Thursday, January 15, 2015

R.I.P. Christine Cavanaugh

Today we say good bye to another great actress in the world of voice acting and that is Christine Cavanaugh. She was 51 years old.  Ms. Cavanaugh is best known for voicing such characters like Bunnie Rabbot from Sonic SatAm, Gosalyn from Darkwing Duck and Raw Toonage, Chuckie from Rugrats, Babe the talking pig and of course, one of the original Cartoon Cartoons, Dexter from Dexter's Laboratory. She retired from voice acting in 2001.  No word on how she died, but some say it was either natural causes (which is impossible, even for being around 50) or cancer (which is the one disease, to this day, that has no cure, ever.)  For more information on Ms. Cavanaugh's career, look up the link down below.  Here's to you, Ms. Cavanaugh. From voicing a half roboticized rabbit with a southern accent to voicing a boy genius with a thick European accent telling Dee Dee to get out of his laboratory.  Dexter's lab will never be the same without you, ma'am. Godspeed. :(

(TAPS plays)

Christine Josephine Cavanaugh
(August 16, 1963 - December 22, 2014)

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Stefan said...

She will be missed :(