Thursday, June 4, 2015

A Visualization of the Hub's demise and...why I like My Little Pony so much?!

Translation: Ponies Forever, Discovery NEVER!!

Hey there, Toonsters!

  This is blog I am writing is a personal one, and it's based on the dilemma we are dealing with. I know Stefan is not crazy about My Little Pony like I am, but it has to be done. But first, let me show you a couple of visualizations of the demise of the Hub Network itself.

Nikki Reed is like a Xenomorph, a parasite from within!
When Nikki Reed took over the Hub Network as programing manager, she destroyed it from within, just like the lifecycle of a Xenomorph from the Alien movies. It just sucked the ever lasting life out of the Hub and when October 14th came about, the embryo grew and came out like the parasite Discovery Family has become. Now, this next visualization is a personal one and it is tearing me apart. Before that, let me give you some backstory.

When I was a kid growing up, I am a fan of cartoons in the 80s, such as G.I. Joe and Transformers. But there was one other cartoon that came along with them and that was My Little Pony. Like the other two cartoons, MLP was based on the toyline, mostly for girls. Though I watched My Little Pony 'n Friends, (which included the GloFriends, Potato Head Kids and the Moondreamers cartoons), I wasn't much of a brony back then cause I was a fan of the other shows anyway.  Fast forward to 10/10/10 and the birth of the Hub Network and one of its launch titles was My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. Both that and Transformers Prime were the most popular shows on the network at the time. I was hesitant to watch it at first cause I wanted to watch the other shows, both modern and retro. Then, because of my experiences with both Sailor Moon and The Little Mermaid, I decided to give a shot. And despite being originally being aired towards girls, FiM became an awesome show for everybody, especially for families. So much so, the Brony fanbase was born and its as strong as the Moonie fanbase for Sailor Moon. But, like the episode of Batman: The Animated Series called Old Wounds, "Things Change." When Discovery Family came to be, MLP stood behind, not because of the reasons my brother in arms think, but by force, thinking Discovery can milk it all the way like NICK did with Fairly OddParents and SpongeBob Squarepants. For so long, more like 4 years, I have watched MLP and learned every lesson of friendship down the road. But now, with the advent of Discovery Family and with no retro shows or action cartoons to support, I am torn between my duties as an animation crusader and loving MLP, especially with Twilight Sparkle as my favorite character, her and her brother, Shining Armor, who reminds me of the Lone Ranger's steed, Silver. Not to mention making a promise to a young boy who was picked on because brought his Rainbow Dash bag to school. I pledged that I will vindicate Grayson Bruce and vindicate the very character the moral guardians had a field day with, Derpy Hooves, from all the wrongs these people have done to them.  Anyway, here is my next visualization:
This one speaks volumes. Where's Ty Pennington when you need him?!

The Hub Network's demise reminds me of the destruction of the Golden Oak Library. Twilight's library was more than just a library, but a symbol of hope. A symbol of what television represents, the best of two worlds, the past and the future. And when the library was destroyed, so is all hope for the Hub's future. Even if Twilight has a castle now, I will always think of the library as her home away from home.

The power-hungry tyrant and the fun-sucking succubus!

These are the two monsters responsible for the Hub's demise and replacing it with Discovery Family. Let's start with Nikki Reed. Let's cut to the chase. She is like the Changeling queen, Chrysalis, she is nothing but a succubus, who drains the fun out of the Hub, starting by removing the action shows. Stan Lee's Mighty 7 and that new Transformers cartoon would've been the Hub's salvation, but all that was taken away from us when her superiors from Discovery decided to take 10% from their 50/50 partnership from Hasbro and call the shots. Therefore, Mighty 7 was a one hit wonder and the new Transformers cartoon, which is titled like the anime itself, called Robots in Disguise, is on Cartoon Network. And judging from its track record, and even without Stuart Snyder aka Judge Snively Snyder, CN will do the same thing they did with Thundercats, Young Justice, Green Lantern and Beware the Batman, either put it on hiatus or cancel it after a season or 2. Why not?! Transformers: Robots in Disguise is on very early in the morning at 6 A.M. Saturdays.

But the removal of action cartoons on the Hub paled in comparison, when Discovery's boss, Henry Schleiff, gave it its final nail in the coffin. Meaning no more retro shows, no more action cartoons, just girly stuff and lots and lots of "Edutainment" that will make Litton Entertainment blush. And he is using the ponies as bargaining chips, just to force use to watch Discovery Family. Where am I going with this? Cause Schleiff reminds me of the very character who embodies the devil himself: Tirek. If you think he first appeared in season 4 of MLP, you are wrong. Tirek actually first appeared the old MLP pilot, entitled "Rescue at Midnight Castle." Tirek was a monster, the embodiment of the devil himself. Did I forget to mention that at the time, he was voiced by the guy was known as the narrator of all narrators, Victor Caroli, who did the narrations for the original Transformers cartoon. Anyway, fast forward to Friendship is Magic, this version of Tirek is a dangerous as his original counterpart. But he is still evil personified, just like the person I compared him with, Henry Schleiff. But there is one setback of their evil plot. Discovery, as a whole, is not invincible. Every since the rise of Discovery Family, their dirty laundry has become exposed to the world, mostly from the channel TLC. From Mama June dating a child molester to one of the Duggar kids molested his own siblings, TLC, nay, Discovery has suffered a major black eye or two. Still think killing off the Hub would make things better? You are a mess, in more ways than one.  Bottom line, Nikki Reed is a power hunger yeswoman/succubus while Henry Schleiff is...well...let me quote the Rock, when he made fun of Daniel Bryan, saying he is the offspring of a homeless lumberjack and a Oompa Loompa:

Oompa Loompa
Doopidy- Ding
You look like a troll
from Lord of the Rings!

Look, the truth of the matter is. Like Sailor Moon and The Little Mermaid, I love My Little Pony and I wouldn't lie if I said otherwise. I will never forget the life lessons I have learned from Twilight, Princess Celestia and every other pony I have grown accustomed to. And I know there is a season 5 and I know we got the internet to catch up. But until MLP moves to another channel or so, I will not watch it on Discovery Family as long as I have a breath to breathe.  Once I finish that script on that Derpy Hooves special and bring justice for both Derpy and Grayson Bruce, I will take a break from MLP for awhile until Twilight and the other ponies are free from the wrath of Lord Tirek/Henry Schleiff.

And now I will leave you with this meme. A symbol of what I am fighting for and undermine those who want animation permanently removed forever and convincing a select few to undermine free thinking people who want both the past and the future like me and Stefan. Because one things is for sure, whether it's Henry Schleiff, Nikki Reed, Cyma Zarghami, Phillipe Dauman, Stuart Snyder, Robert Iger, or any other corporate sleazeball, because they all have one thing in common:


(Arrow title card theme plays)

*Fade Out


Stefan said...

Jase,I've just realised that there is no decent place for Family/kids Cartoons made by Indipendent creators anymore. It's Horrible and Terrifying.

RekkaDragonJay said...

Yeah, sad but true. Like I said, that Transformers cartoon would've been the Hub's salvation but Tirek!Henry Schleiff put a halt to those plans when they decided to kill off the Hub. Now, it's on CN and since it's on Saturdays, WAY early in the morning, they will cancel it faster than they premiered it. And...don't be mad about me liking MLP. I have grown accustom to it in the same manner as Sailor Moon and The Little Mermaid. I had forsake watching season 5 just to fight this injustice, but I haven't given up on the promise I made to a crooked eyed pony named Derpy Hooves and a little brony named Grayson Bruce. Being an animation crusader not only sacrificing the things you like to fight against evil and injustice, but always keeps his word. "Promises made, promises kept," I always say, just like the symbolism of the Keyblade, Oathkeeper.

Stefan said...

True that,The Nick Networks are trash that don't deserve such animated gems, Cartoon Network and Boomerang are untrustworthy,and Bob Iger is uninterested in such things.

There is absolutely no place for refuge.