Sunday, August 17, 2014

Is the Internet Making Television Extinct? An ACF Exclusive!

Since the day they were created, television has been the one medium we watch for a lot of years. Television has given us everything we like to watch like sitcoms, sports, game shows, wrestling, talk shows, and above all, animation.  However, since the advent of the internet, television, just like animation, which I am fighting for their right to exist, is slowly becoming like the dinosaurs...extinct.

The internet these days has become the new medium to watch our favorite shows and movies, while television, though still watchable to a point, is slowly going on the wayside. It's understandable that since we got cable, satellite and the internet, we don't have to worry about regular TV no more.  But, here is a problem with that.  As I stated before, what about those who can't afford the luxuries we got.  All they got is nothing but trash talk show like Jerry Springer and Maury, court shows, boring reality TV and little or no cartoons.  And even if they show them, they would either have the E/I, Educational and Informational logo slapped on the screen or edit an action cartoon because of so much violence and other adult themes.  I mean, who wants to watch baby-mama-drama on Maury anyway? Here is one example what I am talking about.

Not long ago, the last 5 episodes of Book 3 on The Legend of Korra was shown on the web instead of Nickelodeon itself. Even though some people are thrilled about this change because of NICK's constant milking of Fairly OddParents, others were upset of the change due to Viacom's politics and corruption under the helm of both Phillipe Dauman and Cyma Zarghami (women are not immune to the trappings of power, by the way), which favored more FOP than Korra. While some are happy of seeing Korra online, others are left out with more of Cosmo's annoying voice and repetitive and recycled storylines that are done to death.  I fear that Butch Hartman has pulled a Seth McFarlane and made a pact with the devil when he somewhat agree to come back and work on FOP.

Anyway, watching online only animated shows like the recently released Sailor Moon Crystal (which is awesome, see if you haven't) is one thing, but this is totally different. No poor or middle class person doesn't deserve this.  We need balance.  Balance in both TV and the Internet.  You can't have one other the other.

Bottom line, watching your favorite shows on the internet is like a double-edged sword.  On one hand, you could watch your favorite shows without any politics and edits, mostly.  On the other hand, by favoring the internet more, you are killing television and all of its rich history.  Being an animation crusader has become more complicated by the day.  Enjoy the internet now. Because very people who want to kill off animation forever won't stop with television, cable and satellite.  With Net Neutrality on life support, it is just a matter of time till the internet gets censored and edited for their own base ends.

Before I sign off, I want to take a moment to say good bye to Robin Williams.  From Mork, to Popeye, to Genie, to Peter Pan and any other character I could think of, he will forever be missed.  This world will never be the same without the laughter that he gave us.  Here's to you, Rob. Godspeed.

Does television have a future, even with the internet growing strong?  I say yes, but what do you guys think? Please leave a comment and give your thoughts on the whole situation with the internet and is it making television extinct.

Until then, this is Rekka Dragon Jay signing off from the headquarters of the American Cartoon Federation. Nanu-Nanu.


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Stefan said...

Hopefully it isn't. And thanks for mentioning that bit of Korra news for me.

Robin Williams will be missed. What a a pathetic tribute The Hub Network did for him. They only Aired his Mork debut ep twice in a rows. He deserves more than that.

RekkaDragonJay said...

Agree. I posted messages on their facebook page. Many people like myself agree that their should be a Mork & Mindy Marathon. But, it seems that the Hub's ship has been sailed when they decided to kill off retro shows this fall. All they got this week is that Bark Week thing. That dog parody version of Shark Week, but with dogs. The Hub Network has gone figuratively and quite literally, to the dogs.

Anyway, I just hope that television doesn't end up like animation when it comes to the internet. We need balance.

KingsSideCastle said...

Yeah I think it's difficult for television because the freedom to watch episodes at your own convenience is a huge draw. There's also the sheer volume of content available to choose from.

Also huge props for mentioning Robin Williams. His death is a really big tragedy and he'll definitely really be missed. I'll always remember him as the genie in Aladdin as well as numerous other films

Great post RekkaDragon!!