Sunday, June 28, 2015

Bob Iger Hates Brits

Bob Iger Really hates the British. Need proof? He had his cronies edit Dr.Who in a 4Kids-esque format,thus insulting many British...especially those who love the show and/or find the show sacred.

Plus this kiddiefied version airs many times a day. That's just wrong for So many reasons.

Plus,Iger knew Dr.Who wasn't for children,but he bought the airing rights anyway,just to stick it to the British. In a way Bob Iger is the new Al Khan.

So aside from hating Women,Geeks,Minorities,Cool Stuff,and Things Not From his Era (and the past in general). He also hates Brits. Is This the kind of man who should be running Disney!?

I Don't Think So!!!


RekkaDragonJay said...

So that's why it's on Disney XD. Thinking it might attract kids, too, Iger did the unthinkable and edit an otherwise mature themed show like Dr. Who. I know there is time travel in it, but there is no excuse for Iger to pull an Al Kahn and butcher it just like Kahn did to the animes on 4Kids.

Stefan said...

He still thinks Disney should be only for children