Saturday, July 19, 2014

The Pros And Cons of Disney Buying Capcom (if they do)

As the Super Majority is well aware, Video Game Company, Capcom is open to a Buy Out. For the minority not in the know. You can read about it here:

Anyway, there were talks about which Companies (like Nintendo) should buy Capcom. One of those names dropped was Disney. I am now gonna list the Pros and Cons of Disney Buying Out Capcom..If They decide to do so.

First The Pros:

- Disney can Finally,FINALLY properly break into the Video Game market using the Capcom band.

- They would Finally make stuff to appeal to the Gamers.

- They Rarely Bastardize the Franchises that they Acquire. So Most of the Acquired Capcom Franchises will remain as is. Marvel is poof of this.

- Like with All Video Games for and by Disney,The Retard Goddess has Absolutely NO control over them. THANK GOD!!!!

- Mega Man is Almost custom made for Disney.

- Marvel Vs. Capcom games will be more frequent.

- With Disney, The Games will be Multi-Platform.

- More Money in The Big D's pocket. I know how Disney loves to make money, so Capcom will provide them with Cash Galore.

- More Disney-Capcom games can and will be made.

- Disney will likely keep Capcom as a separate faction, like they're doing with Star Wars and Marvel.

Now that I've talked about the Positive aspects of the Dis/Cap Buyout. I'm now going to talk about the Negative.

- Disney rarely (if ever) ventures into the R-Rated Realm. So Capcom Franchises like Devil May Cry,Dead Rising,and Resident Evil may likely be rarely used and/or neglected. And I don't think fans of those franchises will be happy with that...especially Resident Evil fans.

- I dunno if this should be qualified as a Con, but under Disney, Capcom won't be an entirely Japanese brand anymore. It will be a Japanese/American Company.

Well that's all I can think of. What do you,the viewers,think?. Drop a comment.

Sorry if I was late with this,but I had many things to do and i wanted my tardy Partner,RekkaDragonJay,to catch up.

Stay Gold.

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RekkaDragonJay said...

Sounds like a plan. I wonder if they could do a Little Mermaid Remastered, as well. Why not? Ducktales Remastered was just the beginning. If it did happened, most of the cast, including Jodi Benson would return. But, I know Kenneth Mars is no longer with us. But, you think Garry Chalk would make a great King Triton? He does have the commanding voice. What do you think?