Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Bob Iger's Problem

Bob Iger is..

Out Of Touch
A Pedophile
A Fool
A Son of a Bitch
A Bastard
A Loser
Money Hungry
Creative Challenged
The Anti-Walt
The Worst Thing To Happen To Disney.

Want Proof?

1 - Many of the Ex-D-Com (disney channel sitcom) stars hate the Disney Channel.

2 - He will never do what's best for business,unless forced. We are sick of it. Time for a regime change.

3 - He developed a hard fetish for creating Live-Action remakes of classic Disney Cartoons...many of them Mediocre. And whats worse,He's actually commishining Sequals! Startting with the very mediocre movie,Maleficent! A Maleficent Squeal,Really Disney? REALLY?!. I swear,Bob Iger doing this to piss us off.

4 - K.C. Undercover and Girl Meets World are the ONLY worthy shows on the Disney Channel...that's just wrong. You can't sustain a Network with only 2 good shows. That's the reason why Disney Channel is so pathetic and dying

5 - More Teeny-Bopper crap is on the way to the Disney Channel..including Teen Beach 2 *facepalm* There Is no doubt anymore,Iger has a Teeny-Bopper fetish. And it's Sickening.

6 - Iger's Kiddie Show Fetish. Too many kiddie shows are being made by this company and that's just wrong. Disney is Family,not Kiddie..there's a difference.

7 - The X-Men..those poor,poor,Mutants. *starts to cry* Why did he have to bury you?

8 - The Fantastic 4. Don't worry,I still love you guys.

9 - The Bozo lacks Creativity.

10 - He continues to stick with the same old failed policies. And It's damn costly.

And there's your proof. Disagree? Then get back to Reality.

Y'know,I kinda wish Iger died rather than Dusty Rhodes.The world woud've been a slightly better place.


RekkaDragonJay said...

Yeah, Iger is starting to lose sight of reality. Which reminds me? When I can, I will do a list of the most hated corrupted corporate executives and why they ruin all media and make a select few follow their ways of life.

Stefan said...

Sounds great,can't wait to see this

Eduardo Ho said...

I guess it's because of movie rights from 20th Century Fox that Bob Iger has been neglecting the X-Men.