Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Disney/ABC Hercules

What if Disney created a Hercules TV show for ABC that was close to the actual Mythology,but with a Disney/ABC spin? It would be a Spin-off of the hit show 'Once Upon A Time'.

It would go like this: In ancient times,Italy and Greece are under the tyrannical rule of the Gods,lead by Hera,the Lord of the Gods. She grabbed power after ousting Zeus. Zeus had a fling with a young widow and mother named Alcmene,who had a crush on the former God King ever since she was a teenager.

Soon,Alcmene is impregnated with his Son,her 2nd child,with a then 3-year-old Ipecles being the 1st. Once born,she nanes the child,Hercules.

Hera thinks nothing of this fling at first,but when the fates tell her that Hercules will become a hero who will fight her and defeat her,ending her tyrannically rule. Hera sends snakes to kill the child,but it fails thanks to the baby's awesome strength. Hera decides to leave Herc alone,in hopes that he'll turn out differently...she was wrong.

As a teenager,Hercules enrolls at Cheron's Heroic Warrior Acadamy to start his hero training. There,he meets and befriends Iolous and Jason,a senior.

Hera tries to thwart Hercules attempts to graduate,but fails. In adulthood,Hercules is a well known freelance hero. He marries Deinera and has 3 children with her. Hera,in atempt to ruin Herc's legacy,causes him to go crazy and has him slay his wife and kids. News travels fast and the people start their anti-hercules hatefest. The gods (who are not herc's enemies) are also angry,since it is forbiden for a DemiGod to kill a mortal unless it's in self defence or if it's their job.

To redeem himself in both the eyes of the Gods and Mortals,Hercules must complete 12 great labors perfectly.

After successfuly completing the labors,Hercules' honor is restored with the Gods and the people slowly re-embrace him. When Herc finds out that it was Hera who made him homicidal,he becomes even more determined to overthrow her.

Knowing that Herc can't do this alone,Iolous joins his buddy and the 2 of them fearlessly battle Hera and her forces..including her #2 and favorite son,Ares.

Well what do you think? Should Disney/ABC retry their hand at the Herculean Legend? I sure as hell think so.

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RekkaDragonJay said...

Wow! It's like the old mythology, Hercules: The Legendary Journeys and Once Upon a Time rolled into one. Awesome-sauce!!

Stefan said...

I know right.