Monday, July 27, 2015

Disney Destiny League Bio - Lord Eigore

Well I think we all had enough of The Destiny League for A great while,so why don't we focus on their Evil Arch-Foes for a while? Let's talk about The Malace Kingdom shall We? For those not in the know,the Malace Kingdom are the 1st set of Villians that the Destiny League tangle with. They comprise of: The Bogus Brothers(Ehn,Jhay,khey) aka Sentai From Hell,Mystica Alyxia the Wizard,Lady Virus the Vain and Egotistical Knight who sings (badly),Zerk and Erodie the Annoying Twins and Professional Toadies,and finally,Lord Eigore the Evil Master Mind behind it all.

Today we take a look at Lord Eigore. Well,let's not waste any time.

Background: Eigore grew up on Planet Diz and his family was one of the very few "human" families on the planet (which was 80% anthropormorphic animals). During his childhood,he quickly learned how to be sneaky and decietful from Satan himself(satan NOT chernabog,he's satan's underling). Other than this,not much is known about his childhood.  In Adult Hood,Eigore,via deception and cheating,gained a position as King Mickey II's #2,though his son Mikey,saw right through him. When The King Died,his son became the King of Planet Diz. The 1st thing the new King Did was banish Eigore,before he had a chance to cause a coup. Eigore was banished into the Island of the Fallen,where he meets up with Satan,who gives him the power to create his own army and minions,so that he can take over the Planet. After creating his army and minions,Eigore returns to the Kingdom to start a War. The War was chaotic and..Eigore's forces won. After killing The King(or so they thought they did),Eigore renames Planet Diz,Planet Malace and the Kingdom,The Malace Kingdom. Under Eigore's rule,the Planet became a cesspool of Ignorance and Greed...not to mention Bad Music. A month after his Conquest,Eigore decides to conquer more planets..starting with Earth.

Appearance And Gear: A fair skinned human with short black hair. He currently wears a black robe,with blue armor under it. He has a Staff that can create life..artificial life,but life nevertheless.

Personality: He's an egomaniac who greedy and selfish and racist and money-hungry and close-minded and ruthless and deciteful and creative challenged.

Sidestory: Eigore decides to conquer Earth and leaves the decimated Planet Diz for it. When he comes to Earth,he is opposed by the newly formed hero group,The Destiny League. Now,The Malace Kingdom and the Destiny League are battling for the fate of both Earth and Universe.

That does it for this Bio. So for now,The Villians will be the focus of these Bios,starting with the Malace Kingdom.

See you next time with more epicness from The ACF. See Ya Space Cowboy. 

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Nice one! And wasn't suppose to be spelled, "Igor", at take from Iger's name, but dropped the "E" and replace it with a "O"? Just saying.