Tuesday, May 6, 2014

The Capabilities Of SOPA and PIPA aka Revenge Of The Media Orgs

Let's Get started on the More Important things for this blog..Like completing my To-Do List. I'm in a Sailor Moon Mood, so I'll be doing that TBA Sailor Moon Post.

(3 suited men enter)

Man 1: Stefan Bullock, I am a Legal representative from Warner Bros.

Man 2: And I'm A Representative of The Walt Disney Company.
 Man 3: And I Am, Representative from Toei. 


WB Rep: We've come before you on behalf of our Clients, who would like you to cease violating Copyrights. 

Disney Rep: You are hereby demanded by our Clients to cease and using our Properties.

Excuse Me? Last time I checked, using the Names of Characters and Their Shows for a blog post was perfectly legal.

Disney Rep: Well now it isn't. You see. Mr. Bullock, Using Copyrighted material now expands to Names. Naming characters,shows,etc, Without permission from the owners, Violates copyrights. Just like using Audio and Video Clips. As well as Media screen caps and art. And Fan Fiction will be plain illegal soon. Let me give you an example. If you Mention or even writing about characters or other properties that belong to media organizations sans their permission,is now a violation of Copyrights

You guys are all full of it.

WB Rep: You are also charged with creating Unauthorized Reviews and Documentation of Copyrighted Properties. Disband this blog, Fix it, or pay a fine. Or you can go to jail? It's you're choice Mr. Bullock. 

Go to hell and stay there. I know for a fact that you guys are full of shit. And there IS no law forbidding people to write about their favorite shows, movies,games,etc. And on top of that, there are plenty of unauthorized documentation and reviews out there on the net. And So what if I use images,audio,and video from you guys, it's fine as long as i don't claim them as my own. Fair Use People. Remember It!     

WB Rep: Fair Use matters not to us. We are acting according to The Digital Media Copyright Act and the potential Stop Online Piracy and Protect IP Acts, We have every right to force you out of business,if you are violating the law. Same goes for your friend, Jason Ayala well. cease using copyrighted names in an unauthorized matter and stick with names and such that are public domain. We will not allow you to use the names of our intellectual properties anymore.    

You guys suck. And I'm not complying. Now, Get the hell out of my space you damn annoyances.

Disney Rep: Our Clients aren't the only ones who support this new copyright extension. Other Media groups,such as Viacom, Universal, and Lionsgate are also with us. So please,do not challenge us. You won't win. And don't think that we are just singling out you. We plan to do this with every blog and site that uses our works,names included, in an Unauthorized manner. Oh, I almost forgot, I have something for you. I am an ally of the legal team of Mrs. Anne Sweeney and they've asked me to give you this. *hands out a document to our hero*

*takes document* A Legal Document?

Disney Rep: Indeed. You are hear by ordered to stop slandering the good name of Anne Sweeney. If you dare ignore this, you will be sued for slander.

WHA!? *crumples up the document and tosses it* You guys are assholes who abuse their power. Now Leave!

Toei Rep: We were hoping you would be like this.  

WB Rep: We will take our leave. But, you have been warned.

(the 3 reps leave)

Names being copyrighted material. How stupid.
Note: This was a dramatization of a demonstration of what WILL happen if SOPA and PIPA become law and if DMCA isn't reformed.


RekkaDragonJay said...

Way to describe these pack of vipers. And they have no right to tell us what to do, regardless of copyright. Nicely done. :)

KingsSideCastle said...

Scary...both those laws piss me off every time I hear about them. Of equal concern is the dismissal of net neutrality laws. Media and telecommunication companies are really attempting to ruin the internet for everyone else. :-(