Sunday, February 1, 2015

A Random Conspiracy Theory About Queen Elsa

This stupid thought has been going though my head for a while now. A conspiracy theory that is completely random,yet in a way,makes sense. Is Queen Elsa the Love Child Of Rosalina and Sub-Zero? Yeah,you heard right. Lets look at the facts: Both Rosalina and Elsa have platinum blonde hair and blue eyes.

Both Sub-Zero and Elsa have Ice Powers. Both Elsa and Sub-Zero can do amazing stuff with their ice powers. Both Rosalina and Elsa wear dresses that are the same color. Add that to the fact that Tons of people often compare Rosalina and Elsa and even pair the 2 in art.

And here is another thing,Elsa's hair color is very different from both her Sister,Anna,and the King and Queen. Plus she has Ice Powers...Anna and The Royal's don't. So Elsa must've inherited them from another..and that man may be Sub-Zero. Elsa also has God-like powers..powers she might've inherited from Rosalina,who's a Goddess in her Universe.

How Sub-Zero and Rosalina met? and How did Elsa end up where and when she did? I'll leave all that up to you. So in conclusion,I think this crazy theory has merit. Wouldn't you say?

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RekkaDragonJay said...

Well, I was thinking that she was curse with the essence of the original snow queen like Ingrid from Once Upon a Time or being curse by the dark lord Chernabog, but against her will. Just a though.