Thursday, March 19, 2015

Boomerang: What Should Have Been

Boomerang! A network that was once dedicated to Classic American Cartoons. A Network that gave everyone Retro toon goodness,while their sister channel, Cartoon Network focused on the new stuff. It had so much potential to be awesome,it hurt. Unfortunately,Turner Broadcasting (aka Turner Bitchcasting) didn't see it that way and played it stupidly...very very stupidly. Because of those assholes,Boomerang's potential was never realized. Today,the network is total crap. And I feel that it's too little,too late for that Network.

Thanks to executive meddling,Boomerangs potential was never realized..and it never will be. Before I get to the "What Should Have Been". Let me inform you on this networks history.
 Much of the programming that made up Boomerang's lineup was originally part of TBS's Disaster Area, a block of animated programming that aired on that network from '97-'99. Boomerang was originally a program block on Cartoon Network. It debuted on December 8, 1992 and it was aimed towards baby boomers.

It originally aired for four hours every weekend, but the block's start time had changed frequently. The Saturday block moved to Saturday afternoons, then back to the early morning, and the Sunday block moved to Sunday evenings. Confusing,huh? Eventually, Boomerang was shortened by an hour, reducing it to a three hour block each weekend.

On Apr 1st,2000,Turner Broadcasting Turned Boomerang into a standalone network. The Cartoon Network block was reformatted to air cartoons in production during a certain year (The Flintstones and Top Cat for 1961, The Perils of Penelope Pitstop and Scooby-Doo for 1969, etc.). The block was simulcast with the Boomerang Network on Saturday mornings until 2004. The Boomerang Network initially carried a looping programming format that rotated each week.

Once Boomerang launched as its own channel, on-air promotions for the channel aired at the end of every program within the Cartoon Network block (including toonami), in attempt to increase visibility for Boomerang. In October 2004, Most of Cartoon Network's older shows migrated to Boomerang. On October 2nd and 3rd of 2004,the Boomerang block was replaced with the then-new Adult Swim block.  

Boomerang was Originally commercial-free,being financed solely by subscription fees and product tie-ins. But in 2010/2011,all that changed and they started airing ads for Cartoon Network's shitty Live Action shows and mediocre Animated Shows. Boomerang also aired various animated shorts (which for the most part,wasn't that bad). Combine these with the addition of Baby Shows(from CN's old 'tickle u' block), stupid Canadian cartoons,and the cringe worthy program direction,and you got one Terrible Network.

However things went from Terrible to Absolute Hell! In 2011/2012, PSA's for Cartoon Network's Super Retarded "Stop Bullying: Speak Up" campaign. AND in late 2011,Boomerang started airing Cartoon Network's Retarded Live-Action stuff.

What a Nightmare! What A Hellish Nightmare! Boomerang went from Classic Cartoons to Crappy Canadian Cartoons,Pre-School B.S.,Annoying Ads,Retarded PSA's,and Live Action Shit shows. And Stuart Snyder's is to blame for All of this. Every. Single. Hellish. Thing. I hope that man is living a Hellish existence right now,I really really do. In 2012/2013 Boomerang started airing some of Cartoon Network's lame modern cartoons. Again,Stuart Snyder's bullshit decision. Thankfully the Live-Action crap stopped airing in 2013.And in Mid-Late 2014 (last year) those retarded PSA's (finally) stopped airing.     

Boomerang was dying. Hope was non-existent for that Network. But in late-2014(last year),it seemed like Hope was returning. It was announced that Boomerang was gonna be re-booted into a 100% Animation Network. That meant a fresh start. The current line-up would be tossed out in favor of a fresh one. And even though it would no longer air the Old School stuff all of the time (face it,it gave up on doing that a while ago),Boomerang still had a chance to become an All-American Animation Network with no Canadian or Baby crap. Joy! Also,NO PSA's. Double Joy!

And since it was gonna be a Re-boot,the program direction was gonna be much better. Triple Joy! Unfortunately,that glimmer of hope died when the Channel re-booted in January of this year (2015).

The crappy line-up was/is still the same AND they've added 2 Shitty Canadian shows. UGH! So much for better program direction,huh?

And there you have it,the Rise and Damnation of Boomerang. Now it's time to take a look into an Alternate Reality where Turner Broadcasting acted with intelligence.
What Happened: Airing Hannah-Barbara show's that no one gave a crap about (mostly lesser known shows from the 60's).    
What Should've Been: Those shows should've never been aired in the first place.

What Happened: Animated show's from the 80's were not in abundance. 
What Should've Been: More 80's stuff should've been added.

What Happened: The program direction was inconsistent and sometimes the line-up changes were too soon. That got very annoying.
What Should've Been: Consistent program direction. Line-up changes when needed.

What Happened: Screw Jobs! Many fun/cool shows and movies were taken off the air way too quickly and many are never aired again after that.
What Should've Been: Those shows and movies are treated with way more respect.  
What Happened: Looney Toons was taken off the air for years.
What Should've Been: Looney Toons isn't removed for that long.

What Happened: Very few Warner Bros. cartoons from the 90's were ever seen. Freakazoid and Batman: The Animated Series were the only 90's WB shows that aired...and they didn't air much.
What Should've Been:  More 90's WB cartoons added to the line-up and the ones that Do air,get more air time.   

What Happened: The Ruby-Spears Library was never fully tapped into and only 2 or 3 shows from that library were ever aired.
What Should've Been: Most of The RS library would be used.

What Happened: DC Animated Shows from the 90's and Early 2000's were few...maybe too few.
What Should've Been: More 90's/early 2000's DC Animated shows are aired.

What Happened: Kiddie Shows and Canadian Cartoons! .
What Should've Been: Toonami Retro! A block that airs old Toonami shows from '97-'03.
What Happened: Live-Action Crap!
What Should've Been: No Live-Action Period!

What Happened: Cartoon Network Ads and PSA's..Retarded PSA's.
What Should've Been: Ads for Boomerang Only! and No PSA's! Seriously,Cartoon Network's "Stop Bulling" campaign was not only Retarded,but it was Completely Infective.    

What Happened: Cartoon Network's super lame shows from 2005 and beyond.   
What Should've Been: Those shows are never allowed to air.

What Happened: No Cartoon Cartoon block.
What Should've Been: A Cartoon Cartoon block...with More Cartoon Cartoons.

What Happened: Boomerang wasn't rebooted properly.
What Should've Been: With a reboot comes change for the better. Instead of Cartoon Network's modern shit,it would've aired more 80's,90's,and early '00's stuff,while coming up with new (american) animated content Exclusively for the Network. Plus,way better program direction.
Well there you have it. Boomerang:What Should've Been. Had Turner Broadcasting done,what they Should've done for Boomerang, it would've been a better Network.

I hope you enjoyed this?,Because I sure as hell did. 


RekkaDragonJay said...

Yeah, even without Snyder, it is still falling apart. Meanwhile, at Cartoon Network, they air the new Transformers cartoon, which suppose to air on the Hub, but couldn't because of Discovery's involvement in the network's demise. I'm afraid that new Transformers cartoon will end up like Young Justice and the Thundercats reboot. We need more action cartoons. As for Boomerang, WE WANT OUR BOOMERACTION BACK!! The way Boomerang is now, it is anything but balanced. Don't tell they are afraid of the FCC because of that xenophobia over animation being taboo. Has the world gone mad?

Stefan said...

I know,it sucks. But i hear that Samurai Troopers/Ronin Warriors will be released in DVD and Blu Ray thanks to Discotek.

RekkaDragonJay said...

Yeah, but only the Japanese version and the OVAs. They still haven't cut through the red tape on the English version. Either they have get through the distributors or they are trying to do a redub. But did you know that Discotek re-release the entire RS Megaman cartoon on DVD? So much so, their cover looks like the old cover for a Megaman game for the NES. Awesome-sauce!

Stefan said...

Not only that Jase,But the DVD menus are modeled after Mega Man 2. Sweet.

Frank Coufal said...

If only there was an alternate universe where all this happens.