Friday, August 7, 2015

Stefan's Top 10 Corrupt (or really stupid) Executives

Jason's list on Corrupt Corporate Executives has inspired me to make my own. The people that are listed here either Corrupt or Stupid......or both.

Dishonorable Mentions:

Al Khan - Now I didn't mind his organisation,4Kids dubbing as long as it was Anime that no one cared for(like sonic x). 4Kids' history of unnessesary censorship and xenophobia will always be their greatest flaw...a flaw that got them put out of business. But,my biggest gripe with Al Khan and 4Kids Entertainment is that they Hijacked Saturday Morning TV. When Kids WB went under(thanks to network stupidity from the CW),4Kids Entertainment bought the block and redubbed it CW4Kids. Because of this 4Kids became the Only true SatAM block around. Their domination woukd continue until they went bankrupt. Al Khan gets the lowest spot on this 'Dishonorable Mention' list is because: 1 - 4Kids Entertainment is Dead. And 2 - I've forgiven him.

Haim Saban - Once One of the Greatest Names in kids entertainment,is now a Sell-Out and a Loser.

Margaret Loesch - This woman used to be cool. After all,she Was the architect behind Fox Kids. But ever since she began running The Hub Network,she changed for the worst. She got lazy and pathetic. Plus,She let Nikki Reed run wild. What the Hell Happened to You,Maggie?

Eric Bischoff - His Ego,along with Hulk Hogan's,practically destroyed WCW. His backstage politics were infamous.

Capcom Japan - The worst of the 'Dishonorable Mentions'. Just like Sega, Capcom was once an awesome force in the 80's and 90's. Also like Sega,this company has now fallen. These guys keep getting worse every year. Most of their games nowadays are quality challenged. They also treat the Mega Man franchise like crap....crap that is only used to make a quick buck.

And Now Our Featured List!
#10 - The Execs at YouTube: I don't know their names,and I don't care. These guys are a bunch of Stupid Cowards, who are Always trembling before the bulling tactics of the Greedy,Disrespectful,and Ignorant Media Companies. To those Companies,Fair-Use is something that only the Uneducated made up! YouTube claims it's "For the People,By the People". Unfortunately,since 2008,that's become Bullshit!

#9 - The Evil Assholes Who Run Viacom: I'm not gonna name names,because I don't know who currently runs the company (and i don't care). This will be aimed at all those who ran Viacom from 1997-Now. They turned MTV into a haven for retarded young adults. They dumbed down Comedy Central and BET by making them political. They turned VH1 into a clone of MTV. They made Nickelodeon really pathetic. They turned TVLand into a sick joke. And SpikeTV is Trash! The Spin-Off Networks are either just as Bad or Even Worse! Viacom has fallen hard! And I gave up caring about these losers a while ago.

#8 - Nikki Reed: She's Braindead! Thanks to her,the Hub Network was never able to realize it's full potential. This Brainless Loser was told by her bosses that the Hub Network needed to cater to Small Children and Girls more,so she obeyed without question and did just that. Because of her brainlessness,Nikki Reed turned the ONLY alternative to Nickelodeon,Cartoon Network,and Disney into the very thing we Didn't want! She should've Never been hired in the 1st place.Period!

#7 - Henry Schleiff: The Mastermind behind Discovery Family. The man who removed all of the uniqueness of the Hub and turned it into yet another generic Discovery Network. Like we really needed that! Discovery Family is both empty and a Zombie. No wonder this dead network hasn't died yet!

#6 - David Zaslav - President and CEO Discovery Communications (since 2007). He is the True  astermind behind the decimation of Discovery's Networks. This is the man who hired Henry Schleiff and Nikki Reed in the first place. And is likely the one behind the Bastardization of Animal Planet. So he's Definitely not innocent.

#5 - Jim Samples: In Early 2005,Samples crossed over to the dark side. First he started bringing in and over promoting the Canadian shows. Next,he introduced an Unneeded Pre-School Block. Then,he introduced radical ideological programming to Adult Swim,making the block mostly horrible. He even pushed Live-Action content. Granted the Live-Action stuff were mainly promos and stuff,but it was still wrong to do this. Live-Action has no right to be on an All Animation Network. The only exceptions to this should be the Commercials. Thanfully,for the most part,he left Boomerang alone. But things would only get worse for Cartoon Network as time went on. Which leads me to the next Jackass.

#4 - Stuart Snyder: And now we're at the Final 4. And No,I Ain't Talking About Basketball! I'm talking about 4 of the Absolute Worst Entertainment Executives Ever! Like Stuart Snyder here.Ah,Stewie Snyder,the monster who made Cartoon Network and Boomerang Worse. The first thing he did was maintain the status quo set by Jim Samples in 2005. He then added even more Canadian Crap to the Line-up. And Adult Swim got more radical ideological trash. Next,he refused to improve Boomerang,leaving it a near wasteland of inconsistancy. The next big thing he did was his most infamous...He Introduced Live-Action Programming to Cartoon Network! This was a hard punch in the groin for long time Cartoon Network fans. But things just got worse from there: Adult Swim got bigger (and more retarded),Boomerang got worse with inconsistant line-ups and terrible program direction,Ben 10 got milked for all it was worth(even airing on boomerang),Starting a retarded (and fruitless) Anti-Bulling Campaign,and of course,Canning decent shows like Thundercats 2k11. He hated good cartoons,thats why Regular Show,Gumball,and Adventure Time stayed. Those shows are mediocre. If they were good,they would've been canned a long time ago. Same goes for the Ben 10 franchise,which was also mediocre. In 2012,Stuart Snyder gave up on his Live-Action Programming,but at the same time he F-ed Up Boomerang. With the mediocre and horrible Snyder-era shows,the annoying Anti-Bulling PSA's,and the terrible Program Direction, Boomerang was on the verge of death. Like Bob Iger,Stuart Snyder hated the past and he re-enforced his feelings by commissioning Bastardizations of 2 beloved franchises: Teen Titans and The Looney Tunes. They were Teen Titans Go and The Looney Tunes Show. As his final act of evil,Snyder purposely botched the Boomerang re-boot,making it even worse than it already was. Soon after,Snyder left Cartoon Network. Now,you'd think that his successor would make things better...Well Think Again! The current state of Cartoon Network and Boomerang is both pitiful and sickening! Cartoon Network is Dead to Me! Dead To Me!!!!! But,Stewie Snyder isn't the most Vile..oh,no. No,that honor belongs to the Final 3 Entries on this List! 

#3 - Ben Sherwood - This Piece of Brainless trash refuses to correct the mistakes of his predecessor and sometimes even makes them worse. The latest example of this,is the recent day long Marathon of Fish Hooks. Yeah,Fish Hooks,Disney's absolute Worst animated show,is still airing. While Kim Possible,one of it's finest,continues to get pissed on. That is disrespectful to the fans and terrible for the Network. It's also the reason Sherwood's on this list. Ben Sherwood is nothing more than Anne Sweeney 2.0. What A Tool!

#2 - Anne Sweeney: The Retard Goddess. One of the Main Architects(with bob iger) of Hannah Montana Mania and the Disney Nightmare. Under Bob Iger,Sweeney was allowed to run wild with Disney's Networks. The Retard Goddess began her reign of terror when turned the Disney Channel from a Family Network into a Haven for Stupid Little Girls and Babys. Iger loved what he saw and told his minion to continue. Sweeney then turned ABC Family into a network for Stupid Teenage Girls and Retarded Women. She turned Toon Disney into Jetix the Channel (complete with canadian shit shows). She then buried the Classics(bob iger's orders).And then She created a 24/7 Pre-School Network. Needless to say,Iger loved what he was seeing(that's why she was never fired). Thanks to the Retard Goddess,people lost trust in the Disney Networks. Not Good! Anyways,Anne Sweeney left the company just recently,but her legacy still lives on through Ben Sherwood,who likely was/is a fan of Sweeney's Retarded work.

#1 - Bob Iger: Bet everyone saw This coming! Disney has the greatest potential and this Jackass just wastes it on a daily basis. Because of him,Disney is now a souless,untrustworthy company that Only cares about money. It's like Iger is Seto Kaiba and he's all like: Screw The Rules,I Got Money! Seriously,Ignorance and Greed is what Disney is all about nowadays under Bob Iger. The biggest proof lies within it's Theme Parks. And,previously,Hannah Montana Mania (aka one of the most disgusting things ever). Bob Iger also really hates Disney's past,trying to rewrite it the way he wants it. Sure he saved Pixar,bought Marvel and Star Wars,but His Screw-ups greatly overshadow those things. Bob Iger will only do what's best for buisness if it'll make him money...or if he's forced to do it. Bottom line,Bob Iger was the Worst thing to happen to Disney since...Ever! And because of this,He's #1 on this list.

Well that does it for this list. Next up, either more Destiny League Malace Kingdom bios or something else. Until then.....

See Ya,Space Cowboy!


RekkaDragonJay said...

Wow! It is like we are from different universe. Me against Redstone and Viacom, and you against Iger and Disney. Despite the differences of enemies, at least our cause is the same, the vindication for all animation.

Stefan said...

Yeah,but I think my pics were logical,wouldn't you agree?

RekkaDragonJay said...

Yeah, I guess. Shoot, I was going to use some of the people you've mention on my Top 10 Pioneers of Animation list when I get back. You know, the ones who started off good and decent, only to end in failure. But, I want to focus on the good on people like Margaret Loech. I will take care of the bad parts in it when I write the blog when I get back. (snaps fingers)

Stefan said...

Well,good luck with it Buddy. I'm looking forward to it.