Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Disney Movie and Show Ideas

Let The War Against Sweeney/Iger's Disney Commence. We will start with Movie and Show Ideas for the company.

As The Modern Video Game Mario would Say: Let's-a Go!

Note All Shows will be rated TV-PG and TV-14 (rarely). The Movies Will Be Rated PG and PG-13.

Stitch Vs: The TRUE sequel series to Lilo and Stitch. Lilo has gone off to collage and Stitch is living with Nani and David (who are married). Stitch has learned the complete English language and can speak normally. Anyway, 40+ Years prior, Professor VonKaiser,a rival of Jumba's, had created monster eggs and hidden them all over Earth. VonKaiser's goal was to have the eggs hatch into Giant monsters (called kayjoo) to destroy Humanity,so that he can take over. However in order for the eggs to hatch, they needed to feed off of Earths natural resources. Unfortunately, the process was gonna take a great while. The eggs go undetected. In present day, the eggs have absorbed enough resources and are ready to hatch. When,Jumba finds out about the eggs,he sends Stitch to stop the monsters. With his new ability to grow,Stitch is ready to combat this new threat, while keeping in mind the final proverb Lilo dropped on him before she left: "An Archfoe Today Can Become A Best Friend In The Future!" (translation: if you spare an enemy,they may become your ally in the future).

More Info Soon.
Toyzai (working title): A PG/PG-13 rated version of "Robot Chicken" basically. Has many famous action figures in comedic situations.
Phineas and Ferb X Pixar: Crossover movie with Phineas and Ferb and Pixar. More Details Soon.
Shego Movies: Alternate retellings of The Shego series done in movies.
Guardian of The Universe (workin title): A Movie about the Origins of The Planetary Guardian's, Rayjin (earth's guardian) and Eisneroth (the universe's guardian). Eisneroth is a well intentioned extremist here and not a complete villain. He is content with his current position. He hates humanskind because he sees them as too imperfect and sinful for Earth.

More Info Coming.
Doof On Trial: A Special Episode of Phineas and Ferb where Dr. Doofensmirtz is put on trial by the other Disney villains for (in their view) being a "Terrible Villain and an embarrassment".

More Info Soon.
The Demon of Bald Mountain: Origins and Tale of The Legendary Bad Guy, Chernabog. More Info Soon.
House Of Mouse Deluxe: Mickey has expanded his nightclub, so now more Disney characters can visit. It's House Of Mouse with New Cartoons and More Disney Characters than ever before (including ones from tv). More Info Coming.
Legend of The Monkey King: A Loose (and funny) Adaption of Journey To The West.
The Samurai (working title): A Samurai Movie. Based in Feudal Japan (natch). Detail's Soon.
The Duck Knight: An Animated Movie adaption of the Darkwing Duck Comic.
Donald Duck's Family Chaos: An Animated Sitcom about Donald Duck and his Large Family. More Info Soon.

That's it for now. You have to admit these shows and movies are WAY superior to what's being shown on Disney now?

Next Time, Video Game Ideas and Shego Season 5.


KingsSideCastle said...

Some really good ideas. ^_^

Jim Cummings is also trying to kickstart his own Darkwing Duck movie. ^_^ Darkwing Duck The Movie.

RekkaDragonJay said...

WHOA!! That is the BOMB! I see you are taking the Sofia the First idea to a different level. You left out one other thing, having the Disney Princesses to be her spirit guides, almost like the Double Soul ability from the Megaman Battle Network series. Anyway, those are great ideas right there. Thinking like I true imagineer. All I could think about is convincing people The Little Mermaid and everything in between are not bad.

Stefan said...

Thanks guys.

And to my critics,those who are annoyed with this War: This is Much Deeper than you believe. So You Know Nothing!

Pish Posh Power said...

If you don't have the maturity to take criticism from one random person on the internet without hiding it and ignoring everything they say, then you have even less of a chance of being taken seriously by any animation professional. Or possibly my words are only going to fall on deaf ears because you're just too obsessed with holding on to your fantasy of being a righteous crusader for animation and that the people who run animation programming are some evil tyranny that must be defeated. In all likelihood they don't even know you exist. So I refer once again to my "child screaming at a wall" metaphor.

If you want the people you hate so much to take you seriously, insulting them and telling them you want them to die is not going to help you at all. You could stand to gain a lot by being positive and informational, and leave the hatred and ranting behind.