Monday, March 2, 2015

An Alternate Timeline! WCW Triumphant! (Part 1)

This Is A Special Presentation!!!!

The Monday Night War was,without question,the most interesting time in Pro Wrestling. Vince McMahon's WWF and Ted Turner's WCW clashed in a heated war from September '95 to March '01. And as we all know,it was WWE that won the it all. 

WCW,in it's last 3 years,screwed up royally,allowing Vince McMahon's Company to get the win.

In fact, WCW's problems began in mid-1998. Keeping the nWo around longer than it should have,Backstage politics,Hiring Vince Russo,Wasting Money,and Screwing the Fans were just some of the problems that WCW faced.

But,what if all of those thing's Didn't happen. Let's take a trip to an Alternate Universe....A Universe where WCW won The Monday Night War.

In Late December of 1997, At Starrcade '97, Sting defeats Hollywood Hogan cleanly and becomes WCW Champion. The nWo tried to interfere, but WCW fought them back. The next night,The nWo start having inner problems after the fall-out from Starrcade. Said problems would continue until their bitter end in March.
Stay tuned as we head into 1998 and the Fall of the nWo. 

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