Wednesday, May 21, 2014

A Message To Ben Sherwood

Ben Sherwood (as of now) will be Officially replacing that Retard Goddess next year. I don't know him well, but I do have a Message For Him:

Do Not Screw Around! Be Different From Your Predecessor! Don't Cater To The Babies! Don't You Dare Cave In To The Self-Serving Political Groups (I'll talk more about them later)! Be What Walt Wanted, Not What Iger Needs! Be For The People! We Need Disney To Dominate, Not Be Dominated!

Did You Get all of that Mr. Sherwood? I hope To Jesus In Heaven That You Do! You need to heed this Message once You get into Power. It's the only way Disney can be fixed in a Post-Sweeney Era. If this seems all too tough for You, don't worry. I'll be More than Happy to give you a hand.

I want Sweeney Gone NOW! And I'm more than ready to give you a shot Mr. Sherwood.

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