Tuesday, March 3, 2015

An Alternate Timeline! WCW Triumphant! (Part 4)


In January 2000,WCW ends WCW Saturday Night and retires the TV Title.WWF starts to decline further and Nitro is once again the #1 Wrestling show. Last year,WCW's PPV's beat WWF's by a decent margin,all thanks to the awesome wrestling action,great rivalries,and fun personalities. Booker T looses the US Title to Jeff Jarrett at Souled Out.

In Febuary 2000,Sid rejoins WCW and starts a feud with everyone[because he's psycho].At Superbrawl 2000,Sid got a shot at the US Title against Jeff Jarrett...he is unsuccessful.

In March,Chris Benoit wins the WCW Championship from DDP at Uncensored.Scott Hall wins the US Title from Jeff Jarrett at the same event. Also at Uncensored,Scott Steiner and Booker T battle it out for the #1 Contender spot for the US Championship at Spring Stampede. Booker T wins and at Spring Stampede,wins back the US Title.

In April of 2000,Booker T,Scott Hall,and Scott Steiner start a 3-way feud for the US Title the Nitro after Spring Stampede. Chris Benoit and Jeff Jarrett feud for the WCW Title. They have a match at Spring Stampede. The feud doesn't end there though.

In May of 2000,WCW introduces the Hardcore Tag Team Championships. This pushes WCW over the edge and they beat WWF by a huge margin. This move grabs the attention of Paul Hayman,who accuses WCW of stealing ECW's thing. WCW's Hardcore Tag Team titles don't last that long though.They are discontinued in 2001,mainly due to yearly budget cuts. Scott Hall wins US title at Slambaree.

In June of 2000,At The Great American Bash,Jeff Jarrett defeats Chris Benoit for the WCW Championship. The Next night on Nitro. On that Nitro,Kevin Nash is named the #1 contender for the title. Jeff Jarrett starts a feud with Nash. At Bash at the Beach,Nash wins the title.WWF continues to struggle against WCW.

In July 2000,WCW defeats WWF in the ratings once again...this time even more so than before. In an effort to regain all of those ratings they've lost,WWF has their Women{both wrestlers and valets} wear nothing but bra and panties. This move does little to help the struggling company. Due to the popularity if WCW's 2 Hardcore divisions[singles and tag team],many ECW guys come to WCW to earn better pay.This pisses off Paul Hayman [aka Paul E. Dangerously],and rightfully so,since ECW is losing strength as a company week after week...with no sign of recovery.

In late-July,a war breaks out between the American Superstars and the International Stars,who feel that the Americans are getting all of the breaks.The 2 sides eventually meet in a 6-on-6 War Games match at WCW Wargames.The stipulation: If the Internationals win,they get Thunder.

In August of 2000,The USA vs International feud spills into the Women's division. Scott Hall loses the US Title to Owen Hart at Road Wild,the 2 have a feud soon after. Also at Road Wild,Kevin Nash concludes his feud with Jeff Jarrett and retains his title. In late August,Hulk Hogan and Konnan [who'd adopted a hispanic/latino advocacy attitude months prior]elect themselves as the leaders of the Americans and Internationals respectively.

In Early September,The Internationals [named the international invaders,made up of various international stars lead by konnan]and Americans [named american badasses,lead by hulk hogan] step up their attacks against each other.At WCW War Games,the Internationals beat the American Badasses in the War Games Match and win Thunder. In Late Sept. 2000,WWF's TV deal with The USA Network expires. Viacom offers WWF a new TV deal and WWF moves to TNN.This move proves useless in the ratings war with WCW,as TNN isn't as well watched as The Turner Networks.

In October of 2000,Vader re-signs with WCW and after talking about the "lame" competition in WWF and their unfair treatment of him,he makes an open challenge to anybody. Sting Answers the challenge and the 2 face off at Halloween Havoc. The 2 feud for a month and a half after the event.Nash fueds with Scott Steiner. The 2 fight at Halloween Havoc,where Steiner comes up short. The 2 continue to feud until Early January 2001,where Nash defeats Steiner in a Non-Title Cage Match on Nitro.

In Late November,Vader and Hogan decide to continue their rivalry from 1995 and have a series of matches,starting with one at World War 3.Bret Hart becomes the mentor/advocate of his Brother,Owen.Owen wins the WCW US Championship in a 3 way brawl against Scott Hall and Curt Hennig at Starrcade.Curt Hennig feuds with Scott Hall for the US Title.

In November 2000,Scott Steiner wins the World War 3 Match at World War 3. He faces Kevin Nash for the WCW Championship at Starrcade 2000. Meanwhile,The WWF continues it's downward spiral and gets more morally depraved to keep it's ratings up. Thankfully,these tactics by the WWF don't work that well,and it's all thanks to WCW's awesome wrestling action.

In December of 2000,WCW is close to defeating the WWE once and for all,as the ratings serge thanks to interesting rivalries,good booking,decent storylines,awesome in-ring action,pushing both lucha libre and puroresu,and having a strong women's division. The hardcore division is also helping. Scott Steiner wins the WCW Championship at Starrcade from Kevin Nash and is confronted by Booker T soon after the win. Hogan and Vader conclude their feud in the main event of the final Nitro of 2000.
Next up,The War nears it's end .How will WCW win it? Find out when we head into 2001!

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