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Disney Destiny League Character Bio - Stitch

"Ohana. Ohana means family. Family means no one gets left behind."

Aloha, Toonsters!! Rekka Dragon here, back from his vacation for the holidays and I am rearing to go!  And judging from this quote in the beginning of this blog, this is my first blog in the new year and another Destiny League profile. In this profile, I will talk about everyone's favorite mischievous little alien and that alien's name is Stitch.

Background: Originally labeled Experiment 626, Stitch was created by Dr. Jumba Jookiba. When created, Stitch's only function was to destroy everything he sees fit.  For that Stitch and Jumba were given life sentences by the United Galactic Federation for their crimes.  During their escort to a desert asteroid prison, the out of control Stitch made his escape, only to crash-land on Earth, into the island state of Hawaii, where he was adopted by a young Hawaiian girl named Lilo, who thought of Stitch as a dog.  Rather than calling him by his experiment number "626," Lilo gave him the name Stitch, a name to this day, he became more comfortable with.  Through Lilo's guidance and through the tunes of Elvis Presley, Stitch became more civilized.  But as long there is other experiments and bounty hunters out there hunting him, Stitch won't hesitate to use his destructive, but mischievous nature to protect his Ohana, or family in Hawaii terms. Now, he uses his same nature to fight for a better tomorrow in the Disney worlds...that is if he doesn't destroy it first, sort of.

Appearance, Gear & Personality: In first glimpse of Stitch, he is a little, blue Koala-like alien.  When he's neutral or nice, he mostly got two arms.  But when he is aroused or enraged, he grows 4 more arms, antennas and spines on his back, which makes him similar to the legendary goat eating monster of Mexican folklore, El Chubacabra. Don't let Stitch's fluffy and cute nature fool you.  Whether he is calm or out of control, Stitch is a force of nature. He is super-strong, nigh-invulnerable, can crawl on walls and ceilings and so on and so forth.  He doesn't need a weapon, although he uses his small blasters sometimes, Stitch is a living, breathing weapon of mass destruction, know what I mean.  While he can be hard to handle most of the time due to his mischievousness, Stitch is very loyal and kind to anyone who can be friendly to him, like a puppy dog.  And thanks to Lilo, he has a thing for Elvis, even trying to sing like the King himself.  As for his speech pattern, in the beginning, he usually talks between alien gibberish, Hawaiian tongue and broken English, and sometimes all at once.  Thanks to Rayjin, he now speaks in perfect English, even in full sentences, although he will speak the Hawaiian tongue from time to time.  Not even giving Stitch a good speaking pattern will calm his crazy, mischievous and destructive nature.  We're doomed.

Sidestory: While on an investigation in Hawaii, now all frozen solid in part of Igor's evil, Rayjin discovered the wrecked ship of Dr. Hämsterviel, who long ago, seized all the other experiments Lilo and Stitch collected, which has sinced ended up frozen in suspended animation.  He searches hard to look for something that could defeat Igor and then, he went inside a very large room, which contains the worst experiments they created.  From there, he has discovered another frozen experiment and that was Stitch. Thinking that he would be some help to his mission, Rayjin took Stitch back with him. Later that day,  Rayjin and Tron thawed out Stitch without a problem.  He was still in stasis but alive, only for a fraction of a second.  But when he woke up, his destructive nature kicked in and he went on a rampage while avoiding Rayjin, Tron, and all the other Destiny Leaguers. Stitch gleefully caused a lot of damage while speaking in a combination of alien gibberish and Hawaiian talk.  And he would've caused more damage, if not for Ariel, for she clunked Stitch on the head with a large pipe, knocking him out (Think of it as payback for Stitch for interrupting her reprise of Part of Your World in one of the Lilo & Stitch trailers. Watch it sometime, along with the other trailers, they are good for a laugh).  Later in the infirmary, Rayjin and the others were checking in on Stitch.  Physically he is fine, but his mental state was damaged when he was frozen, that and the bump to the head, thanks to Ariel.  Through the magic he learned from the wisest wizards in the Disney universe, including Yen-Sid, Rayjin healed Stitch of all the damage to his psyche.  And when he came to, he was calm as a kitten and for the first time, he starts speaking in perfect English, wondering why he was here. Rayjin explained to Stitch that he brought him back, wondering if he would help him in fighting Igor and to bring peace back to the Disney worlds. Stitch, as crazy as he is, doesn't know what is going on.  All Stitch knows that before being frozen, he was fighting against Dr. Hämsterviel, who has aligned himself with Igor, who promised him all the experiments he and Lilo collected for his personal army.  Through Igor's dark magic and learning everything from the notes of Ansem the Wise, he summons an army of Heartless to fight the little, blue alien. Stitch battled valiantly, but not even his strength and invulnerability was no match for Igor's dark magic. With nothing left, Stitch gave himself up and was brought back to Dr. Hämsterviel.  It is like Igor succeeded already.  Little that he and Hämsterviel didn't realize that Stitch pretended to surrender, so he could stop Hämsterviel from the inside out.  When Hämsterviel and Captain Gantu prepared to grab the experiments, Stitch went to berserker mode and ravaged most of the ship. Hämsterviel and Gantu tried to stop him, but it was too late. They crashlanded in the jungles of Hawaii, and they were unconscious for the longest, even after Igor's evil has spread across the world, even turning Hawaii in the frozen wasteland. Rayjin asked about Lilo, but Stitch told him that he left Hawaii to return the experiments to United Galactic Federation for containment, so they will never be used for evil again. And he's been gone for a long time and Lilo, and her sister Nani moved on.  Lilo was all grown up and got a job at the big city, but always thinking of one day seeing Stitch again.  But because of what has happened, it has become much harder to for Stitch to see his old friend again.  For the next several days, other than Rayjin and Tron, Stitch was trying to get to know all the other Destiny Leaguers, but often ended in disastrous results, but by accident.  Later, in the dark lair of Chernabog, Igor, in his crazed attempt to destroy Rayjin and the Destiny League, and tired of his minions failing him so, used his dark magic and the with the knowledge from the notes of Ansem the Wise, to summon an army of Heartless.  Big Heartless, Small Heartless, Heartless everywhere.  But, unlike the Heartless of the past, they won't be destroyed with one hit, even with the Keyblade. Igor sends the Heartless to go after the Destiny League and Rayjin.  Later, everything was peaceful, mostly, especially with Stitch's behavior, until Igor shows up and challenges the Destiny League.  But Igor didn't show up to fight them himself, especially Rayjin.  With his spell book in hand, he summons legions of Heartless to destroy them.  Although powerful like the Heartless of old, no matter how they destroy them, Igor will keep summoning them.  It was endless and it was no hope for them at all. Rayjin learned that the only way to stop the endless onslaught of Heartless is to get the spell book that summons them. Rayjin volunteers himself to try to get the spell book. But Stitch, who starts to worry about his new friend, decides to do the task himself. With his small size and uncontrollable strength and rage, Stitch easily slips by and bashes the Heartless with ease until he got to Igor and messed him up at bit. Igor became enraged at Stitch because of berserker rage, he ended up dropping the spell book and landed on Rayjin's hands, thus destroying it, preventing more Heartless from showing up. Tired of his rage, Igor grabs Stitch and throws him away, only for Rayjin to catch him, breaking his fall.  Without the spell book, Igor can't summon unlimited Heartless. Which means easy pickings for the Destiny Leaguers, as they strike down the remaining Heartless until there was nothing left.  Igor retreated in haste when his plans failed miserably.  Later, Rayjin and the others thanked Stitch for saving them and Rayjin ensured that he will help Stitch be reunited with Lilo someday. Until then, saving the Disney universe is priority numero-uno. Rayjin welcomed Stitch to the team and in return, Stitch jumps on him and licks on him like crazy.  That is how Stitch shows affection.  As for Igor, although he has lost the spell book, he doesn't need it no more. He can summon Heartless on his own without it and vowing to get back at Rayjin, the Destiny League and especially Stitch, who he calls him "A Blue-furred monstrosity."

And that is Stitch in nutshell.  See you next time with another Destiny League character bio.  Stay frosty and Godspeed, my friends and...

Happy Birthday to the King of Rock and Roll, Elvis Presley!!

(Hound Dog by Elvis Presley plays)

*Fade Out

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