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Shego Season 5 Part 2

9 (95) - Shego vs Anerith: With no one in the way,Shego is free to use her full power. After barbs are traded, the fight begins. Lee and Rayjin arrive at Go tower,where they explain everything. Meanwhile, Shego and Anerith are battling with everything they got and damaging the lookout while fighting. After awhile, Anerith decides to move the battle to a bigger area. Anerith teleports both her and Shego to a deserted Wasteland outside Go City.

Anerith reveals that she hasn't been using her full power and decides to do so. Shego has a tougher time with her opponent. Fearing the worst,Lee asks Rayjin to take him back to the fight. Rayjin mentions that the fight is now on Earth. Lee doesn't care and tells Rayjin to take him to the fight. Rayjin reluctantly agrees. When asked,Rayjin tells them that the fight is in a wasteland just outside of Go City. Rayjin teleports himself and Lee to the battle. Rayjin departs to check on something.

Shego is having a tough time with the fully powered Anerith. Lee comes in for the save and kicks Anerith far away. Shego scolds him for interfering,saying that this is her fight. Lee tells Shego that if he hadn't come,she might have died and tries to convince Shego to fuse with him,since Go Mega is the only thing that will beat Anerith.

Back on his semi-trashed lookout,Rayjin frantically rushes to his sanctuary's secret chamber,where he finds a rock made up of hardened space dust glowing black. Rayjin breaths a sigh of relief that the object is still intact,because if the Black Palette Aura was ever used,the user would gain the ability to disable the abilities of anyone..including supers.

Rayjin goes back outside to check up on the fight. Back at the battlefield, Shego reluctantly agrees,but only because she doesn't want Anerith winning. Anerith returns to the battlefield pissed as a hornet. She is shocked to see the Go cousins fuse once again and tries to prevent it..but fails.

Go Mega Returns!
10 (96) - Go Mega Returns Again: Go Mega battles Anerith and is on equal ground with her. Meanwhile,Team Go and Chisao decide to help in the battle too and leave in their Go Jet. Drakken entertains the Go Parents. Yuusuke Go asks Dr Drakken some questions about the relationship with his Daughter,which makes Drakken nervous. Sherrie tells Drakken that it's nice that he and Shelia (shego's real name)are an item. 

Yuusuke disapproves and even goes so far as to accuse Drakken off encouraging his daughters evil activity,which the scientist objects to and explains himself. Keiji tells his brother to let go of the past and both Drakken and Shego are good now. Dee likes to think that her Son has had a positive effect on Shego     

Back on the battlefield,Go Mega is starting to get the upper hand on Anerith. Team Go arrives annoying Anerith. Go Mea tells the others to stay back,because he/she has everything under control. Anerith grows even more annoyed and splits Go Mega back into Lee and Shego again.

With the fusion broken,Shego and Lee are in trouble. Anerith tells the Go's that they never stood a chance.
11 (97) - Lee's Upgrade: Anerith's taunts continue. The Go Cousins continue the fight,with Team Go (and chisao) helping them. Anerith is getting overwhelmed and really pissed at the Go Family team work. She beats them in rage.

The Go Cousins double team Anerith and manage to beat her. As the Go's catch their breath,Anerith mortaly wounds Shego with a blast in a surprise attack. shocked and enraged(and on the verge of crying),Lee swears to make Anerith pay for nearly ending his Cousin and best friends life. Lee unlocks his hidden power within and starts to power up.

Suddenly White Aura's shoot out from Lee and hit the other Go's. Lee begins to copy ever single one of their powers. This shocks Anerith. Lee now has Every Palette Aura power at his desposal (except for the black one) and is ready to make Anerith suffer.
12 (98) - Super Lee: Team Go wonders what just happened. Lee orders the team to take Shego back home to recover. He then snaps at them when they attempt to defy his order. Chisao tells his Grandchildren to listen to Lee and that Lee's can handle Anerith. As the Go's leave with the near-unconscious Shego, Anerith attempts to intercept them,but Lee attacks her before she can strike.  

Lee and Anerith trade insults. After that they battle. Copying the other Palette Aura powers not only gave Lee every Go Power,but it also gave him a sharp boost in power too. Also, he's unlocking the hidden abilities of the other powers too. Like: Iron-Esque Defense (blue),Stretch Limbs (purple),Telekenisis and Reflecting Barrier (pink),Super Jumping (yellow),and Teleportation (orange).

Back at Go Tower, Shego is in the infermery recovering.

The Go's ar worried about the welfare of both Shego and Lee. Rayjin arrives to check up on Shego. Mego asks Rayjin about why he chose them to carry his powers. Rayjin is surprised Mego knows about that. The Wego tells Rayjin that Shego told them.

Rayjin explains that with him as a Watcher most of the time,his powers would've gone to waste,so he chose the Go family on the basis of what was in their hearts. He saw great things in the family and decided to bank on them. After testing the waters with Chisao,Rayjin knows he has made the right choice.

Rayjin soon mentions that the wielder of Green Aura has a great healing factor,so Shego should be fully recovered by tomorrow. Back at the battle,A Pissed off Anerith loses focus and is being beaten by Lee. Lee finishes Anerith off by using a green energy wave,Anerith tries to push the wave back,but fails and is vaporized.
13 (99) - Another Aftermath: After the battle,Lee contacts Global Justice and tells them to tell the world that Anerith has been dealt with. Dr Director tells Lee that she's on it and will broadcast the news to the world soon. Lee heads back to Go Tower to see if Shego is alright. Lee returns to Go Tower and asks about Shego.

Rayjin assures Lee that his cousin is going to be okay. While waiting for Shego's recovery, Rayjin explains the advanced level of each of the Go's powers. The Blue Power's advanced level is Impenetrable Defense. The Purple (or Violet) Power will grant the user stretchable limbs. The Red Power's advanced level is's the power of matter manipulation.

The Orange power's advanced ability is Teleportation,an ability that Chisao has unlocked years ago. Now the Yellow Glow's advanced ability will allow for super enhanced jumping and agility. The Pink Glow's advanced power is enhanced psychic powers..including creating an invisible barrier.      

The Green and White Glows advanced abilities have already been unlocked by their respective users. The Green Glow's advanced ability allows the user to turn the Nova Blasts into various types of weapons..including blades. While the White Glow will allow the user to emulate multiple powers at once. He then mentions that the White Glow user will get a slight stat boost in all areas once they copy an ability. However the stat boost only lasts until the copied powers run out.

Rayjin takes his leave. Meanwhile, Dr.Director delivers a word wide broadcast declaring Anerith has been taken care of and will never terrorize them again.

Back on his lookout,Rayjin is looking down on the world and is thankful that his 2 cousins are dead. Suddenly the sky goes completely white,gaining the attention of everyone on Earth. A portal opens near Rayjin's lookout and out comes Godian,the huge master of the Cosmoverse.

Due to the deaths of the Elder Guardians,Godian tells Rayjin that this Universe needs new Elder Guardians and offers him the job of leader of the Elders..a position,Eisneroth once held. Rayjin refuses outright and tells his master that Earth is his home and he will protect it by all means necessary. He then questions the need for Elder Guardians in this day and age anyway, Claiming that the Planetary Guardians do a better job at looking after their respective planets. He then tells Godian if he's worried about the Chaosverse he tells him to let them come to this universe,because he has full faith in the Universe's greatest heroes. And believes that they will stop the Chaosverse...with the Planetary Guardians as emergency back-up.

Godian is speechless. Godian decides accept Rayjin's ideals,but warns him that if he's wrong about this,he Will be punished harshly. Godian returns to the Cosmoverse and the sky returns to normal. Rayjin knows that he's right in his beliefs.
14 (100) - Why Lee Fights?:  Lee is relaxing at home while reminding himself on why he fights for justice and aims to be a top Global Justice Agent. It all started in Upperton Middle School,when he was bullied almost daily..why? maybe they were just jerks trying to look and act tough. or maybe they were bigoted against half-breeds (lee is half asian-half caucasion).  maybe they just hated him period. who knows,it was likely all 3.

One day Lee saw one of his friends getting beat up for no reason,enraged he attacked the bullies and saved his friend. it was that day,Lee gained a strong sense of justice. Lee continued his battle against the bullies,some battles won,others lost. He was suspended a lot because of it,yet the bullies got off almost scott free. Lee's sense of justice grew even bigger when that happened.

But the biggest push was when some Middle School bullies were picking on and even attacking Gina and Jimmy at the playground,just because they were half breeds. Lee Rushed at the thugs and beat them up. The thugs ran away swearing to get even. Thankfully his younger Brother and Sister were ok.

The thugs returned when Lee was walking his siblings home,this time they brought their older (high school aged) brothers. Lee fought against the older Boys and just barely won.  After Graduating Middle School,Lee spent his whole summer fighting bullies of all kinds...especially racists. Lee's mom,Dee,fearing the worst tried to do something about her sons life.

After remembering about how Middleton was a safe place,she arranged for Lee to go to school at Middleton High. Dee remembers that Lee's Cousin Sheila (shego) has recently reformed and lives alone in an apartment. So she arranges for Lee to stay with Shego for the duration of his Middleton stay.

When Lee was a baby,Shego babysat him frequently..this was before the Rainbow Comet. This was the beginning of the bond they share. Years later,during her villain days,Shego made rare visits with Lee in private 1-on-1 meetings. the 2 bonded even more.

Lee's heart of justice is even stronger today,thanks to his strong bond with Shego and with his White Palette Aura powers,he will continue the fight until he is dead.

So Why Does Lee Fight? He fights to protect those who can't or are simply overpowered by the evil ones. Why He Fights? He Fight's for the Honor and Safety of His Family. Why He Fights? He fights to make the world a better place...not just for his family,but for everyone. 
15 (101) - Legend of Shego: While chilling in bed after a long day of grading papers. Shego is starting to rethink her current job and wonders if she should quit being a teacher in order to do something more exciting..something that would be right for her. Shego drifts off to sleep.

Shego suddenly finds herself in an empty misty plain. She wonders where she is? suddenly a familiar voice is heard. Out from the shadows comes the voices owner..It's Eisneroth. Shego is shocked. Eisneroth is smiling evilly and tells Shego that it's been awhile and welcomes her to her soul. Shego demands answers.Eisneroth tells Sheho that he's a Ghost invading the dreams of the one he chose to help end the human race. Shego is confused by that statement.

Eisneroth explains that he was the one who influenced her to turn evil and hoped that she'd help in the extermination of humanity..but something went wrong. And that's why they are here tonight: to find out what went wrong with her. Shego calls Eisneroth's words Bullshit and prepares to attack. Eisneroth tells Shego to wait until After the "movie". Shego wonders what he's talking about.

The Evil Ghost of The Ex-Guardian creates a window showing Shego scenes from her childhood. Shego demands to know what the point of this is? Eisneroth tells her that he wants her to relive her failures as an evil-doer and cower in shame. He had a good feeling about Shego,her violent temper,and her unlimited potential..but he feels betrayed by his feelings.

The first clip is of Shego (then sheila go) at the age of 10,taking a Kung-Fu class. She gets into a fight with a loudmouth classmate and beats him..but spares him. Eisneroth is disappointed at the end,telling Shego that she should've finished him off. He asks why she would bother to spare such a little jackass? Shego tells her foe that she had to otherwise she would've been expelled and even arrested,besides that she's no killer.

The next clip is a 12 year old Shego graduating the Utarian City (the name of go city in the past)Kung Fu Academy. Everyone in the audience and the teacher (si-fu xiao) is impressed at Shego graduating the academy at such a young age. Eisneroth is impressed and hoped that she'd use those skills too kill. Shego criticizes Eisneroth's thing for killing. Eisneroth tells her to shut it.

The next clip,Shego picking a fight with Mel (mego) over the TV and ends up hospitalizing him...nearly killing him in fact. Shego feels very guilty about it.

Eisneroth is annoyed about this and moves on to the next clip..and the clip that makes him ill the most: A 14 year old Shego baby sitting a 2 year old Lee. During the job,Shego grows fond of her baby cousin and the feeling becomes mutual. And as years passed their bond grows. Clips of Shego and Lee playing together and having fun.

The next clip shown is a montage of clips of Kid Shego's temper getting the best of her and getting into fights with her peers. Shego's age is 9,10,11,12,and 13 in these clips. Eisneroth is very proud.

Eisneroth fast forwards to the time when the Rainbow Comet strikes Shego and her brothers while they were hanging out in their tree house. The family was hospitalized,Eisneroth was afraid that Shego died,but she recovered fine and (along with her brothers) gained Super powers.

Eisneroth tells Shego that he was even more hopeful for her that day.  The next clip was the formation of Team Go,a super hero group...Eisneroth Hates Super Heroes. Feeling the chance of Shego becoming a Savior. Luckily for him,Team Go's anti-violence,non-profit attitude wasn't going well with Shego,so he went on to intensify Shego's negative feelings by talking to her via telepathy.

Shego remembers hearing voices in her mind,she dismissed them at first,but after realizing that the voice was right about her brothers' way of life,she split from Team Go to become a criminal...a suggestion Eisneroth made to Shego after she left Team Go.

Eisneroth was proud and hoped that she would go on to killing...but unfortunately she signed up with Dr.Drakken,the worst decision she made in his opinion. The next clip shows Shego being interviewed by Dr. Drakken. Shego gets the job after some violent persuasion. The next clip is a montage of Shego committing various crimes,eventually becoming a most wanted criminal.

Eisneroth likes what he sees but is upset that Shego wasted her time with petty crimes instead of homicide. Shego tells Eisneroth that she became a criminal for the excitement well as for the money involved. She also tells her foe that murder has never been her thing. She maimed and hurt people,but never killed.

Eisneroth mentions that the next clip is cringe worthy.    

The next clip shows Shego and Lee (who's 12) on the roof of the apartment Lee lives in for their very first private meeting. After the chat,Shego promises to visit Lee whenever she can. Their bond was strengthened even more. And so every so often,Shego and Lee would have private talks and even help each other out with their problems (a clip montage is shown).

Eisneroth is furious. he then claims that Shego's killer instinct was weakened significantly thanks to Lee (who he calls a little bastard). Shego warns Eisneroth if he Ever insults her cousin again,she'll make him suffer 100 hells. Eisneroth mocks her and tells her that he has proof of her lameness.

The next clip is a montage of her fights with Kim Possible. Eisneroth is pissed at the fact Shego pulled her punches against Kim Possible and that deep down Shego thought of Kim like the sister she never had. He plays another clip..this time of Shego helping Kim save the World from the Lorwardians,who he sent to Earth after he lost faith in Shego. He hoped that the Lorwardians would've killed all of Mankind and finally rid the Universe of the Unevolved menace.

Shego asks about why he wants to extinctify the Humans so much?Eisneroth reveals that he hates the human race because they are unevolved and unworthy to live on Earth...His Planet. He hoped that Shego would eventually go on a genocidal rampage due to her violent temper but he was mistaken. He underestimated Shego's moral compass..the Power she possessed wasted. But he plans to rectify that now.

Shego asks about that? Eisneroth laugh evilly and reveals plans to take over Shego's Soul (and by extension her mind and heart) so that he can have her body as a host and to use Her powers to exterminate the human race...something She failed to do.

Shego admits that she has a temper and prone to violence..she loves fighting and money too. But She's changed much since her criminal days and is using her passion for fighting and money making in the other direction. She has a better purpose to use her passion now...Her Friends and family. She fights for them as well,and as for money..well unlike Bad Girl Shego,the modern Shego is willing to share.

Eisneroth has heard enough and tells Shego that none of that matters now,since he'll be taking over her body. Shego and Eisneroth battle. Both are on equal ground. Shego is frustrated at the fact that this fight could go on forever and swears not to let Eisneroth take control of her. And with that,Shego accesses a new power...her Ultimate Power. A powered up form that has Shego take the form of a human made up of green energy. (known as super shego). Eisneroth is shocked.

Super Shego destroys Eisneroth. Shego wakes up from her nightmare and after reflecting on it. She now knows what she's gonna do with the rest of her life. She's Gonna enter the Street Fight Tournament Circuit and win them all.
16 (102) - Drakken's Proposal: Shego and Dr. Drakken are out on a date. They are at an unnamed fancy restaurant. Both have news to tell one another. Shego goes first,she plans on joining the World Street Fighting Circuit and make lots of money fighting. This news surprises Drakken. He asks when? Shego tells him that she'll be traveling with Grandpa Go this summer and will be away from home for a long time. She then tells him not to worry and that she'll drop by for a visit every now and again. She'll even send money to her Family.    

She asks what Drakken's news is? Drakken decides to wait. At his old lair,which he recently converted into a lab and home,Dr Drakken is upset that Shego will be traveling the world and starts to believe she's forgetting about their relationship. He takes out a small box from his pocket and opens it revealing a engagement ring. Drakken shakes off those negative thoughts and makes plans to tell the Go family before he makes his move again.

Shego and Lee are at the apartment,talking about Shego's recent career choice. Lee tells his cousin that he agrees with it and tells her that she needs to do something that she enjoys. Shego thanks him. Lee tells Shego that she'd better e-mail to tell him about her life on the road. Sheo tells him that he's got it.

Meanwhile,at Go Tower,Dr Drakken has called a meeting of the entire Go Family,sans Shego and Lee. Drakken announces his intent to Marry Shego. Some members are happy (dee,keiji,sherrie,the wegos,jim,and gina),some indifferent (mego and chisao),while Hego and his dad,Yuusuke object.

They don't trust Dr Drakken and still consider him wrong for Shego. Dr Drakken tells them that he loves Shego and will propose to her tonight...whether they like it or not. He tells the family that if Shego accepts his proposal,they'll have a 1st class inventor in their family.

Later that night,Shego and Drakken are relaxing in his home after a night of dancing and dinner. Drakken takes out the ring and proposes to Shego. Shego is speechless. Drakken tells shego that he really loves her and wants to spend the rest of his Shego tells Drakken that it's a sweet offer but she must pass on it,she's not ready to marry and settling down and raising a family has never been her thing. She appologizes and tells Drakken that they can still have a relationship.        

Drakken is disappointed. Later at home,Shego is starting to regret turning Drakken down,but tries to convince herself that marriage isn't her thing and she needs to focus on her upcoming World Fighting Circuit career. Lee tries to convince Shego to accept Drakkens proposal and that she can take him with her on the road.Shego decides to sleep on it.

Meanwhile inside the HQ of W.E.E. (worldwide evil empire), Prof. Dementor (who just recently just started working for the org as it's chief scientist) is making a nearly dead man into a cyborg. Gemini (the leader of WEE) enters and asks how the conversion process is going? Dementor tells Gemini that it was a miracle he found him in one piece. He doesn't know what happened,but he could tell that the patient was in one hell of a battle. Gemini asks again how the work is going?

Dementor tells Gemini that the patient is almost finished. Gemini can't wait to have such an imposing figure work for him. He praises the living hell out of Dementor for his work. The patient Dementor is working on is.....General Khan?!!!

After a few more modifications,Dementor is finished. Gemini is excited as Dementor activates (or resurrects) General Khan. Things don't go as planned for Dementor and Gemini. General Khan turns on Gemini and Dementor. The Cyborg Khan ranting on how he will serve no one and insulting Gemini and Dementor by calling them Villains for Kiddie Show. He kills them both and,after flying outside,destroys WEE HQ,killing everyone inside.

Cyborg Khan has revenge on his mind and he knows just what to do. The next Day,Dr Drakken is tinkering with things in his lab,still unhappy about Shego's rejection. Cyborg Khan busts in and captures Dr.Drakken who's shocked to see him alive. Khan leaves with his captive,while dropping a note.

Later,Shego and Lee arrive and wonder where Dr.Drakken is? Lee finds a note written by Khan telling them to meet him in Death Valley if they want to see Dr Drakken alive again. The Go Cousins jump into action.

The Cousins arrive at Death Valley and engage Cyborg Khan,who's holding Drakken hostage. Both are shocked to see Khan alive. Shego asks Drakken (who she calls drew that time) if he's alright? Khan throws Drakken to the Cousins and tells the Go Cousins that Drakken means nothing to him and it is they who he will destroy.

The Go Cousins are ready foe battle. Lee mentions Khans awesome power and asks Shego if they should fuse again? Shego refuses and tells him that fusion can be a crutch if used often and sugests they double team him instead. Lee agrees with that.

They fight the Cyborg and have some problems at first,but once they get his attack pattern down,they are on equal ground. Eventually the cousins get the upper hand. Cyborg Khan isn't done yet, he targets Drakken and fatally wounds him. This shocks the Duo,Shego the most. She runs to check on Drakken,he's unconscious and nearly dead. Shego grows sad and enraged (mostly enraged). Shego powers up and is engulfed in a blaze of Green Energy. Shego transforms into a Human-like being made up of Green Energy.

Both Lee and Khan are shocked.   .
17 (103) - Super Shego: Shego tells lee to take Drakken to Global Justice HQ for special treatment. Lee does that,teleporting away (via teleport belt as usual) with Drakken.

Rayjin is watching things unfold up on his Lookout and is amazed that Shego has unlocked the Palette Aura Powers Ultimate Mode...also known as the God Mode.

Shego battles Cyborg Khan and unleashes Hell on him. The now outclassed Khan tries to kill Shego by blowing up the Earth,but Shego completely destroys him before he can do so (she cuts him up with an energy sword and then blasts him to pieces). Shego powers down and tells herself that she hope Khan stays dead. 

Inside the high tech infermery within Global Justice HQ,Dr.Drakken is in incentive care with their greatest doctors working on him. Lee is in the waiting room. Shego arrives and asks about Drakken's well being? Lee tells her that he's still in bad shape,but thankfully,not dead.

Shego asks the receptionist if it's ok to see Dr Drakken? The Receptionist tells Shego that the surgery has just started and that she must wait. Shego is impatient,but complies. Hours later,one of the Doctors tells Shego and Lee that they can go see Dr Drakken now.

The 2 head into the room where Dr Drakken is. He is bedridden and barely conscious. Lee is glad  Drakken is alright and praises modern science. Shego asks Lee to leave,so she can speak with Drakken alone. Lee nods and leaves. 

Shego tells Drakken (who she's calling Dr.D at the moment) that he had her scared for a while. She thought he was gonna leave her.  This scare has opened up her eyes to how much she really loves him. She then tells Drakken (who she's calling drew this time) that she will marry him and will take him on her Global Street Fighting Journey.

Shego kisses Drakken and he gains more consciousness. He tells Shego that he heard every word she said and that she has made him the happiest man alive.

Up on the Look out, Rayjin is wondering where to go from here? 
18 (104) - Go Change: Weeks after his terrible ordeal,Dr Drakken is at home talking to his mother about his engagement to Shego. Mrs.Lipsky is overjoyed at the fact that her son is finally settling down. She asks when the Wedding will take place. Drakken nervously tells her that it's up to Shego. Mama Lipsky tells her son that she better not make her wait too long..she wants Grandchildren before she dies.

Meanwhile, Shego is talking to her family about her engagement. getting mixed reaction. Lee tells the 2 opposing voices (hego and yuusuke) that Shego is an adult and can make her own choices. He also stands up for Drakken. Shego thanks Lee and tells the rest of her family that the Wedding won't be taking place anytime soon. She's still skeptical about the whole Marriage thing. She wants to wait until she comes to terms with the concept it.

Shego mentions that Drakken will be coming with her on her trek and has retired from Global Justice so that he can be with her.

Months later,Lee is preparing for his Graduation. Shego is so proud. Lee tells Shego that he's still forgoing Collage to seek work as a Global Justice Agent. Lee's mom still hates the idea,but Lee's dad still loves it. An argument ensues between the patents. But Shego sticks up for Lee and tells them that Lee must choose a career that's fun for him and that if he was forced to do something that was boring to him,he'd go into a life of crime..kinda like what she did.    

Lee thanks Shego. The Go family head to Middleton High for the Graduation. The Graduation Ceremony is taking placed in the Stadium with Vice Principal Barkin hosting. The Graduates are in the bleachers,while the Guests (which includes the entire Go family). After,Barkin makes a commencement speech of sorts,he calls out the students in alphabetical order (by surname) and gives them their diplomas. With that done,Barkin congratulates the graduates. 

After the ceremony,Lee and his Family (and drakken,who is a future in-law)are talking. Lee's mother tries to convince Lee to go to collage,but it fails. Global Justice head,Betty Director (who was on hand),arrives to congratulate Lee and tells him that Global Justice will be waiting for him this fall. With the possible resurgence of evil aliens and super humans, Dr.Director tells them about a new division she's developing,a division she wants Lee in. Lee likes the idea and agrees to it.

Without warning,Rayjin arrives,but not to join the celebration. He angrily attacks Lee and warns the Go family to let Lee handle his own fight. Lee demands answers. Rayjin just angrily attacks and tells Lee to fight back. Lee has no idea what the hell is up,but has no choice but to fight. 

The Cops arrive,but Rayjin insults them and scares them off. Lee and Rayjin battle it out with the Go family spectating. Barkin leads the students and their families out of the area for their own safety. After a long fight,Lee eventually fights The Earth's Guardian to a standstill.

Rayjin,no longer angry,tells Lee that he has proven himself. Lee is confused and frustrated and demands answers. Rayjin explains to Lee that he wanted to test his skills to the fullest extent,because the world Needs a capable champion. He wanted Lee to be that champion,but had to make sure he made the correct choice,so he challenged him to Mortal Combat. He's proud to say that he was right all along and that Lee is the one.

Lee calls Rayjin stupid forr not mentioning it sooner. But he admits that it was a good fight. Rayjin apologizes for that, Rayjin tells Lee that the nightmare isn't over..not by a long shot and that many evil and powerful forces from here and beyond space will eventually reveal themselves and even strike without warning. The Earth needs a savior to ruin them.

Lee tells Rayjin that he's ready to take them all down..whoever they are. Rayjin also warns Lee that the Chaosverse is far from finished and to watch out for them too. With that,Rayjin leaves,leaving Lee with his family.

Lee asks Dr.Director when he can start his training for Global Justice? He wants to be prepared for any future threats ASAP. Dr.Director tells him that he may begin training next week. Lee nods.

A Month later,Shego and Lee are outside the Airport,waiting for Grandpa Go's personal jet to pick her up and take her to get registered for her Street Fighters License first,without one you can't be a professional street fighter. She mentions that Grandpa is picking up Dr.Drakken first.

Lee and Shego talk talking about old times and how they have made the ultimate team. Lee says he's gonna miss her. Shego tells Lee the same,but mentions that she'll visit and even e-mail him from time to time. She then tells Lee that the apartment is his and tells him to take good care of it. Lee tells her he will. Shego tells Lee that she couldn't have asked for a better Cousin and best friend then him.

The private jet arrives,the Go Cousins hug and say their good byes. Lee watches as Shego leaves in Grandpa Go's jet,ready to start the next chapter in her life. Lee tells himself that it a whole new beginning and leaves.
19 (105) - From The Journal Of Agent Lee Go: 10 Years have past and Lee is now an Agent of Global Justice. Lee is at home relaxing. He decides to start his Journal...a Journal documenting his life. He turns on his Laptop and starts writing. He begins by typing about the day he came to Middleton.

This leads to a bunch of Clips starting from the start of the series to the end...all narrated by Lee. When Lee is finished for now,he is greeted by Jimmy and Gina,who are now teenagers. They ask their big brother if he's done yet? because they don't wanna be late for the big street fighting tournament and that Cousin Shego will be competing. Lee tells them that he is for the now and that he wouldn't miss the tournament for anything.

The 3 leave for the Tournament. 
20 (106) - Kim Possible Retrospect: Kim and Ron,now married,are settling into their new home in Middleton. They reminisce about their time as Team Possible.

This leads To a bunch of Clips of the Show Kim Possible from first episode to the final ep. The clips are narrated by Kim and Ron.

After talking about the past,Ron and Kim are ready for the future. They kiss and decide to go upstairs to start the next generation.