Saturday, June 14, 2014

BREAKING NEWS!!! A Glimmer Of Hope? Hub Network Head To Step Down!

I Have Some Decent News. Jase, You are Gonna Love This.

Margaret Loesch,Head of The Hub Network,is Stepping Down Near the End Of The Year.

These are the 2 sources that I got this Info from. Good News is that the Hub Network has a chance to be reborn as something Cool. The Bad News is that Discovery Communications CEO David Zaslav and Loesch herself will be hand picking the replacement.

Here's hoping they pick get a wolf in sheeps clothing and the new Hub Head will defy them and do what's best for the Network and the People.

Friday, June 6, 2014

Disney Video Game Ideas

For Disney stupidity rules in many areas,but Shockingly, it's not the case with Video Games. For the past couple of years The Big D has cranked out some surprising hits such as The Epic Mickey Series, The Kingdom Hearts Franchise, Ducktales Remastered,and of course Disney Infinity.

So Kudos to them for that. But,they can do much better. Disney is one of the most innovative companies in the World and I want them to succeed in everything,including Video Games and winning over Gamers. I have some game ideas to help them out.

An Unnamed Disney Princess Fighting Game: A Fighting Game where the Disney Princesses are all Fighters. Each has their own unique fighting style. Female Disney Villains would also be fighters. (More Details Soon)
DWF: Disney Wrestling Federation: A Disney Wrestling Game. Where Animated Disney Characters from Movies and TV are Pro Wrestlers. (More Details Coming)
Disney vs Nintendo: A Crossover RPG with Disney and Nintendo. I have no idea how the story will go. I'm open to ideas.
Disney Infinity X: It's Disney Infinity with 100+ New Characters ranging from Every Part of the Disney Universe, Marvel, and Star Wars. 80+ New Items. 100% Backwards Compatible with Figures and Items from Previous Disney Infinity Games. (More on this soon)
Darkwing Duck HD Remix: It's an HD remix of the NES Darkwing Duck game with an expanded story and more levels and Bosses.  Voice Acted Cut Scenes Too. Negaduck as the final boss.

Well that's that? Disney is doing well in the Game Market,but these Game Ideas they'll do much better.