Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Mega Man X: The Animated Series..It Was Meant To Be

Hey,Toonatics,Did you know that Ruby-Spears Almost developed a Mega Man X animated series.

Here in an interview with Joe Ruby on the Mega Man animated series:

Here's what was said in that interview about Mega Man X:

Interviewer: "Of course, there’s the second-season episode “Mega X", which featured the debut of Capcom’s related Mega Man X series to animation. Again, the rumor mill has it that Mega Man X was to get his own spin-off cartoon (and accompanying toy line), but that too never came to be".

JR: "Yes, that was true, as far as I can recall".

So it seems we were supposed to get a Mega Man X Show,but due to the Mega Man animated Series being canned (in a stupid manner,all due to,low toy sales).

For those interested,the other part of the interview,it can be found here:

Shame this series never came to be,it would've been great. But since I fell in love with an RS-Mega Man X show,I've taken upon myself to make one in fan fic form. You can check it out in my fan fiction blog:


RekkaDragonJay said...

That would've been promising if there was a Megaman X animated series. Oh well, at least we got Day of Sigma. Perhaps someday there will be an X anime and find an actor whose voice matches that of Mark Gatha himself.

Stefan said...

Actually,an American series would be better. We have too many Video Game Animes as is.

RekkaDragonJay said...

Yeah, that too. :P