Thursday, September 17, 2015

Is A Male Sailor Senshi Possible?

It's been a long long time since I did Anything Sailor Moon related. So here we go.

The topic at hand is: Can There Be Male Sailor Senshi? I say Why not? Yes,I know,Naoko Takaeuchi explicitly said that only Females can be Sailor Senshi. However,Akira Toriyama said the same thing about Super Saiyan's,and that only full-blooded and half-blooded Saiyans can become one. But,recently,that's not the case anymore,as confirmed by Recent episodes of Dragon Ball Super,Pan can become a Super Saiyan.

And if a 1/4th Saiyan can become a Super Saiyan,I don't see why a Guy can't become a Sailor Senshi. Of course their costumes would be completely different,but still have the look and feel of a Sailor Soldier uniform. And instead of "Make UP" as part of the Henshin phrase,it'll be "Suit UP" for the guys.

In conclusion,a Male Sailor Senshi would be revolutionary. Here's hoping to see at least 1 in the future of the franchise. 

That's gonna do it for now. I wanna know what my fellow Moonies think? Should there be a Male Sailor Soldier? 

Anyway,next time on ACF: Jason's "Top 10 Animation Pioneers". Followed by,"What Should Have Been: Cartoon Network." Then It's "The SatAM Block Rater"

Until then, See Ya, Space Cowboy. 

Friday, September 11, 2015

The ACF Remembers September 11th.

14 years ago, a group of Islamists declared war on America, damaging the Pentagon and destroying the World Trade Center in the process. After all that, those soulless killers are still killing innocent people, just like the Terminator, who is a soulless killing machine. But, we will NOT be bullied by a bunch of terrorists who think that killing people will solve all the world's problems! We are America, man! We are resilient and strong to boot. Whether it's animation or in real life, one thing is for certain: Freedom WILL prevail! Never forget those who died on this dreadful day, 14 years ago today.

This has been an ACF Special Bulletin.

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Fixing A Problem: An Ultimate Boss Special.

Bad News! Once again Canadian stuff is gonna be airing on Disney XD. Worse news,Thanks to the Extremely shitty program direction (thanks to ben sherwood) thkse shows are gonna be on A lot. As in mini-marathons and multiple airings a day.

It's Sickening. And Ben Serwoods to Blame! As is Bob Iger,for not allowing Disney's classic shows to air as line-up placeholders. I Hate it when International shows (except for anime) get mixed in with American shows. It's a total pet peeve of mine.

Thankfully,I have a Perfect solution to this. One that will benefit All parties.

A specialised Block just for Canadian shows. It's just That simple! The block will run for 3 hours every weekend. And the best part..These shows will Only be aired during this block.

Awesome! The block will be named Maple Leaf TV. Between the shows,the hosts will teach people all about Canada. Nifty idea,eh!

Plus bi-yearly Contests,Questions to the hosts,and More.

So,who exactly is gonna host this thing? Well,that's a great question. Obviously they'd have to be Canadian.  Jason would know of some cool hosts.

Nice Idea,huh? Damn shame Sherwoods too brainless to realise that this idea is great. Plus,Bob Iger Never listens to the people,so the chances of this idea being implemented are extremely slim.

On a completely related topic,Disney should totally buy DHX Media. XD

Well this about does it for this Special edition of The Ultimate Boss.

See ya Space Cowboy!

Sunday, September 6, 2015

A Shocking Revelation! Three Shows on the Hub cut after the rise of Discovery Family!

Hey there, Toonsters!

    This is Rekka Dragon Jay, back from vacation and rearing to go! Before I go do my thing and all that, guess what I uncovered that will shock you, especially if you were a fan of the now deceased Hub Network.

  As the 1st anniversary of the Hub's demise and the rise of Discovery Family is just around the corner, look what I have unearthed and it's going to shock you in the worst way.

 Before the announcement that Discovery made about taking 10% from Hasbro and taking over the Hub and rebranding it as Discovery Family, there was an announcement that they were going to air three more classic cartoons on the network itself, thinking that it got one more ounce of life left. And judging from this drawing I made and crossing it out in many ways, this was indeed the worst decision Discovery has made.

  They were going to air three classic cartoons, two from the archives from Kids WB!, and one that I haven't seen in a long time and it was based on the talking animatronic toy bear from the 80s.  I am, of course, referring to Pinky and the Brain, Freakazoid and The Adventures of Teddy Ruxpin.  We were hoping these shows could bring life back to the Hub, but now we will never know cause Discovery killed off that one glimmer of hope because they think it's a crime to relive the past and the past will never mingle with the future. The way I see it, it was the worst business deal/betrayal in the history of television. That means, no plans for world domination gone wrong, no Relax-O-Vision and no adventures with Teddy Ruxpin and friends.  Tirek Schleiff sees to it that those shows will never see the light of day.  And you know what's the irony about this? Pinky and the Brain and Freakazoid were some of the few shows we suggested on our list of shows that should be on the Hub, alongside Beast Wars, Static Shock, The Tick and Jackie Chan Adventures. But that dream was destroyed when Discovery Family came to be. Bummer. :'(

And that's the news. I will see you again, when I give you my Top 10 Pioneers of Animation. Until then, Stay Frosty, my friends!

(X-Men vs. Street Fighter Stage Clear Theme)

*Fade Out

Thursday, September 3, 2015

Disney Infinity 4.0 Wishlist

I'm bored and I wanna post something,but don't know what! So I'm gonna make a Wishlist for Disney Infinity 4.0 (yes,that game is coming next year!). And of course,It'll have complete backwards capabilities.

Lets-a Go!!


A Battle of The Generations - The Disney Afternoon Era vs The One Saturday Morning Era vs The 2k Era vs The XD Era. TV Toons battle it out.

War of the Gems - Marvel's Finest vs Thanos vs Dr. Doom for the 6 Infinity Gems.
 Star Wars vs Marvel - Marvel vs Star Wars.

Kim Possible Returns - A fresh new Story set a year after the Series Finale.

The Duck Knight - An adaption of the Darkwing Duck comics.

Villains Strike Back - Become one of many Disney Villains and take Over the World.

Power Princesses - Save the World using Various Disney Princesses and Prove to Everyone that they're Not Useless and Worthless! 
Special Modes:

Fighting Mode - A 1-on-1 fighting mode for 1 or 2 Players.

Disney TV Generations - A massive playset that represents All Eras of Disney TV Animation.

War Of The Gems - Various locals from the War of the Gems saga.

Marvel/Star Wars Extended - The Ultimate Star Wars/Marvel Crossover Playset

Saint Canard -Home of Darkwing Duck.

Kim Possible - The Kim Possible Playset.

Villains Playset - A playset for Villains.

Uncanny X - An X-Men Playset,based on the 90's cartoon.

Bald Mountain - Home of Chernabog

Bill Cipher's World - Enter the weird and nightmarish World of Bill Cipher.

The Wasteland - The Grim and frighting home of Oswald the Lucky Rabbit.
Power Discs:

Kimmunicator - Use this to get help on missions.

Wolverine's Claws - Animantium Claws for your character.

Kim's Car - Take a wild ride in Kim Possibles Car.

Duel Light Saber - Battle with 2 Light Sabers.

Captain America's Shield - A cool boomeranging shield.

Bonkers Patrol Car - From the Bonkers TV Series.

Uncle Scrooge's Cane - Fight off Baddies with The Cane of Scrooge McDuck.

Pegasus - Disney!Hercules' Flying Horse.

Queen's Apple - Puts those who are hit with it to sleep.

Greek Sword and Shield - A Sword and Shield from Grecian Times.

Space Ranger Laser - Use Buzz Lightyear's wrist mounted laser.

Star Butterfly's Wand - What it says on the tin.

The Black Cauldron - Summon undead enemies to battle.

Wander's Banjo - Use Wander's banjo to put some joy into evil's hearts. 

Web Shooters - Equip Web Shooters and swing like Spider-Man.

Silver Surfer
The Thing
Dr. Doom
Count Dookuu/Darth Tyranus
Mace Windu
Kim Possible
Ron Stoppable
Jake Long  
The Dark Dragon
Penny Proud
Oscar Proud
Kuzco (human)
The Genie
Scrooge McDuck
Launchpad McQuack
Magica Despell
Darkwing Duck
Gosalyn Mallard/Quiverwing Quack
Morgana Macawber
Baloo (Talespin)
Kit Cloudkicker
Don Karnarge
Max Goof
Monterey Jack
Fat Cat
Hercules (disney)
Eliza Mazda
David Xanatos
Pepper Ann
Tino Tonatini
T.J. Detwhiler
Cornelius Fillmore
Ingrid Third 
Wildwing Flashblade
Oswald The Lucky Rabbit
Mira Nova 
Dave The Barbarian
Chuckles The Silly Piggy
Kick Buttowski
Gunther Magneson
Randy Cunningham
Howard Weinerman
Hannibal McFist
The Sorcerer
Star Butterfly
Marco Diaz
Dipper Pines
Mable Pines
Gideon Gleeful 
Lord Hater
Commander Peepers
Penn Zero
The Horned King
Captain Hook
Beast (disney)
Judge Claude Frollo
Dr. Facilier
Honey Lemon
GoGo Tamago
Sgt. Calhoun
Fix-It Felix
King Candy/Turbo
Daisy Duck
And there you have it. My Wishlist for Disney Infinity 4.0. Do you agree with my choices? Drop a line in the comments section.

Well that's it for now. Coming up next is another What Should've Been! This time on Cartoon Network.

See Ya Space Cowboy!