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My bud,Jason wanted to know what Destiny League's Rayjin looked like,well here he is. Keep in mind this is Not The Rayjin of the Shego series. This Rayjin is in-line with the Disney Animated Canon. 

Merry X-Mas,Jase.

Merry Christmas, Stefan! A Frozen-themed Christmas Present!!

I know I said that I won't be blogging again until next year. But I drop by a give you this wonderful fan art I made. I know this version of Rayjin is different from the one you imagine, but ever since I've seen Frozen and being enchanted by Elsa, especially through Idina Menzel singing Let It Go, I have this in my head for story I will work on one day and this fan art was the result. I hear (Everything I Do) I Do it for You by Bryan Adams when I was drawing it.  Anyway, I hope you'll this.  Merry Christmas, Brother from Another Planet! See you next year for my Destiny League profile on Stitch and every other blog I could think of. Rekka Dragon out.

((Everything I Do) I Do it for You by Bryan Adams plays)

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Disney Ideas: Toon Town War: Roger Rabbit 2

Lets say that Disney decided to create a true sequel to Who Framed Roger Rabbit. What should it be about? Well,I'm gonna tell you some of my ideas for said movie.

The story goes like this. In the year 2016,Toons in Toontown live peacefully. However there are still racial tensions between the Traditional Animated Toons and the CGI Toons. A newly resurrected [by
weasels]Judge Doom[know known as baron doom],plans to take over Toontown by becoming its leader. He plans on starting a full-scale war between the CGI Toons and the Traditional Animated Ones. By his logic the war will be chaotic and after the war,Toon Town will be a wasteland and the Toons will beg for a leader...and Doom himself, would be the leader.

Since Dip won't effect most Toons of the modern era,Doom creates a new device to destroy all toons who don't obey him..The Ultimate Executive Meddling Ray[the uemr],a weapon based on hardcore executive meddling,where a show is canned and never returns to TV again. He even makes some hand weapon versions of his new weapon to distribute to the Toons.

Now,It's up to Roger Rabbit and Teddy Valiant,Grandson of Eddie Valiant to stop Baron Doom's Plans and keep peace in Toon Town.

This Movie will have Kelsey Grammer as the Voice of the now CGI'd Judge Doom if Christopher Lloyd isn't available. The Weasels will be traditionally Animated. Roger Rabbit will still be Traditionally will be Jessica and most of the "Retired" Toons. The Retired Toons will be Toons that haven't acted for George Jetson,King Koopa,and The Original Optimus Prime. Speaking of Toons.

Here is a list of Cameos[and/or expies] that I would like in this film:

Wreck-It Ralph
Fix-It Felix Jr.
Venelope VonShweetz
Peter Pan
The Disney Princesses
The Disney Villians
Kim Possible
Ron Stoppable
The Hyenas
Scrooge McDuck
Darkwing Duck
Huey,Duey,and Luey
Wonder and Sylvia
Robin Hood
Hiro Hamada
Phineas and Ferb
Lord Hater
The Cast of Gravity Falls
Kick Buttowski
Randy Cunningham
Jake Long
Micky Mouse and Friends (this includes Oswald)

Buzz Lightyear
Lightning McQueen
The Incredibles
Marvel Animated Universe:

The Hulk
Iron Man
The Fantastic 4
Black Widow
Captain America
Nick Fury
Stan Lee
The Green Goblin
Red Skull
Silver Surfer
Warner Bros.:

The Looney Toons.
Yakko,Wakko,and Dot
The Tiny Toons
Cartoon Network:

The Flinstones
The Smurfs and Gargamel
The Jetsons
Captain Planet
The Swat Kats
Tom and Jerry
Yogi and Booboo
Huckleberry Hound
Quickdraw McGraw
Cow and Chicken
The Red Guy
Johnny Bravo
Mystery Inc
Dick Dasterdly and Muttly
Space Ghost
Bird Man
The Herculoids
The Powerpuff Girls
DC Animated Nation:

Wonder Woman
The Flash
Lex Luthor
The Joker
The Teen Titans
The Green Lantern

XJ9 aka Jenny
Spongebob Squarepants
Danny Phantom
The Ninja Turtles
Invader Zim
Jimmy Neutron
Timmy Turner
Cosmo and Wanda
Jorgen VonStrangle

Sailor Moon
The Real Ghostbusters
Filmations Ghostbusters
G1 Optimus Prime
G1 Bumblebee
G1 Megatron
G1 Starscream
Cobra Commander
Characters from Various 80's and 90's Cartoons,
Well what do you guys think? Should Roger Rabbit 2 happen? If so Who Should be In it? What Cartoon Characters Should Cameo?

Well that's my 2 cents on how Roger Rabbit 2 should be. 

Sunday, December 7, 2014

Weekday Afternoon TV Part 2

Welcome to Part 2 of My Afternoon TV Retrospect. In this part I'll be sharing my personal Weekday Afternoon TV experience. And for the grand finale,I'll be listing the shows that aired on these Weekday Afternoon blocks..

And now, it's showtime.

When I was a kid,I used to watch Weekday Afternoon TV almost daily. I don't remember much about which block I watched first,It was either the WB's block or The USA's Cartoon Express. I remember I didn't watch Fox's block until mid '87,because I remember watching Thundercats on that Network. I guess it was both the WB and the USA Networks.

I recall watching Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles on the WB during the 80's..but thats all I remember about the block during that least during the afternoons. The USA Network Cartoon Express I think I watched more,because I remember watching more shows from that block during that time. Shows like: He-Man,The Pebbles and Bamm-Bamm show,and Others.

In '88 is when I really started to get into the Weekday Afternoon Blocks. I was tuned into Fox's block almost every afternoon,watching shows like Thundercats,Alvin and the Chipmunks,Heathcliff,and Inspector Gadget. In '89,I got into the Super Mario Bros.Super Show. From then on I've became a big fan of Fox's block. I didn't watch the USA Networks Block anymore,mainly because I forgot it still existed and I didn't watch the Disney Afternoon until after it moved to the WB.

Before then,I didn't watch the WB much,in fact I didn't at all. Come 1990,I was switching between The Disney Afternoon and Fox's block. Though by '91 I was mostly watching Fox. 1 show I will never forget from the Fox block is Peter Pan and The Pirates. I don't remember what I liked about it,but I do remember it well. I watched Tiny Toon Adventures when they began airing. Beetlejuice and Tom and Jerry's Kids as well.

Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers was my first real exposure to the Tokusatsu/Super Sentai Genre. I watched that every chance I got. I loved watching Animaniacs and thought that Bobby's World had charm.

When,The Disney afternoon Moved to UPN,I didn't watch it that much. In Fact,the only time I ever watched UPN was on Sunday Mornings. I never found myself watching Cartoon Network's Pre-Toonami blocks much either.

I started watching WB more in '96. The shows i watched before the Kids WB weekday block aired were Samurai Pizza Cats,Mega Man,and Sailor Moon. After the non-WB shows were over, I'd switch between WB and Fox.

Though,in '97,I didn't watch them as much. When the clock struck 4,I switched to Cartoon Network to watch Toonami.Toonami was one special block. It also introduced me to The World of Anime. I really loved that block and watched it religiously. I have a ton of fond memories with Toonami. In '98, it became my favorite Weekday Afternoon block. I was annoyed when Toonami moved to Saturday nights,though I still watched least for a few more years.

I watched Miguzi a bit,but not much. In 2002,With Fox Kids gone and Kids WB's weekday block dead,I became a watcher of ABC Family's block. And until 2002/2003,I switched between that block and Toonami. Though,this wasn't my 1st experience with the ABC Family block. I used to watch it every now and then in the early 90's when it was The Family Channel.

In the 90's I also watched Nick in The Afternoon,though I didn't watch it that much. In fact,The only thing memorable about that block was Stick Stickly. When The Weekday Afternoon Blocks became defunct in the mid to late 2000's,I stuck to playing video games.

However,In 2010 I began watching the Hub Network and I liked it. I always tuned into it's weekday afternoon block[which would later be known as huboom] and loved every minute of it. Sadly,in 2013,the block was canned due to executive meddling. I can Never Ever forgive Discovery Communications for doing this. And now that The Hub Network is Discovery Family,The Action Cartoon Block can Never return.

Thanks Discovery Communications for being such blatant Assholes. I hope you all get killed in the streets.

Well that wraps it up for this section. Weekday Afternoon TV was a great time in my life. After a painful day at school,I always looked forward to watching my favorite Weekday Afternoon shows.

So here's to Weekday Afternoon TV. May it return for future generations to enjoy.

And now here's that list of shows i was talking about. ===============================================================
USA Network:

Yogi's Gang
The Pebbles and Bamm-Bamm Show
Captain Caveman
Wacky Races
Yogi's Treasure Hunt
Filmation's Ghostbusters
Hulk Hogan's Rock 'n Wrestling
G.I.Joe:A Real American Hero
The Transformers
The Real Ghostbusters
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
Alvin and the Chipmunks
Garfield and Friends[?]
Fox [pre-fox kids]:
Inspector Gadget
The Real Ghostbusters
Alvin and the Chipmunks
The Super Mario Bros.Super Show
Club Mario
The DJ Cat Show
Chip 'n Dales Rescue Rangers
Fox [fox kids network/fox kids]:

Peter Pan and The Pirates
Tom and Jerry's Kids
Tiny Toon Adventures
Batman:The Animated Series
Power Rangers[1st saban era]
Spider-Man:The Animated Series
Casper[the 90's show]
Big Bad Beetleborgs
Masked Rider
Ninja Turtles:The Next Mutation
Bobby's World
Digimon[first 3 seasons]
Eek The Cat
Where on Earth is Carmen Sandiego
The Tick
The Big Guy and Rusty
Transformers: Robots in Disguise (the anime)
Mystic Knights of Tir Na Nog
The Adventures of Batman and Robin
WB [non-disney or wb]:

Dennis The Menace
Samurai Pizza Cats
Sailor Moon[the dic dub]
Mega Man
Biker Mice From Mars
Garfield and Friends{?]
The Adventures of the Galaxy Rangers
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
G.I.Joe [dic series],
WB [disney afternoon]:

Chip 'n Dale's Rescue Rangers
Darkwing Duck
Goof Troop
The Gummi Bears
Timon and Pumbaa
WB [kids wb]:

Looney Tunes
Tiny Toon Adventures
Road Rovers
Sylvester and Tweety Mysteries
Pinky and the Brain
Dragon Ball Z[for a short time]
Sailor Moon[for a short time]
Teen Titans[for a short time]
Men and Black:The Series
Superman:The Animated Series
Batman:The Animated Series
The Adventures of Batman and Robin
The Batman/Superman Adventures
Mucha Lucha
Pokemon [the 4kids seasons]
Jackie Chan Adventures
Mega Man:NT Warrior
Batman Beyond
Nickelodeon [nick in the afternoon]:

Various Nickelodeon Shows from 1991-1998.
UPN [disney afternoon]:

Hercules:The Series
The Mighty Ducks
Quack Pack
Snookums and Meat
Darkwing Duck
Timon and Pumbaa
The Family Channel/Fox Family/ABC Family:

Heroes on Hotwheels
The New Adventures of Speed Racer
Wish Kid
The Super Mario Bros.Super Show
The Adventures of Super Mario Bros.3
The New Super Mario World
Captain N
Flint the Time Detective
Mega Man
Monster Rancher
Totally Spies
Power Rangers[the 1st saban era]
Power Rangers [disney era]
Digimon[the first 4 seasons]
Spider-Man:The Animated Series,
Cartoon Network[pre-toonami]:

Captain Planet
Johnny Quest,
The Real Adventures of Johnny Quest
Space Ghost
Galaxy Trio
The Herculoids
Fantastic 4[hannah-barbera]
Swat Kats
Cartoon Network [toonami]

Note: I'm only listing the Shows that aired during the block's afternoon run.

The Real Adventures of Johnny Quest
Sailor Moon
Dragon Ball Z
Reboot. I really loved that show.
Transformers Beast Wars
Gundam Wing
Ronin Warriors
Tenchi Muyo
Tenchi Universe
Tenchi In Tokyo
Mobile Suit Gundam
Gundam 08 MS Team
Outlaw Star
Dragon Ball
Big O
Rurouni Kenshin
Cyborg 009
Card Captors
Mobile Fighter G Gundam
Transformers Armada
Transformers Energon
Transformers Cybertron
SD Gundam
Knights Of The Zodiac
Mega Man NT Warrior
Batman Beyond
Cartoon Network [Miguzi]:

Totaly Spies
Code Lyoko
Teen Titans 
Life and Times of Juniper Lee
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (2k3)
Ben 10
Mucha Lucha
The Winx Club
Yu-Gi-Oh GX
Xiaolin Showdown
Krypto The Superdog
The Hub Network [pre-huboom and huboom]:

Deltora Quest
Men in Black: The Series
Batman Beyond
Transformers Prime
G.I.Joe Renegades
Superman:The Animated Series
Batman:The Animated Series
The Aquabats Super Show
Well that's all. I really hoped you enjoyed this retrospect of Weekday Afternoon TV.

RIP - Classic Weekday Afternoon TV. 1960's-2000's.

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Weekday Afternoon TV Part 1

During the late 80's and through out the 90's kids from all over the country came home from school on weekday afternoons ,sat down in front of the TV,and tuned in to the one thing that made their weekdays worth anything..Weekday Afternoon Cartoons.

Y'see,during that era,Certain Networks would air Afternoon Blocks that aired animated shows..with some Live action programming thrown in. Animated or Live action,it didn't matter,the youth of that era were entertained by quality programs

The Networks that aired such blocks were: Fox,The WB[before they became cw],Cartoon Network,the USA Network ,Fox/ABC Family,and Nickelodeon[for their nick in the afternoon block].

Weekday Afternoon blocks began as far back as the 1960s. Cartoon blocks would occupy the 3-5 p.m. time periods, with some stations running cartoons from 2-5 p.m. In smaller markets, network affiliates sometimes filled the 3 or 4 p.m. hour with such programming. In the 1970s, additional stations signed on running such programming. The programs were distributed on various television stations through broadcast syndication.

 In the 1980s, networks signed on in many mid-sized and small markets. This market was meant for made-for-television cartoons which had grew as a result. Many of these stations started running cartoon blocks on weekdays as early as 2 p.m. in the afternoon hours. There were some stations that had aired cartoons as late as 6 p.m. on weekdays. Most large and mid-sized markets had at least two local stations running such programming in the 2:30 to 5 p.m. timeslots. Some markets had as many as three. It was the same in the 1990's.

Weekday Afternoon blocks would continue to thrive in some form or another on various networks for years. Though,Weekday Afternoon Blocks existed since the 60's,It was The 80's when things Really started to pick up.
The USA Network!

In the mid-1980s the USA Network began it's well known animation block, USA Cartoon Express.The 1st wave of shows on that block were comprised of Old Hannah-Barbera Shows (like scooby-doo,wacky races,laugh-o-lympics,dyno-mutt,pebbles and bamm-bamm,yogi's gang and yogi's space race),with a few Filmation stuff thrown in (like he-man,she-ra,and filmation's ghostbusters).

In the late 80's The USA Network would acquire airing rights to some of DiC's and Ruby-Spears animated shows (like alvin and the chipmunks,m.a.s.k.,mister t,and hulk hogan's rock and wrestling.). They also acquired airing rights for Jem,The Transformers (for a short time),and G.I.Joe: A Real American Hero. Superfriends and Voltron also started to air.
In 1993,the block began airing Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Even More of DiC's library (such as captain n,the mario cartoons,legend of zelda,and others). In 1994,The Real Ghostbusters was acquired.

By 1996,The USA Cartoon Express Ended and was replaced by the Morning Only,but still great,USA Action Extreme Team. AET,ended in 1998,when it was decided that the animation blocks were too expendable.

In the fall of 1986, Fox officially began its Kids block. It was a quaint Hour-and a-Half Block with some fun shows like: Alvin and the Chipmunks,Silverhawks,Dennis the Menace, Heathcliff,Inspector Gadget,the 80's Jetsons,and,of course,Thundercats. In 1987,The obscure DJ Cat Show debut. The show didn't last long. Disney's Ducktales also debut.

In 1989,Fox would air The Disney Afternoon. The Disney Afternoon was an hour long block that aired Ducktales and (the then new) Chip 'n Dale Rescue Rangers.

Also in 1989,We were introduced to The Super Mario Bros. Super Show.

In 1990(?),Disney and Fox had a falling out and the block moved to The WB. Club Mario replaced The Super Mario Bros. Super Show. Club Mario ended in late 1990. Also in late 1990,Fox rejuvenated it's Afternoon block with a show called Peter Pan and the Pirates.

In 1991,Fox's Block became known as The Fox Kids Network. The block also expanded to 2 hours. In 1992,Fox would acquire Warner Bros. shows. Shows like: Looney Tunes,Tiny Toon Adventures,Tom and Jerry's Kids,and Taz-Mania.  

In 1993,Fox introduced a show that would become a phenomenon..Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers! It would also add a 3rd hour to the block. In 1994,Fox would add Marvel Cartoons starting with X-Men and Spider Man: The Animated Series.

In 1995,The Fox Kids Network shortened it's name to simply Fox Kids. In 1999,The block would start airing Anime,starting with Digimon.

Fox would continue their Weekday Afternoon block until Late 2001. The Block would be continued in spirit on ABC Family (then known as fox family) in 2002. 
The WB!

In the Early 90's,The WB Network (now known as the cw network) had 3 blocks. In 1990/1991, The Disney Afternoon moved from Fox to WB and took the 3 pm-5 pm slot,while the 2pm hour was occupied by 2 random non-disney shows,like Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles,Samurai Pizza Cats, And Mega Man (the ruby-spears series),and many others.

When the Kids' WB SatAM block debuted in The Fall of 1995,it brought with them a Weekday Afternoon block of their own.  During that time,Kids WB went from 4 pm-5 pm. with the 2 pm-4pm slots going to the non-Kids WB shows. As for The Disney Afternoon,it moved from The WB to UPN.

A year Later,in 1996,Kids WB was extended by a full hour from 3 pm-5 pm. While the other shows were back to a single hour block again. However those shows would faze out completely in 1997,when Kids WB expanded to 3 hours, from 2 pm-5 pm. Plus,older WB shows that originally aired on Fox Kids,would migrate to Kids WB. The first being Animaniacs.

In 1999, Kids' WB decided to start airing Anime. With the first one being Pokemon. BTW,thanks to Pokemon,Kids WB was able to defeat Fox least for a few months.

The next Anime,Yu-Gi-Oh!,would also prove to be a success. 

In The Summer of 2001, Kids' WB's afternoon lineup was rebranded "Toonami on Kids' WB" and was an extension of Cartoon Network's hit block,Toonami. It aired Toonami shows like,Sailor Moon and Dragon Ball Z. However,for the long run, The block proved pointless,so it was scrapped in the Fall.

In 2006, Kids WB ended their weekday afternoon block at the request of the local affiliates. (Boo!) The Block replaced by Daytime WB.

Prior to acquiring the Disney Afternoon,UPN had no Weekday Afternoon blocks (though they did have morning blocks on weekdays and sundays). TDA ran for 2 hours,from 3 pm-5 pm. The block ended in the Fall of 1997 and UPN was left without an Afternoon block once again.  .
Cartoon Network!

In Late 1992,Turner Broadcasting decided to make Cartoon Network more interesting. So they created an action cartoon block for weekday afternoons called Super Adventures. The block was an hour long. In Late 1995,Super Adventures was replaced with The Power Zone,an hour-and-a half block of action cartoons.

While those blocks had decent success,it wasn't the super hit that Turner Broadcasting wanted. So they decided to try something different.

On March 1997, Turner created Toonami. Toomami wasn't just a program block,it looked different,it felt different. and thus it became an instant and huge success. Toonami lasted for an hour-and-a half (from 4 pm - 5:30 pm) and was hosted by Space Ghost villain-turned-producer Moltar at the Ghost Planet Industries building.

In The Fall of 1997,Toonami became a 2 hour block(from 4 pm - 6pm). In 1999, Cartoon Network relaunched Toonami with a new environment, the Ghost Planet Spaceship Absolution, and a new host named Tom. The block soon expanded to 3 hours (from 4 pm -7 pm). 

However in 2004, Toonami was moved from weekday afternoons to a Saturday evenings,where it aired for four hours. Replacing Toonami was an adventure block called Miguzi. The Block started as an early evening block airing from 5 pm - 7 pm.  Later the block would move back an hour from 4 pm - 6 pm. Miguzi ended in 2007.

During the Summer of 1995, Nickelodeon made a special Weekday afternoon block called Nick in The Afternoon.  It was hosted by Stick Stickly and would air many of Nick's shows. This Summer exclusive block lasted until 1998,where it became a normal Weekday Afternoon Block. In 1999,Nick in the Afternoon was replaced with Henry and June's Summer.
ABC Family!

In 1991, The Family Channel (now known as abc family)started it's own Weekday Afternoon Block. It was average size,lasting for 2 hours and aired shows like: Captain N,The New Adventures of Speed Racer, Popeye,The Super Mario Cartoons and many more. 

When Fox bought the Family Channel in 1998,The Family Channel was renamed Fox Family. Soon after the buy-out,The Afternoon Blocks began airing shows from Fox Kids in a 2 hour block (from 2 pm - 4 pm). The block would later be extended to 3 hours (from 2 pm - 5pm) in 1999. Besides Fox Kids shows,the block would also air Mega Man: The Animated series, Monster Rancher,and Totally Spies. 

In Late 2001,Fox Family and Fox Kids were bought by Disney and thus Fox Family became ABC Family. The ABC Family Afternoon Block would expand to 4 hours (from 2 pm - 6 pm). 

In 2006,ABC Family ended both it's Weekday and Weekend blocks.  
The Hub Network!

In 2010,The Hub Network (now stupidly known as discovery family) introduced an unnamed 2 hour block. This block aired from 3 pm - 5 pm. In 2011,The block would expand to 3 hours (from 3 pm - 6 pm). Then in 2012, the block was named Huboom and now aired from 3 pm - 7 pm.

Unfortunately,in the Summer of 2013 (last year),The Hub Network Stupidly ditched the block and it was never seen again.
So there you have it. A history of Weekday Afternoon TV. I miss it. I really do. I'll never forget the fun times I had watching these blocks every Weekday Afternoon.

I hope everyone enjoyed this. Stay tuned for part 2,where I'll share my experience. I'll also be listing some of the shows that aired.
Continued In Part 2!!

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The Rekka Dragon Takes A Vacation...For Now

Hi there, Toonsters,

  Rekka Dragon here. This blog won't take long so I will be quick. For so long, I gave my devotion and energy to the ACF itself and I am proud to be in the fight to give animation the same rights as us ordinary people. But, ever since I created the Facebook group page called U.F.A.R., the United Federation for Animation Rights, it has become much more harder to blog here and keep in track at U.F.A.R. at the same time.  On top of that, I was going to do my next blog, but my modem got flatlined when I got a power outage that lasted a few minutes and it was only a few minutes. It stressed me out a lot and I fear that my good buddy Stefan would berated me even further.  It wasn't my fault, well on the modem part anyway. Anyway, I just got a new modem but the damage has been done.  Therefore, since Christmas is just around the corner, I will take a month long vacation, so I could focus on U.F.A.R., finishing my script for the Derpy Hooves story, and try to regain my Zen thing in real life.  This animation crusading thing is not a easy job, I assure you. It's like an episode of Transformers. Ever since becoming Autobot leader, Hot Rod aka Rodimus Prime had the whole world on his shoulders and he finds it harder than he imagine.  That's how I feel. When I got the whole world on my shoulders when it comes to make a difference, it becomes much harder to maintain it. That's what they call, "The Burden Hardest to Bear," which of course is the name of the episode, by the way.  Not to worry, I am not giving up what I believe in. I just need some time off from the ACF for now.  But, don't you worry. After New Year's, I will be back blogging, including my latest Destiny League profile of Stitch.  Until then, Stefan, I am sorry I worried you. It is has become much harder.  So much responsibilities, so little time.  Don't worry, I got friends you will help you out, including one friend of mine, who bears the name Gundam.  He has a twitter account.  If you have trouble finding him, I will guide you.  See you after New Year's and...Merry Christmas.

P.S. I wish the Dekaranger form should be Rayjin's super mode. That would be awesome.  Stay frosty my friends.