Sunday, September 21, 2014

The REAL Deal With The Hub Networks Future!

Ok, Everyone disregard the previous message,its misleading. the True Sitch with The Hub Network,Discovery,and Hasbro is Way worse than what Jason reported. Here's proof

So not only will Status Quo Still be God,but All of Hasbro's Male Oriented shows [like transformers.....including the new show] may be airing on Cartoon Network instead.

Discovery Family WILL Fail Hard if they stick to what the Hub Network is doing now. Not to mention the travesty of the possibility of Hasbro giving the airing rights to their Male-Oriented  Shows to Cartoon Network. *facepalm*

Bunch of Dummies! Never Trust A Network Executive! EVER!!

On the bright side,The 7D isn't too bad and I'm kinda enjoying it.


RekkaDragonJay said...

Honest. I wasn't misleading anyone. I got it from one of my YouTube friends. I didn't get the real article until I looked it up. Sorry. :(

Stefan said...

It's fine, don't worry. Just stick to sites like Nick and More ok. Fan sites are almost always unreliable.