Tuesday, December 2, 2014

The Rekka Dragon Takes A Vacation...For Now

Hi there, Toonsters,

  Rekka Dragon here. This blog won't take long so I will be quick. For so long, I gave my devotion and energy to the ACF itself and I am proud to be in the fight to give animation the same rights as us ordinary people. But, ever since I created the Facebook group page called U.F.A.R., the United Federation for Animation Rights, it has become much more harder to blog here and keep in track at U.F.A.R. at the same time.  On top of that, I was going to do my next blog, but my modem got flatlined when I got a power outage that lasted a few minutes and it was only a few minutes. It stressed me out a lot and I fear that my good buddy Stefan would berated me even further.  It wasn't my fault, well on the modem part anyway. Anyway, I just got a new modem but the damage has been done.  Therefore, since Christmas is just around the corner, I will take a month long vacation, so I could focus on U.F.A.R., finishing my script for the Derpy Hooves story, and try to regain my Zen thing in real life.  This animation crusading thing is not a easy job, I assure you. It's like an episode of Transformers. Ever since becoming Autobot leader, Hot Rod aka Rodimus Prime had the whole world on his shoulders and he finds it harder than he imagine.  That's how I feel. When I got the whole world on my shoulders when it comes to make a difference, it becomes much harder to maintain it. That's what they call, "The Burden Hardest to Bear," which of course is the name of the episode, by the way.  Not to worry, I am not giving up what I believe in. I just need some time off from the ACF for now.  But, don't you worry. After New Year's, I will be back blogging, including my latest Destiny League profile of Stitch.  Until then, Stefan, I am sorry I worried you. It is has become much harder.  So much responsibilities, so little time.  Don't worry, I got friends you will help you out, including one friend of mine, who bears the name Gundam.  He has a twitter account.  If you have trouble finding him, I will guide you.  See you after New Year's and...Merry Christmas.

P.S. I wish the Dekaranger form should be Rayjin's super mode. That would be awesome.  Stay frosty my friends.