Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Wreck-It Ralph 2 Scene Ideas

I think all this talk about animation doom and gloom needs a rest. So lets focus on the good parts of animations future,shall we. Starting with Wreck-It Ralph 2. Y'know it's gonna happen,and here are some scene ideas for the movie.

- When someone enters Tappers Bar,the patrons shout out that persons name[a nod to cheers,even lamp-shaded by Ralph].

- At Tappers,Tifa Lockheart [or an expy] is dissatisfied on how her drink was made and makes them herself in an impressive manner. The result is better tasting drinks. She then delivers the improved drinks to the patrons.

- While Jax [or an expy] is lamenting over the loss of Sonya Blade to Johnny Cage [or their expies],he mentions the other Jax' and when questioned by Ralph and Felix,he tells them that the games in Litwak's Arcade are just 1 of 10,000-100,000 copies that exist worldwide.

- Scenes of the Potential Sugar Rush II and Heroes Duty 2.

- Ralph revisits Bad Anon to give them a status update on his life. And in attendance are: Ganondorff, Ultimacia, Sigma,Gill, Death Adder,and Shao Khan. With King Bowser,M.Bison, and Dr.Eggman making a return.{or expies of all of those characters]

- Extreme E-Z Livin' 2 Scenes. This is a Game that was proposed for the movie,but never made it in. 

-  Mario Will be in this Movie. So I'd be Awesome if Mickey Mouse made a Cameo and Met Mario.

- Fight Fighters From Gravity Falls Should get to be in this Movie. Makes sense licensing wise,as both WiR and GF are owned by Disney.

- Some Kingdom Hearts Cameos (it is co-owned by disney after all,so why the hell not).

- A Huge 'Cooking With Scorpion' reference. Nuff Said!
- The Villain Song. AKA The Best Damn Songs of Any Disney Movie! Shame Turbo/King Candy never got one.

Well that's all I can think of. Well what do you think? What scenes do You think should be in WiR2? I'd love your list Jase.

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RekkaDragonJay said...

Mario should be in the sequel. Though he was mentioned in the first, but he wasn't in it. And, I like the Cooking with Scorpion part, too.

"This week on "Cooking with Scorpion", learn about chopping, tenderizing, chopping, cake decorating AND chopping."

Awesome sauce!