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Top 10 Corrupt Corporate Executives (aka People Who Are Against Everything Cool and Just!!)

"Men like Walker are obsessed with getting their own way and they don't let little things like the law stop them." - Batman, from the BTAS episode, "Deep Freeze".

Throughout history, we enjoy the things we like, gaming, wrestling, online videos, and of course, animation, particularly American cartoons and Japanese anime.  But, there are some, who supported us in the beginning (or they never supported us in the beginning at all), ended up pulling a 180 and manipulate the system for their own base ends, just to appease the FCC and all those moral guardians, who thinks the things we like should be outlawed, including animation.  They claim they are doing this for us, nice business people, giving us people what we want, what we like. But deep down, their charity and goodwill is nothing but a front, a charade, for their true motives. To make matters worse, there are some people in this world who rather be lazy and live in a world where greed, deception, politics, abuse of power and corruption are the law of the land than to be free thinkers like me and Stefan. They are known as the "Select Few," those who rather be slaves to the system than to think independently. Like this example in that same episode from Batman: The Animated Series, where Batman and Robin confronts the evil Walt Disney expy, Grant Walker:

Walker: "Every time I open a park, I get gatecrashers."

Batman: "We've seen your insane vision of the future, Walker."

Walker: "My world will have no crime, violence or pain."

Robin: "You could add free will to that list, too!"

Walker: "A small price to pay for order."

Batman: "Your order, for your select few!"

Walker: "Excuse me, but I fail to see the problem with that!"

See what I mean? These people are exactly the same like Walker. That is why I present to you my Top 10 list of the most corrupt corporate executives and why we re-vile these so-called people because of the actions they have committed in their quest to suppress the stuff we like and not to mention, suppress free speech, too. Let's get started, shall we?

10. Vince McMahon:  The owner and chairman of the World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE), formerly the World Wrestling Federation (WWF). The son of Vincent J. McMahon, Sr., Vincent Kennedy McMahon was once one of the most respectable business people that I know. When I first saw the guy, he looked like any other person I know, nice and kind. So much so, he use to do commentary on Superstars of Wrestling back then and back when Monday Night RAW was getting under way. Vince has done it all, including giving us one of the greatest events of all of wrestling, WrestleMania. It was like this in the late 80s and throughout the 90s he was sane. That is until the one incident that has shown the whole world another side of Vince McMahon himself. And that incident was known as the Montreal Screwjob, where Bret "Hitman" Hart was screwed out of the title because Vince didn't want him to leave with the title (which is not true, Vince was afraid that Bret wanted more money or so he thinks). Because of that, and into the Attitude Era, where the likes of Stone Cold Steve Austin and the Rock reigned supreme, Vince McMahon went from a timid and respective businessman to the ruthless, cold-blooded, psychotic corporate shark that we know today, not just in the ring, but in real life, too. Because of his new persona, he doesn't want anyone to call him Vince, he wants everyone to call him, Mr. McMahon. Like Mister is his official first name now. Try to imagine he would legally change his name from Vince to Mister. That would the sign of the Apocalypse right there. Anyway, since then, he allowed the WWE to become more kid-friendly in nature, ever since his wife, Linda, once ran for political office, making it less violent and more fake. You see, it's not just Vince, but his offspring are as ruthless as he is, including his son, Shane, his daughter Stephanie and of course, his son-in-law, Triple H (Why did you cut your long locks, Trips! That is part of your character!). If there was going to be a movie about his life, Willem Dafoe would be a shoo-in for playing Vince. Why not? Dafoe did a great job as the Green Goblin in the first Spider-Man movie, bringing out both the good hearted nature of Norman Osborn and the sick, sadistic nature of the Goblin. That is why I like to call Vince McMahon, "Mr. McGoblin," because he reminds me of the Green Goblin.

The truth, though I despise him now, he is small potatoes cause I don't watch much WWE like I use to. That's why I watch New Japan Pro Wrestling now. This is much exciting that the WWE and possibly TNA every was.

Bottom line, from a nice person to a ruthless madman, Vince McMahon will chew up and spit you out, but not before uttering the two little words he stole from Mr. Spacely from the Jetsons and Donald Trump himself...


9. Anne Sweeney: From 1996 to 2014, Anne Marie Sweeney ran all of Disney Media. And in the years where Bob Iger was CEO of Disney, she got much worst. She once, for the good of all viewers at the time, extended all the Disney media with original channels, including SOAPnet. Those networks have since went underground, never to be heard from again. But to make matters worse, She has ruined the very networks that were awesome way before she came around. She ruined Disney Channel, ABC Family (complete with Tween and Teen Dramas that has nothing to do with family and making that deluded priest, Pat Robertson proud) and, worst of all, killed off Toon Disney and replaced it with Disney XD, where our action shows are either cancelled or aired in the mornings . Stefan once referred to her as "The Retard Queen," a take that she is next in line for the next Queen of Hearts. Which means, if you question her business decisions, she will and I quote, "Off with your heads!". And with a name like Sweeney, it doesn't sound so sweet, but don't take my word for it.

Bottom line, Anne Sweeney is an example of why women of business are not immune to the trappings of power. And believe me, she ain't the only one who isn't immune. And even with Ben Sherwood calling the shots now, there isn't a decent person in the Disney Universe left who can turn this company around. We're doomed. (facepalm)

8. Nikki Reed: Another woman of business, who embraced the trappings of power. She use to work for Disney, alongside Anne Sweeney (Surprise, surprise!) until replacing Donna Epps and became the new head of programming of the once proud Hub Network, which has since became extinct like the dinosaurs. She came to the Hub while the network itself was awesome. But no sooner she worked at the Hub, she systematically removed the action cartoons and making it more kiddie like, fearing that action cartoons do not follow the core family programming of the network itself. As I stated before in my last blog on my visualization of the Hub's death, she is like Queen Chrysalis, she is nothing but a power hungry succubus, who drains the fun out of you and the Hub itself, just to feed her subjects nothing but "Edutainment." And even after the rise of Discovery Family, Nikki Reed continues to run its programming line-up, but serves a higher power, even greater that her.

7. Alfred R. Kahn: This next one is a blast from the past, NOT! Like he is ever liked, ever. This guy needs no introduction. Al Kahn was once the head honcho of 4Kids Entertainment, which has since become synonymous with butchering and editing Japanese anime, including Pokemon ,Yu-Gi-Oh!, One Piece, Mew Mew Power aka Tokyo Mewmew, and Ultimate Muscle aka Kinnikuman Nisei. Not only he has removed anything Japanese related out of every single anime, but he once said that the reason kids read less was all because of manga. Of course that statement he said was not true. Kahn is to 4Kids what Shang Tsung is to Mortal Kombat. He will drain your soul and become his slave. But, his mad dream ended when 4Kids went under. But at the time 4Kids was an empire of shattered dreams, his name will forever be etched in infamy.


6. Neal Tiles: What's worse than guy that hates anime? A guy who doesn't want anything to do with video games.  Even since becoming the president and CEO of the videogame network, G4 in 2005, replacing Charles Hirschhorn, he turned the network from the "Val Halla of Video Games", to a carbon copy of SpikeTV, with nothing but COPS and Cheaters reruns. Killing off every, single original video game and tech-related content this network suppose to represent, leaving Attack of the Show (which is a dumb name of a show, and dumb show to boot) and X-Play (which has become the Anti-Judgment Day with unfair and bias reviews, even if an underrated game is good and awesome) the only shows on the air at the time. Tiles is to G4 like Al Kahn is to 4Kids. And picture them together, ruining both gaming and anime. Talk about a Deadly Alliance right there. Although he has resigned and then the network went 6ft. under, at the time Neal Tiles was in charge of G4, he never intended to keep up with tradition with all gamers...he just want to kill it off permanently.

5. Robert Iger: Ever since taking over Disney, replacing Michael Eisner, Bob Iger has done more harm to the company than good. True, he has saved PIXAR, Marvel and Lucasfilm for uncertainty, but did he save Disney as a whole? No, he has not. He has people do his bidding, including Anne Sweeney and Ben Sherwood. From ruining every Disney network to cancelling awesome shows like Tron: Uprising to making Ariel a target for the anti-Little Mermaid crowd to forsaking Mickey Mouse and friends and to making it more teeny-bopper related and not to mention pulling an Al Kahn and edit Doctor Who for its Disney XD airings, Iger has turned the Happiest Place on Earth into a dark, dank underworld, where his lord and master is named Chernabog. Which was the basis of Igor the Terrible, a character for not just Stefan's Destiny League stories, but also for my stories of my animated self, where Igor forms an alliance with the V-Syndicate. Even though we got a few gems like Tangled, Wreck-it-Ralph and Frozen, the rest of Disney itself is nothing but a wasteland of broken promises. You know what I wish? I wish John Lasseter was the head of the Walt Disney Company, not Bob Iger.

4. Stuart Snyder: Ever since the Boston Bomb Scare and the resigning of Jim Samples as president and CEO of Cartoon Network, Stuart Snyder has systematically destroyed what the network's true demographic was: All cartoons, all the time. His list of crimes include, putting live action shows, killing off Toonami and being anti-action by removing action cartoons by either putting them in hiatus or cancelling them altogether (e.g. Thundercats and Young Justice). His anti-animation stance, combined with his sexist statements about action cartoons, made fans like myself as the real life version of Judge Doom, which I call him Judge Snively Snyder, a character that will be in my stories. His goal is the same as Judge Doom's, but building freeways is not his goal. Not only he would build his own utopia called "Snyderville," but also he plans to take out those who resist him, including the Thundercats (not the original, but the 2011 versions, and just Lion-O and Tygra. The other Thundercats were turned to stone by Snyder). Don't believe me? These pictures from TV Tropes will prove otherwise:

"I'll catch the Thundercats and the Martian girl (Miss Martian). And I will try them, convict them...and EXECUTE them."

Anyway, bottom line, even if he resigned, Snyder's dark, anti-animated sediment will live on in other companies, such as Disney, Discovery and especially Nickelodeon. However, even in defeat, he still had the last laugh on us, when he rebranded Boomerang, making it 24/7 Scooby-Doo/Tom & Jerry/Garfield network with a side of Chowder and Teen Titans GO! So, no more action shows or classic cartoons on Boomerang. He has "dipped" what's left of all the nostalgia Cartoon Network has left behind. Bill Hanna and Joe Barbera are rolling in their graves over this. Speaking of Nickelodeon...

3. Cyma Zarghami: Since becoming president of the Kids of Family Group division of Nickelodeon on January 5, 2006, one year after Viacom's downward spiral began, of all the businesswomen that are attracted to the trappings of power, Cyma Zarghami was the worst. Not only giving us nothing but terrible live action shows, but milking of other properties like Dora the Explorer, SpongeBob Squarepants and Fairly OddParents (make it STOP!), making Nick Jr. more adult themed at nighttime, putting good cartoons like The Legend of Korra and TMNT six feet under and most disturbing of all, pulling a Stuart Snyder and put live action shows on NickToons. Between her, Phillipe Dauman and Russell Hicks, she is the worse of the trio who wants Nickelodeon built under their image. Zarghami is nothing but a slimy, sneaky, snake in a grass. And if she was a cartoon character, she should be, since she is effected by the same mutagen that turned Karai into a human/snake hybrid (Poor Karai, she was cute back then before turned into a snake by the Shredder).  Why do think people like Nikki Reed and Anne Sweeney are that bad? It is all because of Zarghami. You just can't trust a pretty face who is a businesswoman. They will stab you in the back, when you least aspect it.

2. Henry Schleiff: Man, oh, man. Now we're getting somewhere. This guy is much worse than Al Kahn and Stuart Snyder combined. The president of most of the channels owned by Discovery Communications. I never even heard of the guy until the one incident that changed television forever and that was the death of the Hub Network and the rebirth of Discovery Family, which he runs now. And one of the few people who don't understand the balance of television. He killed off the Hub just like Tirek destroyed the Golden Oak Library, Twilight Sparkle's home away from home. He doesn't like the fact that he doesn't want a channel that has both classic shows and modern shows aired at the same time. And his last name, guess what it rhymes with? That's right, Tirek! So much, I now call him "Tirek" Schleiff because if can destroy the hopes and dreams of a well balanced channel, imagine he can do by destroying a brony fanbase whose trust was betrayed. I should know, I am one of those bronies whose trust was betrayed. Bottom line, Schleiff is like Tirek. He is evil to the core and don't care about what we think. And once again...


 Before I will get my number one, here are a few:


Eric Bischoff: Like Vince McMahon, he started off timid and kind, until the NWO wrecked havoc in WCW and he joined them. And since then, he became one of the most hated people in not just in wrestling, but in all life. True, he was creative (e.g. Elimination Chamber), but his sneaky, weasely persona is what make every wrestling fan want to punch him in the face, seeing they could knock all his teeth out. "Controversy Creates Cash," huh? That guy has caused more controversy than all the cash he make.

Phillipe Dauman: The president of Viacom itself. But all the controversial choices he makes were not from his own thoughts alone. He serves a higher power greater than he is. What he says, he does it. But when paired up with Cyma Zarghami and Russell Hicks, he helped ruined ever single Viacom themed network like there was no tomorrow. He is nothing but a yes man, in an army of yes men who serve an even bigger corrupt executive. Which leads to...

1. Sumner Redstone: Since 1971, and continues after the division in 2005, Sumner Redstone controls all of Viacom and everything in between. You know why people like Zarghami, Dauman and Hicks ruin our favorite networks, it is all because of him. From going after Google over copyrights on YouTube, to bribing every company, including foreign ones like Toei (of Dragon Ball and Sailor Moon fame), that we innocent users are infringing copyrights, Redstone has robbed us of our first amendment rights to post videos, regardless of copyrights. From MTV showing reality shows more than music videos, to Comedy Central and BET more political, to making NickToons more like Cartoon Network with live action shows and Nickelodeon itself be more silly and more teeny-bopper like those of the Disney Channel, Redstone lets his people do what he wants and he doesn't care what happens to them. You see, he is like the Master Control Program from TRON. Under Redstone, Viacom started as a distributor for classic shows and cartoons. 5 decades later, it has become a media empire, an empire on the verge of collapse. You see, Redstone was my inspiration of the main villain of my stories I will write. Originally, I called him Master "V", but now, I give him his official name, Lord Vengestar (a take on the words Vengeance and Star), the lord and master of the V-Syndicate, his empire destined to destroy the animated world and re-created it as a world with little to no animation whatsoever. Most of the time, he is either hiding in the shadows and let his minions like Vlad Plasmius do his bidding or sits on his throne, clad in his armor with a hooded cloak, hiding his face, seeing nothing but his yellow eyes, which flashes red when he gets angry or getting ready for battle. Anyway, It is all Redstone's fault, letting his company fall apart by his top people, including Zarghami. I liked Viacom better when it was a distribution company. It started small, and it's going to end small. And Redstone will fall, too, for all the sins he had committed on us.

And there you have it. The Top 10 Corrupt Corporate Executives that has ruined Pop Culture, Nostalgia and ever cool and just. Next time, (after I take my one month vacation), I will do a follow up. Only this time, it will on the Top 10 Pioneers of Animation and All Media, who are the opposites of those execs I have mentioned. Until next time, Stay frosty, my friends your backs!

(Forze del Male from Kingdom Hearts plays)

*Fade Out

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