Monday, March 30, 2015

What Bob Iger Did Right!

As you know,I constantly give Disney CEO Bob Iger tons of flack for his (mis)handling of Walt's company. And trust me,Iger deserves every bit of hate i give him. But even with all of his stupidity,surely he had to do Something good? that I think about it,he Has done a few things right.

Buying Pixar: The famed 3D Animated studio that's was once considered the Poor Man's Dreamworks is now Dreamworks' Equal. If it weren't for Bob Iger's decision to buy Pixar for Disney,the company would've been dead in the gutter.

Buying Marvel: Adding The Marvel Universe (and most of it's cinematic universe) to the Disney Family was a cool thing and it opened up a new world of possibilities. Plus,it also gave Disney a Super Hero Universe to call it's own. 

Buying Star Wars:This move. gave the Big D a whole new Universe to explore,as well as a "Force" to use against Nickelodeon's Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. I like it.

What Will Disney buy next..the world will never know.

Anyway,I think that's All. Other than these 3 things,Iger's tenure as Disney CEO has been a pathetic one. Iger just doesn't want to (or dosen't know how too) use Disney to it's fullest potential. Face it,Bob Iger was the absolute wrong choice for Disney CEO.

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eotness said...

There's actually one more thing Iger did right: He also brought back Oswald the Lucky Rabbit. That's actually a very good thing, considering how Disney lost him a while back.

Beyond that, I agree, Iger's definitely not a good CEO. I'm not sure I can say him buying out Star Wars was at all good, or whether to blame him or George Lucas for it (especially when the latter apparently did so to make himself exempt from the raise in taxes after the 2012 election).