rights for all animation.  Not just the American hand drawn cartoons, but also Japanese anime, claymation, CGI, marionation (puppet animation) and so on and so forth.  The bureaucrats that made Eddie a broken man are the same ones in real life, that are still persecuting animation today.  Them, along with the corporate executives and the moral guardians who think animation as a whole is a cancer that needs to be cut out.

I have a confession to make.  I know shouldn't tell you about it but...seeing people like Bob Hoskins, James Avery, Mickey Rooney, and the Ultimate Warrior dying makes me sad because...I am missing out on the things I want to go or meeting the people I want to meet...especially Jodi Benson.

Let me tell you a story.  There was this girl named Sara, who biggest dream was to meet Tony Jay, another British actor, mostly known for voice acting with roles like Virgil from Mighty Max, Megabyte from ReBoot, Chairface Chippendale from The Tick, Lord Dregg from the final season of the original TMNT cartoon and Judge Claude Frollo from The Hunchback of Notre Dame.  She was a big fan of his work and wanted to meet him, you know, share stories, sign autographs, all that jazz.  Until one day, her dreams of meeting Mr. Jay were shattered, when he died due to complications from a surgery to remove a cancerous tumor on his lungs.  Though I haven't spoken to her since then, but she was devastated over this.  And what this got to do with me, you ask? Ever since 2006, after I bought and watch to Platinum Edition DVD, my biggest goal in my life was to meet Jodi Benson, so I could finally put all this, the pain of avoiding watching The Little Mermaid and my father's passing, behind me.  But with so many famous people dying, the chances of meeting her are slim to none, but mostly none.  I know death is a natural thing, but this is more important than all the games and anime combined.  If Jodi Benson dies, all this I worked hard to do, including that scrapbook for Karen Bernstein (Sailor Mercury), the script for a My Little Pony special for Grayson Bruce, and everything in between, would be all for naught, it would be all in vain.  If she dies, everything means nothing to me. :(

Anyway, in closing, here's to you, Bob.  Thanks for the memories and all the laughs.  As for the person you are best known for, this should be written in his tombstone:

"Here lies Eddie Valiant: Toon Detective and the first of a breed of Animation Crusader.  "Here's to the pencil pushers.  May they all get lead poisoning, huh?""

Godspeed. :(

(TAPS plays)

Robert William "Bob" Hoskins, Jr.
October 26, 1942 - April 29, 2014

This is has been a ACF special report.