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100 Cartoon Theme Songs That Are A Must Listen!

Cartoon Theme songs,without question are fun to listen to and sometimes they get us pumped for the Cartoon show ahead. The following is the Ultimate List of Cartoon Theme songs that You Need to listen to in your lifetime.

Now,the songs listed will Not be in any particular order. Plus,the songs on this list can be listened to in any order the reader wishes. Oh,just to let everyone know,I'll be cheating Twice through out this post. Ok,on with the list.

Honorable Mention - Mummies Alive: I love this song. This was one of DiC's very last good show.

#100 - Transformers G1 (movie version): Cheating Time! This is the Extended Transformers G1 Theme that was only used for the movie.

#99 - The Real Ghostbusters: Who ya gonna call? GHOSTBUSTERS!

#98 - Silverhawks: Part Metal,Part Real. Ya gotta love Bluegrass' Guitar solo.

#97 - G.I. Joe: Real American Hero (movie version): Cheat Time Again! Like with the G1 Transformers,The Full G.I. Joe:RAH theme was exclusive Only to the movie. No more cheating,I promise.

#96 - Thundercats(original): Thunder,Thunder,Thunder,Thundercats HO! This theme will definatly get you psyched for the show.

#95 - Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (original): Heroes in a Half-Shell,Turtle Power! Only 1 word can describe this song: Epic!

#94 - Spider-Man The Animated Series: This is by far the greatest Spider-Man theme. It just feels like a 90's Spider-Man theme.

#93 - Spider-Man Unlimited: Another Spider-Man theme that screams out 90's. A mediocre show,with an awesome theme song.

#92 - Batman Beyond: The most epic Batman cartoon intro ever..Even more epic than The Batman's first theme.

#91 - Darkwing Duck: Darkwing Duck is Awesome. Let's Get Dangerous!

#90 - Sonic SatAM: This song defines Sonic almost perfectly. Sonic the Hedgehog Is the Fastest Thing Alive.

#89 - Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (the red sky seasons): This is a remix of the original song and is just as epic.

#88 - Teen Titans: This theme is so damn catchy. Puffy Ami Yumi sung this in both English AND Japanese

#87 - Megas XLR: A Sweet Rock tune talking about Giant Robots. Chicks Dig Giant Robots!

#86 -  The Spectacular Spider-Man: Another catchy theme,this time about my all time favorite American Super Hero.

#85 - The Batman (first theme only): This theme is really cool. It goes really well with this series.

#84 - Kim Possible: One of the last great Disney cartoons. This song is catchy and cool. it fits Kim perfectly.

#83 - W.I.T.C.H.: Another Disney Show with an Epic theme. The Full version is even more epic.

#82 - Gargoyles: This was an epic song that defined an epic series.

#81 - Mighty Ducks: Ducks Rock!!! 'Nuff Said!

#80 - Phineas and Ferb: This song is very catchy and the full version inspires most to make everyday count.

#79 - Chip n' Dale's Rescue Rangers: This show is Iconic...and so is it's theme song.

#78 - Ducktales: Even more iconic than Chip 'n Dale. Ducktales, Woo-Hoo!

#77 - W.I.T.C.H. (season 2): This is a theme song that was exclusive Only to the European airings. It's still awesome though.

#76 - He-Man and the Masters Of The Universe (original): An awesome American Super Hero theme.

#75 - She-Ra: The female equivilent of He-Man's theme. It's an awesome theme that is very memorable.

#74 - Garfield and Friends (2nd theme): Come on in,come to the place where fun never ends! Come on in,it's time to party with Garfield and Friends! Garfield and Friends! XD

#73 - Samurai Jack: This song is Awesome x 50! Watch Out!

#72 - The Powerpuff Girls: It's the PPG's Iconic anthem...made up of 10% Sugar,10% Spice,10% Everything Nice,and 100% Pure Epicness.

#71 - Hulk Hogan's Rock 'n Wrestling: This song is Epic...which is more than I can say for the show itself. Hey,fun fact for ya: This song was Originally planned to be the Hulkster's WWF theme, and that 'Real American' was meant for Barry Windam and Mike Rtundo. But when the duo left the WWF, 'Real American' was given to Hulk Hogan. All and all,things worked out extremely well in the end,wouldn't you say?

#70 - Hi Hi,Puffy Ami Yumi: A fun and catchy rock song by Puffy Ami Yumi. Has some cool visuals too.

#69 - Superman: The Animated Series:  A Superman theme that's almost as epic as the once from the Christopher Reeve movies.

#68 -  Batman: The Animated Series: This is a theme that defines this series and Batman in general. He Is Vengeance! He Is The Night! He Is...BATMAN!!!

#67 - The Adventures of the Galaxy Rangers(full version only): While the basic version isn't too bad on its own,it's the full version thats all kinds of awesome. No Guts,No Glory!

#66 - Bionic Six: One of the definitive 80's cartoon theme songs to listen to. The perfect theme for a Super Future Family.  'nuff said.

#65 - Spider-Man (80's): A cool theme for Spider-Man of the 80's.

#64 - Freakazoid: A zany song that you just can't ever get out of your head. Freaka Me,Freaka You!

#63 - The Tick: Dah Dwee Dah Dah Dah Dwee Dow! Another fun theme song. Spooon!

#62 - Jayse and the Wheeled Warriors: An awesome song from an obscure 80's cartoon.

#61 - Inspector Gadget (the classic series): Go,Gadget,Go!

#60 - Duck Dodgers: This song is cool,take my word for it.

#59 - Sonic Underground: Yes, the show was mediocre, but at least it had a cool theme song.

#58 - Arthur and the Knights of Justice: Another theme belonging to an absure show. This time from the 90's. Its a pretty awesome song about Heroic Knights.

#57 - Mega Man: The Animated Series: This has gotta be the most memorable video game cartoon theme ever.  Super Fighting Robot! Mega Man!

#56 - X-Men: The Animated Series: An Awesome theme that is worthy of the X-Men.

#55 - Mighty Max: This theme song rocks. It's even better with the opening scenes that go along with it.

#54 - Ed,Edd,and Eddy: Catchy. That's the only way to describe this song.

#53 - Transformers Animated: An awesome update to the G1 theme. Too bad the show itself is mediocre.

#52 - G.I.Joe (the DiC series): Got To Get Tough! Yo,Joe!

#51 - The Super Hero Squad Show: Time To Hero Up,Squadies!

#50 - The Super Mario Bros. Super Show: Corny,but lovable.

#49 - Double Dragon: Despite what people say about this show, They gotta admit that it had a cool theme song.

#48 - David The Gnome: This is for all of those who are young at heart And miss the 'Intelligent' Nick Jr.

#47 - Jem and the Holograms: A Truly Outragous song for All genders.

#46 - Men-In-Black: The Series: A hip theme song about the MIB.

#45 - Max Steel (the classic series): It's a damn good song,trust me.

#44 - The Bots Master: An awesome song from an awesome (and obscure) 90's show.

#43 - Biker Mice From Mars (the original series): A high octane rock theme that is a must listen.

#42 - Wild West COW Boys Of Moo Mesa: It's kinda cool for a western song. The show's not that bad either.

#41 - Bucky O' Hare and the Toad Menace: It's just another case of a mediocre show with a cool theme song.

#40 - The Simpsons: Iconic!

#39 - Scooby-Doo,Where Are You?: This song is one of the most famous cartoon themes in history.

#38 - What's New Scooby-Do?: Not as iconic as it's predesessor,but it's still cool.

#37 - Kappa Mikey: Yet Another mediocre show with a cool theme song.

#36 - The Ghostbusters aka Filmation's Ghostbusters: Not as cool or as memorable as The Real Ghostbusters,but it's both fun and catchy.

#35 - Swat Kats: A high octane kickass song that so fits this show.

#34 - Garfield and Friends (3rd theme): A hip 90's song about Garfield himself. It's not as memorable as the 2nd theme,but it's still cool.

#33 - Beetlejuice: A fun song with a bit of freakiness to it.

#32 - Pro-Stars: A cool song about 3 of the greatest animated form.

#31 - The Karate Kid (the animated series): Another cool song from a mediocre series.

#30 - Mr.T (the animated series): Both Me and Mr.T pitty da foo' who don't like this song.

#29 - Danny Phantom: Going Ghost!

#28 - My Life as A Teenage Robot: A catchy song from one of Nickelodeon's greatest cartoons.

#27 - Invader Zim: This anthem represents Zim. Fear It, Filthy Earth Monkeys! Fear It!

#26 - Cow and Chicken: When Mama had a Chicken,She had a Cow. Dad was proud,He didn't care how.

#25 - I.M. Weasel: This fun song proves that you Don't need pants for the victory dance ('cuz baboon is better than weasel).

#24 - Fosters Home For Imaginary Friends: One word can easily describe this song: Quirky!

#23 - Static Shock: Even if you don't like rap,ya gotta give this song it's props.

#22 - Jackie Chan Adventures: This song is Jackie Chan Approved!

#21 - Wild C.A.T.S.: They're Heroes,Not Zeroes!

#20 - Johnny Bravo - Another fun theme from Cartoon Network's glory days.

#19 - Caddilacs and Dinosaurs: Awesome music with great monologuing.

#18 - Iron Man (season 2 of the 90's series): Short,but epic. I Am Iron Man!

#17 - Fantastic 4 (season 2 of the 90's series): A fun and catchy theme about the Fantastic 4.

#16 - Mortal Kombat: Defenders of the Realm: Kombat Time! Even the Haters will admit that this show had a good soundtrack.

#15 - Darkstalkers (the animated series): An epic theme for a not-so epic show.

#14 - Ren and Stimpy: The 3rd Nicktoon.

#13 - Beavis and Butt-Head (the original series): Short,but sweet.

#12 - Doug (nickelodeon version): The 1st Nicktoon.

#11 - Space Ghost: Coast to Coast: Live From The Ghost Planet!

#10 - Captain N: The Game Master: Welcome To Videoland!

#9 - Defenders of the Earth: Another awesome theme that's from an obsure 80's cartoon.

#8 - Spiral Zone: Yet another awesome theme that's from an obsure 80's cartoon.

#7 - Fat Albert: The 2nd and final song on this list that's from the 70's.

#6 - Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventures: Indeed,a most triumphant song.

#5 - Pole Position: And another awesome theme that's from an obsure 80's cartoon.

#4 - Pinky and The Brain: A very catchy song that's too tough to get out of your head.

#3 - Where on Earth is Carmen Sandiego: A catchy song about the world's greatest female thief.

#2 - Where's Waldo: A fun song from an obscure 90's cartoon.

#1 - The Real Adventures of Johnny Quest: An Awesome 90's update to the original Johnny Quest theme.

This list took a while,but I think I chose the themes wisely. Now remember this list was in no perticular order,so chill.

Well that's all for now,See you next time as I take on that stupid excuse for a Family Network,Discovery Family.

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RekkaDragonJay said...

Wow, that is a long list of cartoon themes. That's 100 earworms right there. And as far as the ProStars theme goes, I like the first theme better. I'll take We are ProStars better than ProStars Show Stars any day. Just sayin.'