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Disney Destiny League Character Bio - Melody

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Love to talk about my life story and everything in between.  But, I already took care of my reasons on my last blog.  So, enough of the camaraderie, let's get back to business and that is fighting to save Disney.  Speaking of which, my next Disney-related blog is the best of two worlds, so to speak.  As you know, I not only long for Disney's resurgence to a new Golden Age, but also have to defend The Little Mermaid from those who speak badly about it, including the part about Ariel.  Where I am going with this, you ask?  This is subject of my next Destiny League character blog and that character is Ariel's daughter, Melody.

Background: The daughter of Ariel and Prince Eric and granddaughter to King Triton, Melody is the bridge between the human world and the merworld.  In otherwords, she brought everlasting peace between the humans and the merfolk after Ariel and Eric got married.  But that peace almost shattered when Ursula's sister, Morgana nearly ruined the celebration of Melody's christening. To ensure Melody's safety, Ariel didn't want her know about Atlantica, the merfolk, and everything in between.  Years later, now 12 years old, and despite Ariel forbidding her from going into the sea, Melody went on and travel into the sea anyway.  During her exploring she discovered a seashell necklace of sorts, which was revealed to be her necklace, which doubles as a music box, which revealed her true heritage.  Ariel reprimanded her about that and Melody ran away from to find the answers she seeks, which ultimately fell into the hands of Morgana. Not only she turned Melody into a mermaid (temporary, by the way), but also lied to her that "her" trident was stolen.  It was all a cover for her true motives, to seek revenge against everyone responsible for Ursula's death. Realizing the truth, Melody redeems herself by facing Morgana alone and gave the trident back to her grandfather, King Triton.  With the trident back in his hands, Triton incased Morgana in a block of ice.  With Morgana defeated, Melody reunites with her family and reconcile, including her mother, Ariel.  No longer later than that, Triton offers her granddaughter a choice, be with her family on the land or live with him in the sea. Melody decided to bring the best of both worlds back to her life, by removing the barrier that's between Prince Eric's castle and the sea. Whether she's a human or mermaid, Melody is indeed the bridge between two worlds and she prefer it that way.

Appearance, Gear & Personality: When she was frozen in ice, she wore here familiar undergarments, including the baggie pants similar to Aladdin. And her hairstyle remains intact, having Prince Eric's haircolor and similar to Ariel's hair, but wrapped in a ponytail and has aqua blue eyes.  But, when she starts living in this dark new world, she traded in her undergarments with more casual clothing: light blue demin shorts, short white socks, white sneakers with the straps with the seashells on sides, almost in the style of the sneakers wore by Sonic the Hedgehog, and of course, the jersey of the classic Mighty Ducks of Anaheim, given to her by Wildwing, as a token of friendship. And, of course, she wears that seashell necklace, which has her name on it, which doubles as a music box, which represents her heritage. When she's a mermaid, she has a pink tail and a matching pink seashell brassiere. Although she can change from human to mermaid and back again just like her mother, thanks to Rayjin, she doesn't any special powers, just her cleverness and cunning, plus she like to play sports, including hockey, when guided by her big brother figure, Wildwing. Just like Ariel, Melody is the most kind, and caring person in all the cosmos, and a bit headstrong and naïve, just like her mother.  Despite her flaws, Melody is willing to help those in need, big or small, even being one with nature, whether it's on the land or in the sea.

Sidestory: During an excavation in finding anything relating to what's left of the undersea kingdom of Atlantica, scientists discovered something more than treasure, much more.  They found a young girl, frozen in ice. And that girl is Melody.  Later, Rayjin and rest of the Destiny League were watching the news to know about the excavation.  But when they show the image of Melody's frozen tomb, Ariel was shocked that she is alive, frozen, but alive.  Initially believing that she has no family left after Igor's reign of terror and now that she knows that she is still alive, Ariel wanted to see her again.  Meanwhile, just as the scientists were going to take her back to the lab and thaw her out, Igor, along with the Saurian Overlord, Dragonus, attacked the scientists and take Melody, ice tomb and all, back with them. Igor figures that if Melody is alive, her mother Ariel will stop at nothing to get her back.  The Destiny League learned of Igor's latest attack and decided to go after them and save Melody.  Ariel wanted to go, but Tron insisted that she stays because Igor will use Melody to play mind games with her and will destroy her, killing of the last known descendant of King Triton.  Ariel agrees to stay, but without the others' knowledge, she decided to go anyway, by sneaking out through a stream in her mermaid form.  Later, just as Dragonus and his fellow Saurians were going to dissect her, the Destiny League jumped in and fight them.  Tron put up an effort against Dragonus, but the Saurian Overlord himself was much stronger and cunning, especially with his cloaking device.  That is until Ariel came out last minute and saved Tron and the other Destiny Leaguers before making their escape with Melody, which angered Dragonus, knowing that Igor with be furious with him.  Ariel apologized to Tron for disobeying him, but her instincts as a mother wouldn't let her stand idly by and see Melody get hurt. Tron accepts her apology because from his knowledge, he knows what it's like to be a father figure to everybody, including training Beck back in the Grid.  Meanwhile, Rayjin thawed out Melody, but she was still unconscious, even though she is still alive.  Being frozen for a long time causes long term effects in a young age.  Rayjin gave her the best treatment he can, but it was no use.  Ariel decided to stay with Melody in the infirmary for awhile until she wakes up. From reading stories, to singing to her, Ariel did what she could do to wake her up. Then, she prayed for Melody's recovery to not just Poseidon, but to God, as well.  While praying, Ariel broke into tears, pleaing to the gods to bring her back.  Later, Ariel was fast asleep while sitting next to Melody. Tron, Rayjin and the other Leaguers came in and tell her she can leave.  Ariel respectively refuse to leave her side.  While everyone was still talking, and without their knowledge, Melody, by some miracle, slowly wakes up.  She wanted to know what is happening.  Ariel told her not now cause she was talking but paused for a second and realized that Melody was awake and she embraced her.  A miracle, indeed.  Later, after being told of what happened by Rayjin and Ariel, Melody is starting to grasp on the reality that Igor has turned the entire Disney world into his world of darkness and she has no family left.  But, even though her grandfather, her father and everyone else are gone, as long as she has her mother and the rest of the Destiny League, she will never feel alone.

And that is Melody in a nutshell, not really anyway.  Tune in next time for another Destiny League character bio, for I will talk about the leader of the Mighty Ducks himself, Wildwing.  Stay frosty and Godspeed, my friends.

Stefan's Note: Melody is NOT a Canon Member of Destiny League.


RekkaDragonJay said...

I guess Honorary member doesn't count, too, then, huh? I know the difference.

Stefan said...

Please just stick to the Canon characters. Do some of the Villains next...the ones I made

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I think Melody as an honorary member is a great idea. I personally don't like the villains Stefan made. Well done Jay!

Stefan said...

@ Hankstevensons

You'll learn once they are fleshed out in the Bios.

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Villains? But I didn't do Wildwing and Stitch yet.

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