Friday, January 30, 2015

Cool Ideas For The Disney Parks

And Now,out of the blue,here are some great ideas for attractions for both Disney Land and Disney World.

- A Fighting Stage Show similar to pro-wrestling [complete with face/heel turns,titles,and good guys losing],minus the pro-wrestling. There will be rivalries and stories. The fighting will be rehersed in advance and will be very realistic,despite it being fake. The possibilities are endless with this.

- A virtual shooting gallery is just what is needed. That would rule.

- A Classic Video Arcade,for those who Don't wanna go on the rides. Disney can even have Original Arcade Games made.

- A dating simulator for adults,where you can date your favorite Disney Hero,Prince,Heroine,Princess,or Villain.

I think these attractions would make Disney's Parks way better and give them a slight edge over Universal. These Ideas are awesome and are almost guaranteed to attract young adults.

Well what do you guys think? Do You have your own ideas for attractions for the Disney Parks? Love to hear them.

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RekkaDragonJay said...

OOOOH! Sadity!! :D Those are great ideas, especially that battle royal idea. So Super Sentai like!