Thursday, October 9, 2014

Discovery Family...Officially Dead On Arrival!

Things Just Keep Getting Worse for the soon to be Discovery Family. A fear of mine has just been realized.

It looks like Hasbro will be moving All of their Boy-centric shows to Craptoon Network..starting with the new Transformers Series. *facepalm* So it's now official, Discovery Family is Dead On Arrival.

Discovery Communications! Nikki Reed! Margaret Loesch! You're the Peons I blame for this mess. If you would've properly utilized The Hub Networks potential in the first place, This travesty called Discovery Family wouldn't even happen!

You people are going to Hell for this insult! And you'll have Discovery Family to keep you company!

R.I.P Hub Network, You Could've/Should've Been Awesome!


RekkaDragonJay said...

Aww...You've beat me to the punch, man. Oh, well. At least I agree with you. Discovery Family will be dead as fast as it will debut. I feel bad for Twilight Sparkle and the ponies, though. Aside from MLP, you wouldn't see me watch this network. As far as Cartoon Network showing the new Transformers cartoon goes, even without Stuart Snyder, they will do the same thing they did with Sym-Bionic Titan, Thundercats, Beware the Batman, Green Lantern and Young Justice, either put in hiatus or cancel it altogether after a season or two. Of all the times they move this potentially good action cartoon from one network to the other, why it had to be on this franchise's 30th Anniversary. In the immortal words of Optimus Primal, "Well, that's just Prime." Anyway, remember the time the Hub Network promised us a sneak peek of that new cartoon during the Transformers Rescue Bots marathon? Well, behind the scenes, Nikki Reed and the higher ups at Discovery Communications decided to rebranded the Hub Network to Discovery Family and did the unthinkable, they robbed us of that sneak peek of that new Transformers cartoon, indicating that they will not show it on Discovery Family, because of their hatred for action cartoons in general. In short, Discovery sacrifices Transformers for rebranding the Hub to Discovery Family and Cartoon Network airing it, only to put it in hiatus or cancelling it after a season or two, either way, we all lose. They have sinned us all, man. :(

Stefan said...

They are Bastards! CN cares nothing for quality cartoons. funny thing is,most CN original series are TV-PG,yet they still suck.

Quality Programing on their daytime blocks means shit to them,it's all about money. Most Shows on CN are crap( especially the adult swim stuff).

As for Discovery Communications goes. They Suck all around! Such potential in all of their networks wasted.

KingsSideCastle said...

Depressing. :-(