Wednesday, June 24, 2015

More Disney Show and Movie Ideas

Yo guys,it's now time for some more Disney Movie and TV Show Ideas by me. As usual,each Disney Movie Idea I present will be PG and PG-13 and the Shows will be TVPG - TV14. Now on to the Ideas.

Animated Shows:

Team Go Shorts - A Series of Shorts about The Misadventures of  Team Go from Kim Possible.

Nightfeather Duck - The Teenage Son of Drake Malard and Morgana Macabre fights crime. He narrates his own missions and battles(he is drake malards biological son afterall,so some sillieness is expected).

Magic Team Hyperwoman - A Sentai/Magical Girl Series. 5 american women (a straight woman,a rebel,a tomboy,an athlete,and a brain)with japanese decent are the modern day decendants of 5 Mystics,who battled a great evil back in Japan in the 1700's. However,the evil has been ressurrected by the perversion and evil of man and aims to continue his quest to conquer mankind.He moves to the U.S. to begin his conquest. In America,The decendents are chosen by A White Sage to become Hyperwomen and combat the evil Dark Master Akuma Daimao and his Youma Sages.

Fight Fighters - An Action-Comedy starring Rumble McSkirmish.

Disney's Wacky Wrestlefest - A wacky/cartoony action show starring Disney's Iconic characters as professional wrestlers. For pre-schoolers. (hey,gotta throw the little rug rats a bone)

The Adventures of Ralph and Venelope - Wreck-it Ralph and Venelope VonShweetz have adventures in various game worlds. Also starring Fix-It Felix and Sgt Calhoun.

Unnamed Sitcom - Disney's Answer To The Simpsons.

Pride Of The West: Cowboy Woody Pride battles despirados in the wild west in the year 1900. The Only cowboy who doesn't use a gun.

Marvelites: Using special stones,Teens and The Galactic Mafia harness the power of Marvel Heroes and villians by transforming into them..or atleast as them. Now,the forces of good and evil clash for control of all of the stones. The fate of Earth is in the balence.
Animated Movies:

Ichiro The Anime Guy - An Anime version of Wreck-It Ralph,basically. An Anime Character,who is sick of being ignored or used only as a Background character,wants to be a Great Anime Star. But on his mission to prove himself,he gets involved in a misadventure.

Untitled Jesus Movie - A Disney version of the Life,Death,and Ressurection of Christ. All set in the Disney Animated Canon.

Muppet Elders - The Muppets,aged,teach their craft to a new generation of Muppets,while remenising about past adventures.

Boba - Set in an AU. Boba Fett is hired by Darth Vader to capture Luke Skywalker and terminate the various Rebel cells. However,Boba has his own agenda,capture the Jedi and sell him to the highest bidder.
Live-Action Shows:

K.C. Undercover with Lab Rats - A Lab Rats/K.C. Undercover XOver Special.

The Proud Family - A Live-Action Remake of the Proud Family.
Live-action Movies:

I Got Nothin' XD

And that wraps it up. Seeya Space Cowboys.

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RekkaDragonJay said...

I like your new ideas, Stefan. Especially that spin-off show with Wreck-it-Ralph and Vanellope. That one deserves a TV show.