Thursday, July 2, 2015

Disney Destiny League Bio - Rayjin (Disney Animated Canon)

Before I begin with this Bio,I have a small message:

Ben Sherwood is a Brainless Asshole!

Now,back to our Bio!

Background: Rayjin is the 2nd son of God,and the last one born from the same Ophanim as his Elder Brother,Eisneroth. The Orphanim in question turned on God,by joining Lucifer's rebellion. But We'll talk about that another time. Rayjin was chosen by his father to be Guardian of Earth. As Guardian,it's Rayjin's job to indirectly protect the world by organising Heroes and other Do-Gooders..or atleast warn them about the evils that await them. As of late,Rayjin has aided the Destiny League in the battle against evil..especially The Malace Kingdom and it's Ruler,Eigore.

Appearance And Gear: A tall silver haired sage wearing blue boots and a blue hooded robe. In his battle gear,he sheds his robe to reveal a white sleeveless shirt,baggy ninja-like pants,blue boots,blue arm bands,and a blue sash. In both of these forms he is pupeless and wields a staff. In his Hyper Form,Rayjin has spikey animesque silver hair,gains a yellow scarf,a blue bodysuit,and white gloves. He also gains a silver sword and a visor. Being the Son of God,Rayjin has almost unlimited power and immortality. He can teleport himself and others,use telepathy,and cryogenecly freeze people. He's also a master warrior.

Personality: Rayjin is a serious guy,who always focuses on his job. He is wise and powerful and will always be honest about his opinions. He does,however,have a bit of a sence of humor.

Sidestory: Feeling that the various heroes of the past could be useful in the future,Rayjin cryogenetically freezes them. And When The Malace Kingdom invades Earth in 2050,Rayjin unfreezes the heroes and makes them into a team. After training them,he sends them into battle. Whenever an Ultimate Crisis arises,Rayjin himself jumps into battle. And when things really get tough Rayjin unleashes his Hyper Mode.

And that is Rayjin in nutshell. Now keep in mind,This version is From the Disney Animated Canon and Not The 2nd Animated Canon (aka the television canon,where the shego series takes place)

See you next time with another Destiny League character bio. See Ya Space Cowboy.  

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RekkaDragonJay said...

Wow! You took the idea from the Dekaranja version and made it your own. Impressive!

Stefan said...

I thought I'd compromise with you for this version of Rayjin

RekkaDragonJay said...

That's sounds great. If it's alright I could still use my version of Rayjin for my stories? Besides, I thought he looked good in red, while my animated version of myself wears blue. You know, Red Oni, Blue Oni, like TV Tropes once said.