Thursday, March 12, 2015

Ultimate Boss: Dual Family/Animation Network Part 2

Welcome to the 2nd part of this special edition of Ultimate Boss.In this part,I'll be talking about my show ideas. Let me tell you about them now. First,lets go into the Live-Action stuff:

- Warrior's Quest: On the Warrior's World of Wargoth,An arrogant and power starved sorcerer steals the World's 10 Sacred Relics in hopes of using them in a ritual that would make him a God. He is thwarted by Adon,The Warrior King. Once defeated the Sorcerer tried to flee with the Relics through a portal,however,Adon stops him. Due to an anomaly,The Portal made by the Wizard briefly gets stronger and starts sucking everything into it. Before closing,It sucks up the Relics,scattering them across the Universe. Without these powerful items,Wargoth is doomed. Now, Adon must travel to various Galaxies and Planets to seek out his World's sacred objects. What dangers and foes await the King of Warriors in these unfamiliar new Worlds?

- Defenders of the World (placeholder title): Many centuries ago,the Elder Gods of the Universe got bored,and so they commissioned an Olympic-style event between various planets. These events were simply called "The Galactic Games" and the winning race would get the current Games' host planet as a prize.

Many decades later,The 10th games were held on Earth. Because it was held on Earth,Earthlings were allowed to compete.The Earth Team won the entire event thanks to an amazing monk. One alien race[darkdenian's],who wanted Earth to dominate,went ballistic and swore vengeance. Taking this to heart,The Earth's Governing Allience (the GA),recruits various unique individuals for an Earth Defense Team (mostly made up of the athletes who competed at the games). A year later,The Darkdenian's make good on their threat and attack Earth. Will this band of unlikely allies work as a team and save Earth?

- Gigapolous Zone: Contestants compete on a giant life-size Monopoly-esque Board game for prizes and cash.

- Retrograde: Contestants test their Classic Cartoon,Retro Video Game,and Old School Anime Knowledge for prizes.

- The Master Gladiator:A Show that's identical to American Gladiators.

- All-American Fighters: A Show that's like the old show WMAC Masters.

- MVW Wrestling: Wrestling from my fantasy Wrestling Org,Modern Vintage Wrestling.

- VG Remix: Bands Cover Retro Game Music.

- Toon Remix: Bands Cover Theme songs from Classic Animated Shows...and sometimes Anime.

- The (mostly) Safe For Work Gamers Show: Reviewing Games that are rated from E10-T.  Tips and Tricks are also given. This Is A Family Network.

- Retro Game TV: Shows that review games from the 80's and 90's.Tips and Tricks are also given.

- This Just In: A 1 Hour News Show.
And Now The Animated stuff:

- Fighter Force: When a super powered terrorist organization mysteriously appears,an ex-UN commissioner gathers up stand-alone supers from around the globe and turns them into a hero team[or at least tris to]. Now these unlikely allies must work together as a team to save the world. 

- Wild Dog Journal: A CGI Animated Nature Show documenting the lives of Wolves,Foxes,Dingos,Coyotes,and Jackals.

-  The Duskmen: A Planet Collecting Alien God wants to add Earth to his collection. Problem is,he doesn't like the Human Inhabitants,thinking them to be stupid,unevolved,and disease ridden.. Upon finding out that beings called Duskmen,exist on the planet,so he decides to recruit them to help him kill humanity and take over the world. Unfortunately,the ones he first chooses are...idiots. We have a Vampire Lord that acts like a SatAM Cartoon Villain,A vain and slightly stupid Demon Woman who hates the Vampire Lord,a Buffoonish and Egotistical Zombie Heavy Metal artist,and a recently resurrected Pharaoh (now a mummy) who's a complete idiot and acts clueless to the modern world. Hilarity Ensues when these idiots try to take over the world. Luckily for them,the Good Guys are Lame. 

- Tiger Orb: In as Mystic land,4 unlikely allies seek out a mysterious Orb,called the tiger orb, that can grant any one wish. Through various ways,Our heroes each has gotten hold of a key to the temple,where the Orb is held. However,an Evil force also wants the Tiger Orb as well,and will stop at nothing to get those keys.

- The Ultra Team: A freak accident brings Cartoon heroes into the real world,where they instantly meet and befriend a teenager named,Tommy Scott. While Tommy is trying to figure out how to send his new friends back to their Animated shows,the heroes experience real life and learn the harsh reality of it. Unfortunatly,their main foes have also appeared in the real world,brought here by a an eccentric evil scientist,Dr.Darksyde,who wants to take over the world using cartoon villians. Now,the heroes must stop this madman and his new allies,while trying to figure out how to get their foes and themselves back to thier homes. They are the Ultra Team.

- Animeverse: When an Animeverse is in danger of destruction and domination,A wizard,brings 4 teenage anime otaku to save it. The teens travel to many anime (made up anime)worlds to stop the evil Lee Sabat and his gang. The teens and Sabat are from earth and can travel to the Animeverse and back again.

- Giga Locke: Locke,An orphened teenage boy is nearly killed in an accident. Dr.Trueheart,worldwide leader in bionics,saves the boy's life by implanting bionic implants on him. The good doctor adopts the boy and,along with the doctor's daughter,they live in peace. However,Dr.Truehearts evil cousin,Professor Wild,creates cybernetics and implants them on 8 of his most vile assistants.He then sends them on a global rampage. A lover of fighting strong opponents,Locke asks to be converted into a bionic fighter. Dr.Trueheart,seeing that the world has no true defence against the cyborgs,grants Locke's request.After the conversion, Locke gains super strength,speed,agility,and the ability to shoot lasers from his hands. But his greatest technique is to copy his foes forms and abilities by scanning them. This is due to a specialised chip,called the doubler chip. The copy powers have limits,as they can't be used more than 4 times and only 8 can be stored at a time. Locke is now Giga Locke,Earth's Defender.

- The LaRusso Cousins: 2 cousins,who are Brooklyn freelace plumbers,face tough times and laughs in and outside if their basement apartment.

Well That's it for now. Next up,The Line-Up!


RekkaDragonJay said...

That's a lot show ideas. I am tired of nothing but talk shows and court shows, infomercials and other boring stuff. I rather have fighting monsters and traveling to exotic places over that garbage any day.

Stefan said...

Indeed. And as you can tell I made NO Reality Shows!

RekkaDragonJay said...

Thank God. I rather see shows based on American Gladiators than this. AG was the BOMB back then, well, the original anyway.