Thursday, July 23, 2015

Robert Iger,Giving A Big F-You To Disney's Past!

The recent announcement of 'The Sword and The Stone' and 'Aladdin' Live-Action Remakes has got me scared for Disney's Future. Why Live-Action?! Why not remake all of these Classic Movies in Animated Form?! Why remake such Classics at all?! Then there's the other Classic Franchises being turned into Pre-School crap? Why? Why Is This Happening?!

Answer: Bob Iger wants to re-write Disney's history,because he hates it.

Any Franchises not from His own Era,Iger will either mangle it or ignore all together. This is so wrong on so many levels.

When Bob Iger took over,he wasn't all that bad. However,in the years that followed,he began revealing his true nature. First thing he did was turn The Disney Channel into a Network for Tweenage Girls. That Is NOT what that network was intended for! It was made for Families and young people of All Ages. Not Tweenage Girls!

Next,he turned Toon Disney into Jetix the channel,basically. Jetix took up 80% of the Network. That was just stupid,Jetix should've stayed as a 3-4 hour was way better that way. And when Toon Disney became Disney XD,None of the classics returned.

The absolute worst part is that none of the non-Iger Era stuff has been aired since. Sure some classic Disney movies air on Disney Jr. and ABC Family,but only a select few and not the entire Disney Movie Library. Thats so wrong.

Even more wrong,is that sometimes Iger will only air these classics if it's to promote Disney's current products. Pathetic.

Iger Sucks,there's no denying and he loves giving Disney's past a Big F-You. If he sees no use for a past movie or show,he's never gonna air it. That's why Gargoyles and other Disney Afternoon shows have never been re-aired.

So much for remembering that it all started with a mouse,huh? Yeah,he's toddler fodder now. Poor Mickey.

Speaking of traditions,Disney was mainly founded in Animation,yet Iger pissed on that tradition,by going a mostly Live-Action route. Shameful!

Bob Iger can't stand anything that's not from his own Era and will only do the right thing if it makes him money(no matter how much) Or if he's forced to do it.

Walt is so gonna brutalize him in the afterlife.

Well,that's it for this article. Next up it's Jason's List of Corrupt Executives,followed by More Destiny League Bios,this time of the Villians.

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RekkaDragonJay said...

Iger is a boob, plan and simple!

Eduardo Ho said...

Worst! Iger has become Maleficent's puppet.

RekkaDragonJay said...

Actually, more like Chernabog's puppet.