Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Shego Season 5 Part 1

Note: this will likely be the Final Season of Shego.

1 (87) - Armagedar's Vengeance: The Possibles,Stoppables,Drakken,and the Go Cousins prepare for Kim and Ron's Wedding. Meanwhile,out in space,a Lorwardian space craft is headed for Earth. At the Middleton Civic Center,The Wedding is about to take place. As the ceremony is about to begin, the Lorwardian ship crash lands outside the church. The Kim,Ron,Shego and Lee go investigate. Outside they meet the Ships owner. He is a Lorwardian named Armagedar,Son of Warhok and Warmonga. He comes to seek vengeance against the ones who Killed his parents,Kim Possible and Ron Stoppable. Kim explains the nature of his parents and tells him that Ron had no choice. At first the Lorwardian is in disbelief that Kim and Ron would be capable of beating a Lorwardian,but he senses great power in Ron and a strong fighting spirit in Kim. He comes to terms with the fact that they killed his parents and prepares to attack. Kim and Ron tell Shego and Lee to stay out of this and this is their fight. Shego agrees. Meanwhile, Draken,Vice-Principle Barken,and the Possibles are keeping every inside the civic center calm and assure them that the Alien will be dealt with. Outside,Kim and Ron (using his mystic monkey powers)battle the Alien and with team work beat him. Armagedar is beaten and asks Kim and Ron to finish him off,since this battle has proven to himself that he is unworthy to life. Kim and Ron spare the Lorwardian's life and Kim tells him that fighting doesn't need to lead to death and that Killing isn't their thing. After the Lorwardian thinks about Kim's words and leaves the earth,vowing to return. Soon after the Lorwardian departs,the wedding ceremony of Kim Possible and Ron Stoppable continues..uninterrupted. Drakken wonders if he and Shego will marry in the future. Shego blushes and says no comment.
2 (88) - Driving Mr. Go: Lee enters his senior year of High School at Middleton High (much to the amazement of Vice-Principal Barkin) and is eligible by Law (both state and school) to take a Drivers test and get a lerners permit. Meanwhile, on the barren Planet known as Desparu, Eisneroth and Anerith are thinking of a way off of this Planet. Eisneroth starts rambling about Shego and says that if she'd just stick to the path he set for her,his bad luck wouldn't even exist and he'd be closer to ruling the Universe. Anerith,annoyed at her brothers ranting,asks him what the hell he's babbling about.

Eisneroth tells his sister that when Shego first got her powers,he encouraged her to become evil,which was easy since she had a small nasty streak to begin with. however things didn't turn out as planned. he hoped she'd be a genocidal maniac,instead she became a criminal with somewhat of a moral compass. He wanted a Genocidal nut and got a common criminal instead...who hasn't even killed. The fallen guardian wonders what the hell went wrong? and that Shego had the potential to be Both homicidal and Genocidal. He then mentions that he talked the Lorwardians into invading Earth and killing off it's people,but they were stupid and they failed.

Anerith tells her Bro that it doesn't matter and that nothing matters at this point except for escaping this planet. She sees a small rodent and drains it of its life force,killing it and increasing her strength slightly in the process. Eisneroth notices her power and asks about it. Anerith tells him that she has had that power since birth,but never got a chance to use it. She inherited it from their father.

Then it hits Eisneroth,he realizes that they both still have their powers and that they can make a portal back to earth. Anerith tells Eisneroth that it's worth a shot,but that first she wants to eat and leaves to find food. Back on Earth,Lee is taking his drivers test (with barkin as the substitute teacher,as the regular was in a car accident and will be out for the next 2 weeks). Lee barely passes the written exam,but fails the driving test,due to his semi-reckless nature. Barkin decides to give Lee one more chance next week and tells him to study hard and lean self control,because if he doesn't he'll never dive in this county ever.

Back on the Planet Desparu, Anerith is unsuccessful in finding food. She changes the subject and asks her brother how he managed to interfere with the Mortals without backlash from the elders? Eisneroth arrogantly tells his sister that the answer is simple: In the past,the other Elder Guardians were always afraid of him. He has more power than all 4 of them combine. Anerith tells her brother that if he wasn't so focused on vengeance against his enemies,he would be making a Universe Domination plan.

Eisneroth tells her that getting rid of ones foe is essential before starting an evil plot. Back on Earth,at Shego and Lee's apartment,Lee is studying for his drivers test. Shego scolds him for being too reckless. Lee is determined to pass this time..a guy needs his wheels after all. Shego gets an idea. Outside in a vacant lot,Shego and Lee are in Shego's car...with Lee in the drivers seat.

Shego tells her Cousin that he'd be more ready for the test if he practices driving, but warns Lee if not to get reckless or careless. Lee begins the private lesson. It takes a few tries (and a few days),but Lee finally gets the hang of driving. Shego is proud. Lee volunteers to drive them home. Shego tells him to get real.

The next week at Middleton High,Lee retakes the test. he does better on the written exam and,thanks to Shego's private lessons,passes the driving portion. Barkin decides to pass him. Back on Desparu,the Siblings combine their energies and try to open a portal to Earth...they fail. Anerith tells Eisneroth that the obvious happened..since they are now mortal,it takes more energy for them to open pork easie wotals. The 2 then decide to find food to get some energy.

On The Watchers Pandora, The 4 Universe Guardians are kicking themselves for not disabling Eisneroth and Anerith's powers when they had a chance. Rii-Sutan leaves for Earth to warn Rayjin about his cousin's eventual return.  
3 (89) - Eisneroth And Anerith Strike Back Part 1:  Shego and Lee are at Global Justice HQ talking with Betty Director. Shego tells the head of GJ that she'll be retiring from Global Justice immediately. Her reason: She's gotten bored with the missions given to her as there aren't many super powerful criminals out there. She explains that any mission given to her now could easily be handled by the other Agents. She then mentions that she's served out her 'community service' time anyway.

After thinking it over,Dr.Director decides to let Shego go. She then wishes her luck in life. The 2 ladies shake hands. Lee decides to stay and become the top agent. He even jokes about taking Dr. Directors Job. On Desparu, Anerith and Eisneroth combine their energies to create a portal to Earth. The duo arrive on Earth. they are in a wasteland area. Anerith decides the best way to conquer Earth is via hostile takeover. But before they do any thing,they must first get rid of their enemies. She then tells her brother that this won't be for revenge,but to make their work easier without the annoying goody goods getting in their way. She suggests going after Cousin Rayjin last and that Shego is first on the list.

The 2 leave for Middleton to kill Shego. Back in Middleton,Shego and Lee are driving home from the mall,when they talk about Shego leaving GJ. In another part of town,Anerith and Eisneroth arrive and cause havoc to lure out Shego. They destroy buildings and kill innocent civilians.  Rayjin arrives and confronts his cousins. They warn him that he can't do a thing,because he,as a Guardian,can't harm mortals.   

Rayjin tells his Cousins that he doesn't care and that the Earth must be protected. He then reminds Eisneroth that he himself broke the rules. But Rayjin tells Eisneroth that,unlike him,he's doing it to protect Earth. He then mentions that Shego will need all of the help she can get against them.    

Eisneroth and Anerith call Rayjin a fool and attack him. The evil duo and their cousin battle. Lee and Shego see the battle while driving home from a takeout place and go to help. Rayjin tells the Go Cousins to stay back and that he'll handle this.

Meanwhile,At Global Justice HQ,Dr Drakken is working on a new gadget for the agents (a barrier generator belt that can repel lasers and bullets). After testing it out on one of the low level agents,he praises himself.  

Back to the battle, Eisneroth and Anerith are having a tough time with Rayjin. After awhile the evil duo has had enough and leave via portal. Rayjin knows that this isn't over..not by a longshot. Rayjin warns Shego that it's likely his cousins will target her when they return. Shego tells him that she'll be ready. After parting ways with Rayjin,the Go Cousins head home to eat their (now cold) meal.

On Earth's Moon,Eisneroth and Anerith plan their next attack. Eisneroth wants vengeance and goes train himself for his battle with the Go cousins. Anerith decides that her brother is unfit to command and plots against him. She then rants on how Earth was supposed to be hers to begin with and that she's finally ready to take her prize
4 (90) - Eisneroth And Anerith Strike Back Part 2: At Shego's apartment,Lee and Shego are watching TV,when they get a call from Dee Go,Lee's Mom. They talk about Lee's future and about Lee coming back home after he graduates in a few months. Lee tells his mom that he's decided to stay in Middleton and help Shego..he then mentions that he's decided to become a Global Justice Agent. Dee scolds her son for this. Lee's father,Keiji,comes on and tells his son to do what he needs to get ahead in life and make him proud. He mentions that being an operative for an underground crime fighting organization beats what he does for a living. He's the vice-president of a paper company (a company that makes paper).

After chatting with his parents,Lee decides to go back to GJHQ,to train. Shego is proud of her Cousin. Meanwhile,Eisneroth and Anerith are ready to go back to Earth. Eisneroth knows the perfect way to lure Shego out...attack Go Tower. So Anerith and Eisneroth open a portal to Go City,Earth.

The Duo arrive at Go Tower and attack it. Meanwhile Team Go and Grandpa Chisao arrive and see the base under attack. After seeing who's attacking Go Tower,They call Global Justice for Lee and Shego. Global Justice gets the call and relays it to Lee as he's taking a break from Training. Lee contacts Shego(who's out with drakken) and tells her the news. Shego tells Lee that she'll meet him their.

Back in Go City,Team Go and Eisneroth are battling,with Anerith watching. Hego questions Aneriths decision to stay out of the fight. Anerith tells him that she has more significant plans to waste energy on. Eisneroth is easily beating the Go's,despite the 6-on-1 advantage they have. Lee arrives via teleporter belt and joins the fight. Shego and Drakken soon arrive in Drakken's hover car.

Lee and Shego battle Eisneroth 1-on-1 and use near perfect teamwork. Chisao tells the others to let Lee and Shego handle this,when Mego wants to jump in. Anerith takes notice. Lee and Shego's teamwork work for a while. But when Eisneroth powers up to full strength,the Go Cousins are outclassed. However,Shego and Le decide to show Eisneroth and his sister how they killed Rucifel.

To everyone's shock, Shego and Lee fuse into the Green and White Aura-ed Go Fighter (known as Go Mega). Let round 2 begin.
5 (91) - Eisneroth and Anerith Strike Back:Go Mega is fights Eisneroth and is on equal standing. Team Go and Chisao talk about the Go Fusion. Anerith realizes that the Go Cousins must've used that technique to fight and kill Rucifel. She then deducts that Go Fusion could be a problem in the future.

Go Mega slowly gets the upper hand,using Shego's techniques. After a long battle,Eisneroth is beaten. Eisneroth demands his Sisters help. Anerith tells him how she really feels and drains her brother of his life force,shocking everyone. Eisneroth is now dead. As He slowly turns into ashes,Anerith slowly transforms. 

The power Anerith just required causes her to transform into a stronger form. The heroes are stunned by this. Anerith finishes her transformation and after dialogue,she continues where Eisneroth left off. Go Mega and newly transformed Anerith battle. Anerith splits the fused warrior back into Lee and Shego,shocking the heroes.

Anerith opens a portal. She picks up Shego telekinetically and tells Shego and Lee that they are far to formidable as a team,and that she refuses to let that annoyance slide. So she's splitting them up and sending Shego to a place where she will Never return. Anerith laughs evilly as she throws the struggling Shego into the portal and quickly shuts it.

Lee demands to know where Anerith sent Shego? Anerith smirks and simply says The Chaosverse. Rayjin,watching from his lookout,is shocked and mentions that due to the atmosphere,any power that originated from the Cosmoverse won't work...so Shego will be powerless against the deadliest evils in the universe. Rayjin reveals that one of the jobs of the planetary guardians is to banish the the most evil beings from their respective planets into the Chaosverse...beings that were too powerful for anyone else to handle.   

Anerith laughs evilly. Shego arrives in the Chaosverse (a dark and hellish place) and wonders where the hell she is.
6 (92) - Return Of An Old Foe - Anerith battles Lee and The rest of the Go's and barely manages to beat them. Rayjin arrives to make the save when Anerith is about to finish the family off. Anerith attacks Rayjin and is hit hard when he reflects her blasts back at her. Anerith angrily retreats.

Rayjin introduces himself to Team Go and explains the situation and plans to detect where in the chaosverse Shego is and open a portal to her location,he asks for Lees help,as this task will be extremely tough. Meanwhile,in the Chaosverse,Shego wonders where she is and how she's gonna leave. She runs into a bunch of thugs from different planets,none of which look human. During the fight Shego realizes that she can't use her powers. She curses. Shego manages to beat the criminals though. Shego continues on.

On The Moon,Anerith realizes that even with her new power,she's still gonna have a very tough and headache inducing time with The Go's and Rayjin,so she decides to get more power..and she knows just where to get it. She takes a nap to recharge.

The Team Go (with chisao) return to go tower and find Their Parents. Keiji and Dee Go (lee,jimmy,and gina's parents) and Yuusuke and Sherrie Go (hego,mego,wego,and shego's parents)  They greet each other. Dee asks where Lee and Sheila(shego's real name) are?

The Go Team tells them everything. Meanwhile, at Rayjin's lookout, Rayjin is having a tough time detecting Shego,mainly because she's off universe. He keeps trying. Lee prays that Shego is alright. he woudn't know what he'd do if she died.

Back in the Chaosverse,as Shego is trying to find some answers. A familiar voice welcomes her to the Chaosverse. Shego is conrfonted by the voices owner...Kai-Nokk. Shego is surprised to see him. Kai-Nokk wonders how Shego arrived in the Chaosverse? He decides that it doesn't matter because he can finally get revenge and since Shego is powerless here,it will be easy. When askd Kai-Nokk tells Shego that due to the atmosphere here,Any and all powers originating from the Cosmoverse won't work. Shego forgot about that. Kai-Nokk mocks Shego and the 2 fight.

Watching from her lookout (the hell master's pandora) high above the center of the Chaosverse,The New Ruler of the Chaosverse wants Shego when Kai-Nokk is finished with her. Back at the battle,Shego and Kai-Nokk are equal strength. the 2 battle towards a cliff. Shego manages to knock him off the cliff. Kai-Nokk falls to his death.

Shego is suddenly transported to the Hell Master's Pandora,where the New Master of the Chaosverse greets her. Shego asks who the hell is she and where the hell is she now?

The New Ruler tells her that she's on The Hell Master's Pandora,in the center of the Universe. And she is Damnatia,Daughter of Rucifel and New Master of the Chaosverse. 
7 (93) - Twilight of The Gods: Shego comes face to face to with the Lord of the Chaosverse. Shego asks what she wants with her? Damnatia tells Shego that she wants revenge...for what she and her cousin did: Kill her father. Damnatia laughs at Shego's current situation and tells her that vengeance is gonna be so sweet. She then tells Shego that one day she'll get her cousin too. When asks how she knew about Rucifel's death? Damnatia tells her that she has trained herself to sense life force from the Main Universe. She sensed the whole fight. 

Shego,a bit tired from her fight with Kai-Nokk,readies for a fight. Damnatia laughs at Shego for even attempting to fight in her current state. Shego is determined to win...or at least battle until Rayjin shows up. On Rayjin's Lookout,The Earth's Guardian is having a hard time pinpointing Shego's life force. Meanwhile,Anerith has awoken and is ready to go after the 4 Elder Guardians. She goes to the Watchers Pandora via portal and confronts the Guardians.

They threaten her,but she shrugs it off. When asked,Anerith tells them that she's here to absorbs their life force. The Guardian Rii-Sutan tells her that her visit was wasted,because she can only take the life force of Mortal creatures. Anerith laughs and tells her that she can turn immortals mortal now..thanks to the powers she got from her "undearly departed" Brother.

Sutan warns her if she refuses leave,she'll be forced off the pandora. Anerith just laughs and calls the bluff,as the Guardians can't harm Mortals. She then tells them that too bad for them the opposite isn't true. Anerith begins her attack. The Elders have no choice but to fight back.

Back in the Chaosverse,Shego and Damnatia ae battling,wish Shego at a slight disadvantage. Back on the Watchers Pandora,With her new enhanced power,Anerith is able to beat the Elders easily. She turns Elder Miriza into a mortal and drains her of her life force. She then does the same to Rookus and then Haanson. And finally Rii-Sutan,the leader.

Anerith transforms again,just as the Dead Elders turn to dust. Her new form is slightly more monstrous. She's also way more powerful.

 Back at Rayjin's lookout,Rayjin finally pinpoints Shego's life force and opens the portal to the Chaosverse. Lee leaves to retrieves his Cousin. Lee enters the battle against Damnatia. Damnatia is happy to see Lee,now she can get her revenge in full. Shego explains who Damnatia is. After double teaming Damnatia,the Go Cousins leave though Rayjins portal. Damnatia is pissed.

Back on Rayjin's look out, The Go's have returned. Rayjin gives them bad news,Anerith has absorbed the life force from the Elder Guardians and is now far more powerful than anything the Universe has ever faced. Shego collapses due to exhaustion. Rayjin tells the concerned Lee that she'll be okay and back to full strength after a long nap.    

Back on the now empty Watchers Pandora,The newly transformed Anerith is ready to start her Conquest of Earth.
8 (94) - Anerith's Ascension:  Anerith teleports to Earth (without a portal) and crashes The UN while they're having their annual televised world peace and environmental event. Anerith executes some of the world leaders and begins her broadcast. She introduces herself as Goddess Anerith and that she will be Earth's new master. She then tells the world what she will do. First she'll disband Earth's military,because she finds unevolved beings with military might disturbing.

Then she will establish houses of worship around the world where everybody will worship her as their Goddess. And that worship services are mandatory. Next she will require everyone to serve her in some form or another and that she'll be listing the jobs very soon. She then says that she will be terminating those she feels that are not fit to serve her at all and that All must serve her. She finally mentions that individual freedom will be snuffed out,as she doesn't like opposition.

Back at Go Tower,while flipping though the Channels,Mego sees Anerith's broadcast and calls in the rest of the Go's (and Drakken) to watch. Team Go decides to go to NYC and battle Anerith. Back at the UN,Anerith's tyrannical declaration is interrupted by the UN military.

Anerith disposes them all easily and returns to delivering her message. She concludes with a warning: Any one who opposes her,will be executed and that she'll be back with another broadcast tomorrow. After her broadcast,she flies outside to the roof of the building and sees the Go Jet flying toward her. The jet lands on the UN building and Team Go confront Anerith. 

On Rayjin's lookout, Rayjin has been watching Anerith and is uneasy about her new powers. Lee is inside Rayjin sanctuary staying with Shego as she sleeps. Back at the UN, Team Go battles Anerith and isn't faring too well.  The team fights well,but they have no luck beating her. 

Anerith decides to spare them for now.and go after a more significant Foe.. Lee Go and Rayjin. she sences both on Rayjin's lookout and leaves for there (she flies this time).

On Rayjin's look out,Shego awakens and asks what's going on? Lee is happy to see his cousin alright and gives her a hug. He tells her that Anerith has just absorbed the life of the Elder Guardians and is now stronger than ever. Shego is ready to get even with her for throwing her in the Chaosverse.

Anerith arrives and makes her threats. Rayjin prepares to fight despite the odds being against him. Shego and Lee arrive. Anerith is shocked too see Shego as she thought it would've taken Rayjin alot longer to find her in the Chaosverse. She then says it doesn't matter as all 3 will be killed today.

Shego wants to face Anerith 1-on-1 and she wants to do it without any spectators.  Lee argues and tells her that i'd be best if they work together. Shego doesn't want to see Lee getting hurt and tells him that even with his copy ability,he's still no match for Anerith. She tells him that she's the only one strong enough to kill this monster. Rajin agrees and tells Lee that they will retreat to Go Tower and await for Shego's return.

Reluctantly,Lee agrees. After Rayjin teleports both Lee and himself to Go Tower, Shego readies herself for battle.