Thursday, September 17, 2015

Is A Male Sailor Senshi Possible?

It's been a long long time since I did Anything Sailor Moon related. So here we go.

The topic at hand is: Can There Be Male Sailor Senshi? I say Why not? Yes,I know,Naoko Takaeuchi explicitly said that only Females can be Sailor Senshi. However,Akira Toriyama said the same thing about Super Saiyan's,and that only full-blooded and half-blooded Saiyans can become one. But,recently,that's not the case anymore,as confirmed by Recent episodes of Dragon Ball Super,Pan can become a Super Saiyan.

And if a 1/4th Saiyan can become a Super Saiyan,I don't see why a Guy can't become a Sailor Senshi. Of course their costumes would be completely different,but still have the look and feel of a Sailor Soldier uniform. And instead of "Make UP" as part of the Henshin phrase,it'll be "Suit UP" for the guys.

In conclusion,a Male Sailor Senshi would be revolutionary. Here's hoping to see at least 1 in the future of the franchise. 

That's gonna do it for now. I wanna know what my fellow Moonies think? Should there be a Male Sailor Soldier? 

Anyway,next time on ACF: Jason's "Top 10 Animation Pioneers". Followed by,"What Should Have Been: Cartoon Network." Then It's "The SatAM Block Rater"

Until then, See Ya, Space Cowboy. 

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RekkaDragonJay said...

Well, a male Sailor Senshi IS possible. Why not? Aside from Prince Endymion and the Four Kings of Heaven, the only possible candidates I could think of are the Ronin Warriors. What if the Ronin Warriors have descendants from the past, just like the Sailor Senshi themselves? It's like the song from Queen, they were born to be kings, they are the princes of the universe. What do you think?