Monday, March 30, 2015

What Bob Iger Did Right!

As you know,I constantly give Disney CEO Bob Iger tons of flack for his (mis)handling of Walt's company. And trust me,Iger deserves every bit of hate i give him. But even with all of his stupidity,surely he had to do Something good? that I think about it,he Has done a few things right.

Buying Pixar: The famed 3D Animated studio that's was once considered the Poor Man's Dreamworks is now Dreamworks' Equal. If it weren't for Bob Iger's decision to buy Pixar for Disney,the company would've been dead in the gutter.

Buying Marvel: Adding The Marvel Universe (and most of it's cinematic universe) to the Disney Family was a cool thing and it opened up a new world of possibilities. Plus,it also gave Disney a Super Hero Universe to call it's own. 

Buying Star Wars:This move. gave the Big D a whole new Universe to explore,as well as a "Force" to use against Nickelodeon's Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. I like it.

What Will Disney buy next..the world will never know.

Anyway,I think that's All. Other than these 3 things,Iger's tenure as Disney CEO has been a pathetic one. Iger just doesn't want to (or dosen't know how too) use Disney to it's fullest potential. Face it,Bob Iger was the absolute wrong choice for Disney CEO.

Thursday, March 26, 2015

The Top 20 Hottest Cartoon Girls Of All Time!

The ACF proudly presents...The Top 20 Hottest Cartoon Girls of all Time!. Let's Do This!

Special Mention: Vanessa Doofenshmirtz (Phineas and Ferb): Pretty chick with Attitude. 'Nuff Said.

20 - Korra (Legend of Korra): She's Hotter than Asami,admit it! Korra's one girl that bends those elements better than any avatar before her. I love this heroine a lot,She's defiantly the ONLY modern day Nickelodeon Character that I like. Shame she's a lesbian now.

19 - Princess Lana (Captain N): The Ruler of Videoland is on my list. Lana is very beautiful,smart,and has lots charm. She's also a good leader. However,Lana's hotness can't compare to the others on this list.

18 - Hawkgirl (Justice League Unlimited): I hate JLU,but,Hawkgirl looks so gorgeous without her mask on.

17 - April O'Neil (TMNT 2k3): This version of April O'Neil is just as hot as her 80's counterpart. She's not only smart and pretty,but she's also a decent fighter and an awesome friend.

16 - Elise (Dan V.S): Not Only is this gal hot,but she's also a kickass Secret Agent/Spy/Mercenary.

15 - Roll (Mega Man: Animated Series): Pretty girl with a utility arm. She can effectively fight using all kinds of household items.

14 - Black Widow (Avengers Assemble): Widow is the hottest Mercenary in the Marvel Universe. She's just awesome to watch in battle And has a cool attitude to boot. This is the best looking animated rendition of the character.

13 - Kim Possible (Kim Possible): A girl who possesses amazing agility and attitude. She's a good friend and has great fighter. She's tough too. In fact,She Can Do Anything!

12 - Lois Lane [Superman The Animated Series]: Superman's Girlfriend. She's quite possibly the sexiest woman in the entire series. She's not only a looker,but she's also a great reporter and a real go-getter. Superman is lucky to have her.

11 - Cheetara (Thundercats): The Hottest Chick in the whole damn series. Cheetara is not only hot,but She's kind,very fast,and a skilled fighter. Cheetara also has special telepathic and telekinetic powers.

10 - Shego (Kim Possible): I love Shego most of all. She's hot,tough,and has a cool personality. She's also one hell of a fighter. And her snarkiness just makes me love her even more. She should really her own series

9 - Selena Kyle/Catwoman (The Batman): Every thing about her is sexy. Her moves,voice,and her attitude. She has bad taste in head gear..but,no ones peeerfect :D

8 - Janine Melnitz (The Real Ghostbusters): The Woman who inspired me to make this list. The Ghostbusters secretary is hot. She also has a cute voice,though some might disagree with me.

7 - Carmen Sandiego [Where on Earth is Carmen Sandiego]: Carmen Sandiego is a sexy spy who finds ways to evade the law. I also likes the way she taunts the good guys,she sounds so sexy doing it. Anyway,I don't believe she's completely evil though. In fact Carmen herself was once a Secret Agent who worked with The Chief.

6 - Agent Elle [Men in Black The Series]: She is one hot Blonde. Not only does she look sexy,but her voice is hot enough to melt butter. She's also a very intelligent scientist with a cool attitude. Beauty and brains...a nice combo. Plus,I love her hairstyle.
5 - Queen Elsa (Disney's Frozen):She's one of The Big D's greatest characters. She has it all,beauty,brains,strength,and an awesome attitude. And the way she uses her Ice powers is just badass. 

4 - Lady Jaye (GI Joe: Real American Hero): Lady Jaye was the hottest girl on the show. I know many of you are gonna kill me for choosing her instead of Baroness or Scarlett,but hey,I think Lady Jaye is much hotter. She also kicks more ass. And I like short haired girls. :)

3 - Black Cat {Spider-Man The Animated Series}: Felicia Hardy has proven herself to be the 2nd sexiest by her actions in the 90's Spider-Man cartoon. This hot ex-theif has it all; brains,agility,fighting skill,and more. Currently,Black Cat is serving the side of good and has proven herself to be a great Super Heroine.

2 - Rogue [X-Men]: As far as I'm concerned,this version of Rogue is the definitive version of the character. I love her voice and attitude. She was once a Cartoon Crush of mine. And because of this,I have named Rogue of the X-Men the Hottest Cartoon Girl of the 90's.
1 - April O'Neil (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles '87): Now don't tell me you weren't expecting this woman? April O'Neil was the crush of almost every cartoon fan in the 80's. She's also everyone's favorite Damsel in Distress (or DiD). I've had a crush on April ever since I rediscovered the Original Ninja Turtles cartoon. As far as I'm concerned April O'Neil Is the Hottest Cartoon Girl of the 1980's.

I hope everyone enjoyed this list? Please keep in mind that these are my personal picks and you may have different ones.

Well, until next time. Stay Gold!

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Boomerang: What Should Have Been

Boomerang! A network that was once dedicated to Classic American Cartoons. A Network that gave everyone Retro toon goodness,while their sister channel, Cartoon Network focused on the new stuff. It had so much potential to be awesome,it hurt. Unfortunately,Turner Broadcasting (aka Turner Bitchcasting) didn't see it that way and played it stupidly...very very stupidly. Because of those assholes,Boomerang's potential was never realized. Today,the network is total crap. And I feel that it's too little,too late for that Network.

Thanks to executive meddling,Boomerangs potential was never realized..and it never will be. Before I get to the "What Should Have Been". Let me inform you on this networks history.
 Much of the programming that made up Boomerang's lineup was originally part of TBS's Disaster Area, a block of animated programming that aired on that network from '97-'99. Boomerang was originally a program block on Cartoon Network. It debuted on December 8, 1992 and it was aimed towards baby boomers.

It originally aired for four hours every weekend, but the block's start time had changed frequently. The Saturday block moved to Saturday afternoons, then back to the early morning, and the Sunday block moved to Sunday evenings. Confusing,huh? Eventually, Boomerang was shortened by an hour, reducing it to a three hour block each weekend.

On Apr 1st,2000,Turner Broadcasting Turned Boomerang into a standalone network. The Cartoon Network block was reformatted to air cartoons in production during a certain year (The Flintstones and Top Cat for 1961, The Perils of Penelope Pitstop and Scooby-Doo for 1969, etc.). The block was simulcast with the Boomerang Network on Saturday mornings until 2004. The Boomerang Network initially carried a looping programming format that rotated each week.

Once Boomerang launched as its own channel, on-air promotions for the channel aired at the end of every program within the Cartoon Network block (including toonami), in attempt to increase visibility for Boomerang. In October 2004, Most of Cartoon Network's older shows migrated to Boomerang. On October 2nd and 3rd of 2004,the Boomerang block was replaced with the then-new Adult Swim block.  

Boomerang was Originally commercial-free,being financed solely by subscription fees and product tie-ins. But in 2010/2011,all that changed and they started airing ads for Cartoon Network's shitty Live Action shows and mediocre Animated Shows. Boomerang also aired various animated shorts (which for the most part,wasn't that bad). Combine these with the addition of Baby Shows(from CN's old 'tickle u' block), stupid Canadian cartoons,and the cringe worthy program direction,and you got one Terrible Network.

However things went from Terrible to Absolute Hell! In 2011/2012, PSA's for Cartoon Network's Super Retarded "Stop Bullying: Speak Up" campaign. AND in late 2011,Boomerang started airing Cartoon Network's Retarded Live-Action stuff.

What a Nightmare! What A Hellish Nightmare! Boomerang went from Classic Cartoons to Crappy Canadian Cartoons,Pre-School B.S.,Annoying Ads,Retarded PSA's,and Live Action Shit shows. And Stuart Snyder's is to blame for All of this. Every. Single. Hellish. Thing. I hope that man is living a Hellish existence right now,I really really do. In 2012/2013 Boomerang started airing some of Cartoon Network's lame modern cartoons. Again,Stuart Snyder's bullshit decision. Thankfully the Live-Action crap stopped airing in 2013.And in Mid-Late 2014 (last year) those retarded PSA's (finally) stopped airing.     

Boomerang was dying. Hope was non-existent for that Network. But in late-2014(last year),it seemed like Hope was returning. It was announced that Boomerang was gonna be re-booted into a 100% Animation Network. That meant a fresh start. The current line-up would be tossed out in favor of a fresh one. And even though it would no longer air the Old School stuff all of the time (face it,it gave up on doing that a while ago),Boomerang still had a chance to become an All-American Animation Network with no Canadian or Baby crap. Joy! Also,NO PSA's. Double Joy!

And since it was gonna be a Re-boot,the program direction was gonna be much better. Triple Joy! Unfortunately,that glimmer of hope died when the Channel re-booted in January of this year (2015).

The crappy line-up was/is still the same AND they've added 2 Shitty Canadian shows. UGH! So much for better program direction,huh?

And there you have it,the Rise and Damnation of Boomerang. Now it's time to take a look into an Alternate Reality where Turner Broadcasting acted with intelligence.
What Happened: Airing Hannah-Barbara show's that no one gave a crap about (mostly lesser known shows from the 60's).    
What Should've Been: Those shows should've never been aired in the first place.

What Happened: Animated show's from the 80's were not in abundance. 
What Should've Been: More 80's stuff should've been added.

What Happened: The program direction was inconsistent and sometimes the line-up changes were too soon. That got very annoying.
What Should've Been: Consistent program direction. Line-up changes when needed.

What Happened: Screw Jobs! Many fun/cool shows and movies were taken off the air way too quickly and many are never aired again after that.
What Should've Been: Those shows and movies are treated with way more respect.  
What Happened: Looney Toons was taken off the air for years.
What Should've Been: Looney Toons isn't removed for that long.

What Happened: Very few Warner Bros. cartoons from the 90's were ever seen. Freakazoid and Batman: The Animated Series were the only 90's WB shows that aired...and they didn't air much.
What Should've Been:  More 90's WB cartoons added to the line-up and the ones that Do air,get more air time.   

What Happened: The Ruby-Spears Library was never fully tapped into and only 2 or 3 shows from that library were ever aired.
What Should've Been: Most of The RS library would be used.

What Happened: DC Animated Shows from the 90's and Early 2000's were few...maybe too few.
What Should've Been: More 90's/early 2000's DC Animated shows are aired.

What Happened: Kiddie Shows and Canadian Cartoons! .
What Should've Been: Toonami Retro! A block that airs old Toonami shows from '97-'03.
What Happened: Live-Action Crap!
What Should've Been: No Live-Action Period!

What Happened: Cartoon Network Ads and PSA's..Retarded PSA's.
What Should've Been: Ads for Boomerang Only! and No PSA's! Seriously,Cartoon Network's "Stop Bulling" campaign was not only Retarded,but it was Completely Infective.    

What Happened: Cartoon Network's super lame shows from 2005 and beyond.   
What Should've Been: Those shows are never allowed to air.

What Happened: No Cartoon Cartoon block.
What Should've Been: A Cartoon Cartoon block...with More Cartoon Cartoons.

What Happened: Boomerang wasn't rebooted properly.
What Should've Been: With a reboot comes change for the better. Instead of Cartoon Network's modern shit,it would've aired more 80's,90's,and early '00's stuff,while coming up with new (american) animated content Exclusively for the Network. Plus,way better program direction.
Well there you have it. Boomerang:What Should've Been. Had Turner Broadcasting done,what they Should've done for Boomerang, it would've been a better Network.

I hope you enjoyed this?,Because I sure as hell did. 

Thursday, March 12, 2015

Ultimate Boss: Dual Family/Animation Network Part 2

Welcome to the 2nd part of this special edition of Ultimate Boss.In this part,I'll be talking about my show ideas. Let me tell you about them now. First,lets go into the Live-Action stuff:

- Warrior's Quest: On the Warrior's World of Wargoth,An arrogant and power starved sorcerer steals the World's 10 Sacred Relics in hopes of using them in a ritual that would make him a God. He is thwarted by Adon,The Warrior King. Once defeated the Sorcerer tried to flee with the Relics through a portal,however,Adon stops him. Due to an anomaly,The Portal made by the Wizard briefly gets stronger and starts sucking everything into it. Before closing,It sucks up the Relics,scattering them across the Universe. Without these powerful items,Wargoth is doomed. Now, Adon must travel to various Galaxies and Planets to seek out his World's sacred objects. What dangers and foes await the King of Warriors in these unfamiliar new Worlds?

- Alien Combat: Many decades ago,at Area 51,A meeting between alien races and earth took place. The meeting was to establish peace and trade between the planets. They also decided to hold annual private Olympics[called the mortal games],with a different prize offered every time. The 10th games was the 1st time the event was held on Earth and it was decided by a majority of the Planetary Guardians that the winning planet would get Earth. Despite the Guardian of Earth's objections,the plan to put the Planet up as a prize goes forward. Because it was held on Earth,Earthlings were allowed to compete.The Earth Team won the entire event. One alien race[darkdenian's],who wanted Earth to dominate,went ballistic and swore vengeance. Taking this to heart,The Earth's Guardian,Thundus,recruits various unique individuals for an Earth Defense Team. A year later,The Darkdenian's make good on their threat and attack Earth. Will this band of unlikely allies work as a team and save Earth?

- Gigapolous Zone: Contestants compete on a giant life-size Monopoly-esque Board game for prizes and cash.

- Retrograde: Contestants test their Classic Cartoon,Retro Video Game,and Old School Anime Knowledge for prizes.

- The Master Gladiator:A Show that's identical to American Gladiators.

- All-American Fighters: A Show that's like the old show WMAC Masters.

- MVW Wrestling: Wrestling from my fantasy Wrestling Org,Modern Vintage Wrestling.

- VG Remix: Bands Cover Retro Game Music.

- Toon Remix: Bands Cover Theme songs from Classic Animated Shows...and sometimes Anime.

- The (mostly) Safe For Work Gamers Show: Reviewing Games that are rated from E10-T.  Tips and Tricks are also given. This Is A Family Network.

- Retro Game TV: Shows that review games from the 80's and 90's.Tips and Tricks are also given.

- This Just In: A 1 Hour News Show.
And Now The Animated stuff:

- Fighter Force: When a super powered terrorist organization mysteriously appears,an ex-UN commissioner gathers up stand-alone supers from around the globe and turns them into a hero team[or at least tris to]. Now these unlikely allies must work together as a team to save the world. 

- Wild Dog Journal: A CGI Animated Nature Show documenting the lives of Wolves,Foxes,Dingos,Coyotes,and Jackals.

-  The Duskmen: A Planet Collecting Alien God wants to add Earth to his collection. Problem is,he doesn't like the Human Inhabitants,thinking them to be stupid,unevolved,and disease ridden.. Upon finding out that beings called Duskmen,exist on the planet,so he decides to recruit them to help him kill humanity and take over the world. Unfortunately,the ones he first chooses are...idiots. We have a Vampire Lord that acts like a SatAM Cartoon Villain,A vain and slightly stupid Demon Woman who hates the Vampire Lord,a Buffoonish and Egotistical Zombie Heavy Metal artist,and a recently resurrected Pharaoh (now a mummy) who's a complete idiot and acts clueless to the modern world. Hilarity Ensues when these idiots try to take over the world. Luckily for them,the Good Guys are Lame. 

- Tiger Orb: In as Mystic land,4 unlikely allies seek out a mysterious Orb,called the tiger orb, that can grant any one wish. Through various ways,Our heroes each has gotten hold of a key to the temple,where the Orb is held. However,an Evil force also wants the Tiger Orb as well,and will stop at nothing to get those keys.

- The Ultra Team: A freak accident brings Cartoon heroes into the real world,where they instantly meet and befriend a teenager named,Tommy Scott. While Tommy is trying to figure out how to send his new friends back to their Animated shows,the heroes experience real life and learn the harsh reality of it. Unfortunatly,their main foes have also appeared in the real world,brought here by a an eccentric evil scientist,Dr.Darksyde,who wants to take over the world using cartoon villians. Now,the heroes must stop this madman and his new allies,while trying to figure out how to get their foes and themselves back to thier homes. They are the Ultra Team.

- Animeverse: When an Animeverse is in danger of destruction and domination,A wizard,brings 4 teenage anime otaku to save it. The teens travel to many anime (made up anime)worlds to stop the evil Lee Sabat and his gang. The teens and Sabat are from earth and can travel to the Animeverse and back again.

- Giga Locke: Locke,An orphened teenage boy is nearly killed in an accident. Dr.Trueheart,worldwide leader in bionics,saves the boy's life by implanting bionic implants on him. The good doctor adopts the boy and,along with the doctor's daughter,they live in peace. However,Dr.Truehearts evil cousin,Professor Wild,creates cybernetics and implants them on 8 of his most vile assistants.He then sends them on a global rampage. A lover of fighting strong opponents,Locke asks to be converted into a bionic fighter. Dr.Trueheart,seeing that the world has no true defence against the cyborgs,grants Locke's request.After the conversion, Locke gains super strength,speed,agility,and the ability to shoot lasers from his hands. But his greatest technique is to copy his foes forms and abilities by scanning them. This is due to a specialised chip,called the doubler chip. The copy powers have limits,as they can't be used more than 4 times and only 8 can be stored at a time. Locke is now Giga Locke,Earth's Defender.

- The LaRusso Cousins: 2 cousins,who are Brooklyn freelace plumbers,face tough times and laughs in and outside if their basement apartment.

Well That's it for now. Next up,The Line-Up!

Monday, March 9, 2015

Ultimate Boss: Dual Family/Animation Network

Face it,today's Animation Networks suck. But today's Family Networks suck even more. Example: Cartoon Network is weak,lackluster,and sometimes stupid. And its mostly thanks to Stuart Snyder. Cartoon Network never recovered from Snyders BS.

Boomerang is pathetic. Nicktoons Network sucks overall. Plus,it recently lost it's true purpose and started airing Live-Action crap[ala the CN under snyder].

ABC Family is growing stupider and more cringe worthy,due to the lack of Real Family shows and the dominance of shows for Stupid Women and Uneducated Teenage Girls Thanks to Anne "The Retard Goddess"Sweeney,ABC Family is no longer for Families...but for the insignificant minority.

Uplifting Entertainment is run by people who are Brain Dead,FamilyNet still has tons of improving to do.And Discovery Family is a Sick Joke. And Don't get me started on The Disney Channel.

Bottom line,Family Networks and Animation Networks nowadays are bad But that's why we are here today. In this 3-part Ultimate Boss,I will be presenting plans for my own TV Network.

Now this network will be a hybrid Family and Animation Network and will feature acquired programming and new original stuff.

I won't go into how bad the Family and Animation Networks are,I'll just get into the stuff that I would do for my Network.

- The main thing I will do is to Not follow the Examples of the mentioned Networks. Trust me,I can do things way better.

- Acquire shows from different companies..including Saban,Warner Bros.,and Disney.I'll even Try to cut a deal with WWE. I may even acquire the airing rights for Anime.

- Have shows made for the network.This is a Must!

- Paid Programming is also a must.

- Creating cool blocks.

- Superior program direction.

- Never Ever changing the purpose of my network.
Here is a list of Shows I'd acquire (or at least try to):

The DiC Library from the 80's and 90's.
Various 80's,90's,and early '00's Cartoons (too many to list).
Walker Texas Ranger
The A-Team
Xena:Warrior Princess
Hercules: The Legendary Journeys.
Young Hercules.
Various 70's,80's and 90's sitcoms (too many to list)
Various Anime (PG to PG-13 and TV-Y7 to TV-14 only)
Various G,PG,and PG-13 Movies.
Various Old School WWF/E Programming (including wcw)
Batman (Adam West's)
Power Rangers
7th Heaven
VR Troopers
Big Bad Beetleborgs
Kamen Rider Dragon Knight
Fantasy Island
The Simpsons
The Critic
King of the Hill
Lois and Clark: The New Adventures of Superman
Saved by The Bell
California Dreams
Super Human Samurai Cyber Squad
Subbed Anime   
What I'm gonna call my network is yet to be decided.

Next up,In Part 2,I will bring you my show ideas and in the 3rd and Final part,I will give you the line up.

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Retard Goddess Out,Ben Sherwood In!

Just a reminder,Ben Sherwood is now President of Disney-ABC Networks. I'm still sceptical about him,but we'll have to wait and see what he does. We'll need to keep a close eye on him. A Very close eye. After all,the last thing we need is an Anne Sweeney clone.

But,with Sweeney gone,I guess we can rejoice a bit. I hope this will be a breath of fresh air and not the same old pollution that Sweeney gave everyone.

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

An Alternate Timeline! WCW Triumphant! (Final Part)


And now here's the secret (well,the not-so-secret) way WCW won the war:

- Adopting a policy against strong backstage politics. So the chances of getting screwed were minimal.

- Stripping creative control from Hollywood Hogan before Starrcade '97.That's how Sting won cleanly.

- Killing off the nWo early in '98. A lot of people were getting sick of them.

- Creating memorable and exciting feuds.

- WCW screwed itself further when it hired Vince Russo.Well in this Alt.Reality...Russo Is Never Hired!

- Lucha Libre (mexican wrestling) and Puroresu (japanese wrestling) are given a stage...and are pushed.

- The WCW Properly reestablishes it's Women's Division(complete with championship and tag championship).

- Eric Bischoff is forced by Turner Broadcasting to spend their money wisely.
 - Giving the Fans ECW-style Hardcore Wrestling in '99.

- Cutting their Roster to 150 wrestlers. Saving them money.

- Cutting down Their C-Show,WCW Saturday Night to 1 Hour and getting rid of the lesser shows.

- Giving Puroresu and Lucha-Libre their own hour on Nitro[the 2nd hour]. Giving American fans more exposure to those styles.

- Giving Bret Hart the respect and recognition he rightfully deserves.

- Negative attack ads on The WWF starting in late '99.

- Having great backstage morale.

- Not giving full creative control to Wrestlers..this includes Kevin Sullivan And (especially) Kevin Nash.

- Not insulting the fans intelligence.

- No Fingerpoke of Doom.

- Pushing deserving talent..especially Deserving Young Talent.
And That's how WCW Won the Monday Night War. I hope you enjoyed this trip into an Alternate Reality...I sure did. We now must return to Our Universe.

An Alternate Timeline! WCW Triumphant! (Part 5)


In Early January 2001,AOL and Time Warner merge and the new company decides to Keep WCW around since the company is still making money. Also,Owen Hart and Rick Steiner feud for the US Championship. The Booker T/Scott Steiner war re-ignites. WCW Thunder gets cut down to 1 Hour. WCW introduces a new PPV,WCW Blizzard[replacing wcw souled out].WCW's TV and PPV ratings continue to beat WWF's.

In Febuary of 2001,WCW replaces SuperBrawl with,Melee.Melee is dedicated to Multi-Man Championship Matches[usually a 3-way,4-way,and/or 5-way brawls.] where the Champ puts his/her/their title/titles on the line against the next contenders for the title/titles.

In Early March,WCW announces Xtreme,it's latest PPV and replacement for Uncensored.The event is dedicated to Hardcore matches. WCW's Xtreme PPV was the nail in the coffin for WWF,not even Wrestlemania X7[17] was enough to help them. In Mid-March, Booker T wins the WCW Championship from Scott Steiner on Nitro.

In Mid-Late March of 2001,The WWF files for bankruptcy and is forced to cut costs in a major way. They fire workers,simplify the look of their shows and shorten their shows to 1 hour. Try as they might,WWF fails to defeat WCW. Even when they air adult-oriented content,they fail. By Mid-April,The WWF loses the Monday Night War. In Late March,ECW shuts down,due to financial difficulties..never to be seen again. By Mid-April,Paul Haymen is hired by WCW to be a manager in the Hardcore Division.

In April 2001,WCW renames their April PPV,Spring Stampede,to Storm. In Mid-April 2001,WCW officially wins the Monday Night Wars. On that edition of Nitro,Eric Bischoff delivers an emotional in-ring speech. Ted Turner makes an Appearance.He is treated like God. The celebrations continue through out the show. They also constantly rub their victory in Vince McMahon's face. Over at the WWF,It's the (likely) final episode of RAW/War Zone and Vince McMahon is pissed..very pissed.The WWF fans are annoyed as well. Vince opens up his show with a depressing message and talks about it at the end of the show in the ring.

From here WWF goes in one of 3 directions:

1 - Because of the adult content,WWF programming is forced into a more appropriate timeslot. And because of WWF's Monday Night failure,Vince McMahon is forced to move RAW to another day and time.

2 - They simply disappear,either for a great while or forever.

or 3 - WWF is sold to Turner Broadcasting/AOL-Time Warner. (this one seems less likely)

Either way, WCW wins the Monday Night War.

Now that we know about WWF's fate[s]. What about WCW? Well,throughout the rest of the year,WCW gains more talent from ECW and WWF. They also gain fresh young talent too. 

WCW renames the rest of their PPV's as well. Slamboree becomes Femmes[a ppv dedicated to women's wrestling],Great American Bash became Americana,Bash at The Beach became Heat,Road Wild became Rally,Fall Brawl:War Games became Hellzone,Halloween Havoc became Grave,and World War 3 became Pandemonium. Starrcade kept it's name.

WCW became the face of American Wrestling and is well respected and admired World Wide. How long the company survives after this is anyone's guess.
Next up,the Finale.

An Alternate Timeline! WCW Triumphant! (Part 4)


In January 2000,WCW ends WCW Saturday Night and retires the TV Title.WWF starts to decline further and Nitro is once again the #1 Wrestling show. Last year,WCW's PPV's beat WWF's by a decent margin,all thanks to the awesome wrestling action,great rivalries,and fun personalities. Booker T looses the US Title to Jeff Jarrett at Souled Out.

In Febuary 2000,Sid rejoins WCW and starts a feud with everyone[because he's psycho].At Superbrawl 2000,Sid got a shot at the US Title against Jeff Jarrett...he is unsuccessful.

In March,Chris Benoit wins the WCW Championship from DDP at Uncensored.Scott Hall wins the US Title from Jeff Jarrett at the same event. Also at Uncensored,Scott Steiner and Booker T battle it out for the #1 Contender spot for the US Championship at Spring Stampede. Booker T wins and at Spring Stampede,wins back the US Title.

In April of 2000,Booker T,Scott Hall,and Scott Steiner start a 3-way feud for the US Title the Nitro after Spring Stampede. Chris Benoit and Jeff Jarrett feud for the WCW Title. They have a match at Spring Stampede. The feud doesn't end there though.

In May of 2000,WCW introduces the Hardcore Tag Team Championships. This pushes WCW over the edge and they beat WWF by a huge margin. This move grabs the attention of Paul Hayman,who accuses WCW of stealing ECW's thing. WCW's Hardcore Tag Team titles don't last that long though.They are discontinued in 2001,mainly due to yearly budget cuts. Scott Hall wins US title at Slambaree.

In June of 2000,At The Great American Bash,Jeff Jarrett defeats Chris Benoit for the WCW Championship. The Next night on Nitro. On that Nitro,Kevin Nash is named the #1 contender for the title. Jeff Jarrett starts a feud with Nash. At Bash at the Beach,Nash wins the title.WWF continues to struggle against WCW.

In July 2000,WCW defeats WWF in the ratings once again...this time even more so than before. In an effort to regain all of those ratings they've lost,WWF has their Women{both wrestlers and valets} wear nothing but bra and panties. This move does little to help the struggling company. Due to the popularity if WCW's 2 Hardcore divisions[singles and tag team],many ECW guys come to WCW to earn better pay.This pisses off Paul Hayman [aka Paul E. Dangerously],and rightfully so,since ECW is losing strength as a company week after week...with no sign of recovery.

In late-July,a war breaks out between the American Superstars and the International Stars,who feel that the Americans are getting all of the breaks.The 2 sides eventually meet in a 6-on-6 War Games match at WCW Wargames.The stipulation: If the Internationals win,they get Thunder.

In August of 2000,The USA vs International feud spills into the Women's division. Scott Hall loses the US Title to Owen Hart at Road Wild,the 2 have a feud soon after. Also at Road Wild,Kevin Nash concludes his feud with Jeff Jarrett and retains his title. In late August,Hulk Hogan and Konnan [who'd adopted a hispanic/latino advocacy attitude months prior]elect themselves as the leaders of the Americans and Internationals respectively.

In Early September,The Internationals [named the international invaders,made up of various international stars lead by konnan]and Americans [named american badasses,lead by hulk hogan] step up their attacks against each other.At WCW War Games,the Internationals beat the American Badasses in the War Games Match and win Thunder. In Late Sept. 2000,WWF's TV deal with The USA Network expires. Viacom offers WWF a new TV deal and WWF moves to TNN.This move proves useless in the ratings war with WCW,as TNN isn't as well watched as The Turner Networks.

In October of 2000,Vader re-signs with WCW and after talking about the "lame" competition in WWF and their unfair treatment of him,he makes an open challenge to anybody. Sting Answers the challenge and the 2 face off at Halloween Havoc. The 2 feud for a month and a half after the event.Nash fueds with Scott Steiner. The 2 fight at Halloween Havoc,where Steiner comes up short. The 2 continue to feud until Early January 2001,where Nash defeats Steiner in a Non-Title Cage Match on Nitro.

In Late November,Vader and Hogan decide to continue their rivalry from 1995 and have a series of matches,starting with one at World War 3.Bret Hart becomes the mentor/advocate of his Brother,Owen.Owen wins the WCW US Championship in a 3 way brawl against Scott Hall and Curt Hennig at Starrcade.Curt Hennig feuds with Scott Hall for the US Title.

In November 2000,Scott Steiner wins the World War 3 Match at World War 3. He faces Kevin Nash for the WCW Championship at Starrcade 2000. Meanwhile,The WWF continues it's downward spiral and gets more morally depraved to keep it's ratings up. Thankfully,these tactics by the WWF don't work that well,and it's all thanks to WCW's awesome wrestling action.

In December of 2000,WCW is close to defeating the WWE once and for all,as the ratings serge thanks to interesting rivalries,good booking,decent storylines,awesome in-ring action,pushing both lucha libre and puroresu,and having a strong women's division. The hardcore division is also helping. Scott Steiner wins the WCW Championship at Starrcade from Kevin Nash and is confronted by Booker T soon after the win. Hogan and Vader conclude their feud in the main event of the final Nitro of 2000.
Next up,The War nears it's end .How will WCW win it? Find out when we head into 2001!

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An Alternate Timeline! WCW Triumphant! (Part 3)


In January of 1999,DDP is named the #1 contender for Goldberg's WCW championship.The 2 fight at Souled Out and Goldberg wins. Goldberg would continue to reign as Champion until Halloween Havoc '99,where he is defeated by DDP in an epic Rematch. On the 2nd Nitro of the month,Lex Luger and Randy Savage battle in a #1 Contenders match for the WCW Championship,after the 2 have an argument about who deserves to face and beat Goldberg. Lex Luger Wins,Savage assaults him backstage.

Their feud would last until Slamboree,where Luger defeats Savage in a Strap Match[a special challenge that savage has issued] at the event. Later in the year WCW introduces the International Championship for the Lucha Libre and Puroresu divisions.The 2 divisions start an inter-division rivalry for that gold.In September of '99,the 2 divisions merge into the International division...A division where international wrestlers can become mid-card mega-stars.

In Febuary 1999,WCW rehires Jake "The Snake" Roberts,who's adopted a dark pro-snake,anti-human gimmick.Ric Flair returns on the 1st Nitro of Febuary '99 and confronts Bret Hart about his leadership skills.The 2 end up having a heated arguement,which leads to Ric Flair challenging Bret Hart for control if the Horsemen and if Hart loses,he's out of the group. Hart accepts the challenge. They fight at Superbrawl IX and Bret Hart wins. Bret proves to be a great leader and Flair hates it.
Flair would get a rematch at the Great American Bash in June,where he not only took back control of the Horsemen,but kicks Bret Hart out.Benoit joins Hart soon after. Hart and Benoit are replaced with Curt Hennig and Steve McMichael on the 2nd Nitro in July.

March of '99 proved to be somewhat uneventful,still WCW's ratings continued to stay in a healthy position. In April '99,at Uncensored,Chris Benoit loses the US championship to Booker T,thanks to Ric Flair,who wanted revenge on Benoit for supporting Bret Hart.The following Nitro,Hart blasts Flair for thr does Benoit. Booker T and Scott Steiner start a feud for the US Championship and would have multiple matches,the biggest being at that years Slamboree.

In April,Owen Hart of WWE gets tempted by WCW.In fact,Eric Bischoff even invited Owen to join WCW on multiple occasions. By Mid-May,Owen Hart leaves WWF for WCW. He quit because of a big dispute he had with Vince McMahon and the WWF creative team. In June,Owen Hart reunites with "British Bulldog"Davy Smith and the 2 take the Tag Team Division by storm. In August the 2 would win the WCW Tag Titles. WCW Champ Goldberg gets into a rivalry with Randy Savage. They meet for the WCW Championship twice,once at Spring Stampede and again at Bash at the Beach.

In May of 1999,WCW's ratings begin to fall a bit due to the lack of overly interesting things.Despite this though,WCW is still running neck and neck with the WWF. With Hollywood Hogan on hiatus,Eric Bischoff decides to return to color commentary until Hogan returns.Owen Hart's star is on the rise.WCW

In June of 1999,WCW introduces The Women's Tag Team Titles and holds a Tournament for it on Nitro.This gives WCW a bit of an edge against WWF. Sting is targeted by Jake Roberts. They meet at the Great American Bash.Their feud would continue until Early August.

In Early July of 1999,Bret Hart and Chris Benoit are in feud with the 4 Horsemen. Sometime before Bash at the Beach,The Canadian's recruit Owen Hart and The British Bulldog and they form The Hart Clan.The 2 stables continue to feud for months,eventually settling things at War Games in the War Games Match.

In August 1999,the WCW TV Title is a Saturday Night exclusive title.Eric Bischoff announces that Hollywood Hogan has been kicked out of Hollywood. Late next month,Hogan returns as a Face in Gold and Crimson colors.

In September of 1999,WCW introduces the Hardcore Division,a division dedicated to ECW-style matches.Raven fully endorses it. Late Sept,Hulk Hogan introduces Hulkamania 2000,a more "modernized" version of Classic Hulkamania (complete with the 4 demandments: train,say your prayers,take your vitamins,and believe in yourself).His theme song "American Made" is given a Heavy Metal remix. Bischoff is no longer Hogan's avocate. The Hart Clan wins War Games. Goldberg loses the title to DDP.

In Early October 1999,Jeff Jerrett returns to WCW and raises hell. Bret Hart and DDP have a rivalry and meet for the title at Halloween Havoc. Hart wins,but DDP gets another chance at Starcade'99,when he wins the World War 3 Match at World War 3.

In November of '99,Steve McMichael is injured and kicked out of the Horsemen. Jeff Jerrett soon joins Mongo's place later in the Month. In January 2000,Jeff Jarrett turns on Flair,takes over the Horsemen and kicks Flair out. This leads to a Jarrett/Flair Fued. The Horsemen dissolve once again in Febuary 2000. DDP wins the World War 3 Match at World War 3,allowing him to face Bret Hart for the title at Starrcade '99.

To increase viewers and decrease the popularity of The WWF,WCW airs political-style negative ads. These work and by January 2000,WWF begins to struggle against WCW (the 1st time since 1996).Hall and Nash split up again to pursue singles careers.

In December '99,Bret Hart suffers a concussion that almost ends his in-ring career. The Hart Clan splits up soon after. Hart is forced to give up his Championship. The Belt is put on the line in a 6-way brawl between Jeff Jarret,Chris Benoit,Kevin Nash,DDP,Goldberg,and Sting at Starrcade '99 [the next 6 in-line for the title]. Hart retires from the ring in September of 2000. DDP wins the title at Starrcade '99,but loses it in March of 2000 [at uncensored]to Chris Benoit.
Next, WCW enters the new millennium and the WWF truly begins to suffer.

An Alternate Timeline! WCW Triumphant! (Part 2)


In Early January of 1998,The nWo's internal troubles continue[mainly between hogan and nash.]. Hollywood Hogan gets a Rematch with Sting on Nitro,the match ends in controversy,as hogan "accidentally" knocks out the referee.Nick Patrick comes out to the match to Hogan. J.J. Dillon comes in and demands a restart to the match.Bischoff argues,but is ignored. the match restarts once the original ref comes to and Sting wins. On the 1st WCW Thunder (a new 2 hour show),It's announced that,despite the Controversy in the Hogan/Sting match on Nitro,Sting will still keep the Championship and will face Hollywood Hogan at Souled Out. On the same show,Bret Hart and Ric Flair start a mini-feud after weeks of confrontation. The Hart/Flair feud ended in Early March. 

On the Next Nitro,Goldberg continues his dominance and The Giant/Nash match at souled out will be a #1 contenders match. the nWo clash even more..this time after a host of misunderstandings. At Souled Out,Kevin Nash defeats the Giant and becomes the #1 contender for the WCW Championship. Randy Savage is beaten by Lex Luger and when the other nWo guys try to come to Savage's aid,Hollywood calls them back.Hulk Hogan loses to Sting,thanks to interference by the nWo,who mess things up for Hogan. The Next Nitro,Savage calls out Hogan for calling back the nWo when he was in trouble.2 then start a small feud.While Eric Bischoff sides with Hollywood Hogan,Nash sides with Savage. Scott Hall defeats DDP for the US Championship at Souled Out.

In February of '98, Hogan and Savage battle it out in a series of matches,Savage is kicked out of nWo when he wins the final one. At Superbrawl VIII,Sting defeats Nash thanks to Hogan's interference.The Egotistical Hogan claims that No One in the nWo deserves to be champion but him. Nash is given a rematch,but it ends in a DQ,when Hogan attacks Nash. Savage comes to Nash's aid and attacks Hogan.

The nWo attacks Savage and Chaos ensues. Lucha Libre and Japanese Wrestling are given a full platform during Nitro's 2nd hour. Goldberg still dominates and wins the WCW US Championship from Scott Hall at Superbrawl VIII. Hogan and Nash are given another chance to win the title at the event,when they face Sting in a 3-man brawl. Sting Wins and Nash and Hogan blame each other for the nWo's loss. Also at the event,The Steiner Brothers retain the Tag Championship against Public Enemy. Scott shows signs of a narcissistic heel.

In March of 1998,On The 1st Nitro of March ,Hollywood Hogan gets his final rematch with Sting,but he loses thanks to Kevin Nash. The 2 address their issues on the following Thunder and eventually get into a fight. J.J Dillon comes out later in the show and decides its time to put an end to the nWo. So he offers an ultimatum at Uncensored.

If the Kevin Nash fails to get the WCW Championship from Sting at the event in a no-dq match,The nWo must disband. Bischoff,with The nWo, comes out and offers his own ultimatum,Should Sting lose,he must either Join the nWo or leave the company AND if the nWo wins,they get full control of WCW's shows and PPVs....every single one. Sting arrives and agrees to this. 

Goldberg continues dominating and will meet Randy Savage for the US title at Uncensored.At Uncensored,Bret Hart defeats Scott Hall.Earlier in the match,Hollywood called back the nWo who were trying to help Hall and forbid them to do so. Nash argues this logic,but Hollywood tells Nash that Hall is a loser for losing the US Championship and the nWo doesn't help losers.Nash decides to disobey and help,His buddy.Hogan stops him and the 2 have a fight.The nWo try to separate them. Randy Savage loses his match against Goldberg.

Nash loses the mach against Sting,thanks to Hollywood Hogan,who put Pride and Ego ahead of his stable. On the following Nitro,The nWo is officially defunct and Nash and Hogan blame each other.The 2 start a lasting feud. DDP officially becomes the #1 guy on the mid-card and is set to face Goldberg at Spring Stampede. The WCW Superstars express their feelings about the end of the nWo. Eric Bischoff continues to be the advocate for Hollywood Hogan. Ric Flair expresses his want to be champ again.

In April of '98,During a Tag Team Championship match on the 1st Thunder of the month,The Steiner Bros. lose their Tag Team gold against Steven Regal and Dave Taylor[the bluebloods].Scott blames Rick for the loss and turns on him. The 2 have a feud..with Scott as the narcissistic heel known as Big Poppa Pump. 

Lucha Libre and Puroresu are even bigger hits than before. The Cruiserweight Division is as great as ever too. Ric Flair and Sting re-spark their old rivalry.DDP,Bret Hart and Goldberg begin a mini-rivalry for ownership of the US championship. WCW ratings raise.On final Thunder of the month, The Blue Bloods loose the Titles to Bagwell and Norton,who remain the Champs until August.

The 3-way rivalry for the US Title leads to Goldberg,DDP,and Hart having a 3-way brawl at Spring Stampede(an announcement made by J.J Dillon on Nitro). Also,The Steiner Feud gets Heated,as Scott uses personal attacks against Rick.Scott Hall becomes the TV champion. WCW reinstates it's Women's division,with Madusa as the champion.The division is Not sexualized..unlike what they have in the WWE. DDP wins the US Championship at Spring Stampede by pinning Bret Hart. The
following Nitro Hart cries fowl and demands a rematch. DDP mocks Hart. This leads to a DDP/Bret Hart feud,a feud that lasts until mid-june. Nash and Hogan have a match at Spring Stampede,the match ends in a double DQ.

Also at Spring Stampede,Flair battles Sting for the WCW championship and loses. Randy Savage regains his ambitions to be the world champion again and JJ Dillon decides to grant him that chance at Slamboree.Flair cries foul and starts a fight with Savage.The 2 meet on Nitro for a number 1 contenders match.Flair wins.Savage assaults Flair after the match.The 2 re-ignite their legendary feud. To prevent "fan burn-out",WCW Saturday Night is reduced to a single hour and all lesser WCW shows were canceled.Puroresu and Lucha Libre become full mainstays in WCW,giving the company a big ratings boost. In Late April, WWF's Degeneration X (DX) invaded Nitro. The WCW not only confronted the degenerate gang,but they also managed to beat them back. This incident was a ratings boost for Both the WCW and the WWF.

In Early May of '98,The Road to Slamboree begins with Ric Flair trying to woo Elisabeth away from Savage.He tries this multiple times and each time ends in a brawl between Savage and Flair.Sting watches from the rafters each time and is amused. In Mid-May,Scott Hall loses his TV title to The British Bulldog. Madusa re-ignites a feud with Aja Kong for the WCW Women's championship Eddie Guererro and Rey Mysterio start a friendly rivalry in the cruiserweight division. Both men eventually meet for the Cruiserweight title the next month,when Guererro wins it from Dean Malenko at Slamboree. The Nash/Hogan war continues.DDP battles Bret Hart for the US title at Slamboree.

The cheers for DDP prompt Hart to become a Heel. DDP retains his title. However,at The Great American Bash,he loses it to Chris Benoit,when Bret Hart helps his fellow Canadian win. DDP and Hart have one final Grudge Match in a Steel Cage on Nitro the next week following the event. Hart Wins that one. During his match at Slamboree against Hollywood Hogan,Nash gets cheered. He becomes a Face shortly after.

At Slamboree,Savage costs Flair the Title.Flair would return the favor at The Great American Bash when he costs Savage the chance to be WCW Champion again.In Late May,Goldberg is moved up to the uppercard and starts main eventing Nitro and fueds with Scott Hall,when Hall challenges him.This feud goes on for months.Hall is announced as the #1 contender for the WCW Championship at Great American Bash.

In June 1998, Liz betrays Savage again at the Great American Bash during his Match against Flair.The 2 have one final steel cage confrontation at Bash at the Beach,which Savage wins. Also At the Great American Bash,Sting battles Scott Hall for the championship. Goldberg costs Hall the match. The 2 battle in a Street Fight at Bash at the Beach. A fight where Goldberg Wins. The next night on Nitro,Bret Hart is named the #1 contender for the WCW Championship. Both Ric Flair and Randy Savage have a problem with that and confront Hart. Sting comes out and tells the 3 that he doesn't care who he fights. So a 4-way battle for the WCW Championship is made for Bash at the Beach...which Sting wins.

In July 1998,DDP gets his rematch against Chris Benoit for the WCW US Title at Bash at the Beach.Dean Malenko costs DDP the Match. DDP would return the favor by costing Malenko his match for the Cruiserweight Championship against Eddie Guererro later in the night. The 2 start a feud and have a match at Road Wild.On The Nitro following the big event,Malenko reveals that he Helped Chris Benoit so that he'd have a chance at being a Horseman,when they eventually reform.Beniot responds the following Thunder.

The Hollywood Hogan/Kevin Nash feud intensifies. Brutus Beefcake[now known as The Disciple] joins Hogan in his fight against Nash. In Late July,Scott Hall joins Kevin Nash. The 4 Men have a Tag Match at Road Wild. Bret Hart gets another shot at the WCW championship at Road Wild. He fails again,and when he does,he brutaly assaults Sting. The 2 men have a feud. Goldberg is back to being the #1 Contender for the WCW US Championship and will face Chris Benoit at Road Wild.

In August '98,Nash gets a new Ally in Lex Luger. But Hogan gets a new ally as well..Scott Steiner.The tag team match at Road Wild becomes a 6-Man Tag. At Road Wild,Malenko helps Benoit yet again and the Canadian Crippler gets the win over Goldberg.Chris Benoit returns the favor later in the night by Malenko defeat DDP. The following night on Nitro,DDP and Goldberg create a temporary alliance and continue their  feud with Malenko and Benoit.The feud ends at Fall Brawl:War Games.

In Early September of '98,Nash and Hogan each get 1 more new Ally. Randy Savage for Nash and Curt Hennig for Hogan. Both of these teams would continue to clash until Fall Brawl:War Games,where they settle things once and for all in the War Games Match. Booker T starts a successful Singles Career after his Brother,Stevie Ray is out with an injury. The Nitro after War Games,Ric Flair decides it's time to revive the 4 Horsemen. Chris Benoit and Arn Anderson agree. They decide to add Dean Malenko to the group,since he helped out Chris Benoit. Steve McMichael is out injured and won't be able to reclaim his position on the team.Chris Benoit suggests Bret Hart.Flair refuses,but Arn Anderson decides to give Hart a shot..if he's up for it.

Bret Hart,who lost his match with Sting at War Games via DQ,comes out to greet the Horsemen and tells them it would be an honor to be a Horseman. Anderson decides to give Hart a test. Hart's test is to defeat Goldberg next Monday Night on Nitro. Bret Hart accepts the challenge and with Chris Benoit's help,defeats Goldberg the following week. Bret Hart is now a Horseman. On the same Nitro,Sting and Holywood Hogan renew their rivalry.

In Early October 1998,The Ultimate Warrior unexpectedly shows up on the 1st Nitro of October and reveals that he's here to keep justice and to seek out super tough opponents to battle.Randy Savage answers the Warrior's call and agrees to face him at Halloween Havoc.They have a great match,an match that Savage ends up winning. Ultimate Warrior would leave the WCW 2 months later due to a money dispute. Sting vs Hollywood Hogan for the Title is announced for Halloween Havoc.Sting
wins that match by DQ. Bret Hart takes to his role as a horseman naturally...He even upstages Ric Flair at one point.

In November 1998,At World War 3,Goldberg wins the 60 Man Battle Royal. Also at the event,Sting Battles Hollywood Hogan in a Steel Cage...and wins. The following Nitro,Hollywood Hogan decides to take a hiatus to focus on his Acting Career. With Bret Hart,the new 4 Horsemen continue to thrive. In Late November,Nash and Hall reunite a Tag Team and eventually win back the WCW Tag Team Championship in late January of next year.

In December of '98,Sting and Goldberg develop a rivalry before their face-off at Starrcade. At Starcade '98,Goldberg defeats Sting for the WCW Championship. The 2 shake hands after the match. In late December,Ric Flair suffers an injury and has to take a leave of absence.Arn Anderson gives Bret Hart the job of temporary leader of the Horsemen. Hart would prove to be an effective and likable leader.
Next up,we move on to 1999 and a major turning point in the Monday Night War.

An Alternate Timeline! WCW Triumphant! (Part 1)

This Is A Special Presentation!!!!

The Monday Night War was,without question,the most interesting time in Pro Wrestling. Vince McMahon's WWF and Ted Turner's WCW clashed in a heated war from September '95 to March '01. And as we all know,it was WWE that won the it all. 

WCW,in it's last 3 years,screwed up royally,allowing Vince McMahon's Company to get the win.

In fact, WCW's problems began in mid-1998. Keeping the nWo around longer than it should have,Backstage politics,Hiring Vince Russo,Wasting Money,and Screwing the Fans were just some of the problems that WCW faced.

But,what if all of those thing's Didn't happen. Let's take a trip to an Alternate Universe....A Universe where WCW won The Monday Night War.

In Late December of 1997, At Starrcade '97, Sting defeats Hollywood Hogan cleanly and becomes WCW Champion. The nWo tried to interfere, but WCW fought them back. The next night,The nWo start having inner problems after the fall-out from Starrcade. Said problems would continue until their bitter end in March.
Stay tuned as we head into 1998 and the Fall of the nWo.