Tuesday, March 3, 2015

An Alternate Timeline! WCW Triumphant! (Final Part)


And now here's the secret (well,the not-so-secret) way WCW won the war:

- Adopting a policy against strong backstage politics. So the chances of getting screwed were minimal.

- Stripping creative control from Hollywood Hogan before Starrcade '97.That's how Sting won cleanly.

- Killing off the nWo early in '98. A lot of people were getting sick of them.

- Creating memorable and exciting feuds.

- WCW screwed itself further when it hired Vince Russo.Well in this Alt.Reality...Russo Is Never Hired!

- Lucha Libre (mexican wrestling) and Puroresu (japanese wrestling) are given a stage...and are pushed.

- The WCW Properly reestablishes it's Women's Division(complete with championship and tag championship).

- Eric Bischoff is forced by Turner Broadcasting to spend their money wisely.
 - Giving the Fans ECW-style Hardcore Wrestling in '99.

- Cutting their Roster to 150 wrestlers. Saving them money.

- Cutting down Their C-Show,WCW Saturday Night to 1 Hour and getting rid of the lesser shows.

- Giving Puroresu and Lucha-Libre their own hour on Nitro[the 2nd hour]. Giving American fans more exposure to those styles.

- Giving Bret Hart the respect and recognition he rightfully deserves.

- Negative attack ads on The WWF starting in late '99.

- Having great backstage morale.

- Not giving full creative control to Wrestlers..this includes Kevin Sullivan And (especially) Kevin Nash.

- Not insulting the fans intelligence.

- No Fingerpoke of Doom.

- Pushing deserving talent..especially Deserving Young Talent.
And That's how WCW Won the Monday Night War. I hope you enjoyed this trip into an Alternate Reality...I sure did. We now must return to Our Universe.


RekkaDragonJay said...

Wow! That was a great series you have made. Besides, WWE is not in good shape and many fans are tired of this whole Authority thing. We don't want another McMahon/Helmsley Faction-esqe storyline. Besides, New Japan Pro Wrestling is far way better than WWE. You should watch it sometime. Keep it up, dude. You think you do one involving the Hub Network.? I think it deserves a what if, in a time where the Hub lasted a long time and not 4 years like in present time, know what I mean.

Stefan said...

Thanks,bro. Yeah,I believe WCW would've won the Monday Night War if they just did things the right way(ie, acted smartly).

Anyway,as for the HUB Network. We'll see. I have something better planned.