Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Is the Internet making Television Extinct: Part II - The Uncertain Future of Cable and Satellite!

In my last blog, awhile back, I mentioned that the internet is slowing becoming the new medium for watching television, including animation, and because of that, television as a whole is in the verge of extinction, which includes the very subject I will talk about.

Ever since the merger of AT&T and DirecTV, we feared the worse that this will start the slow extinction of cable and satellite. Because of the advent of the internet, many companies, such as Netflix, want to take advantage of this medium, making TV shows internet exclusives only. And with so many devices such as Smartphones and Tablets at our disposals, they can watch them wherever and whenever they like. And leaves with one question, what about TV in general, especially with cable and satellite? Like I said, television as a whole is slowing towards the path of extinction and we end watching show on the internet.  But there is one problem with that. Companies like Netflix want us to pay for membership in order to watch our favorite shows. The poor and middle class people can't afford to pay to watch shows online. We need television because we rather watch them for free than to watch them online for paid memberships (some companies, not all, there is Crunchyroll, where we watch anime for free, even without a membership). Paying for our cable and satellite providers once a month is one thing, but this is totally different. I rather watch my anime and my favorite cartoons for free than to pay membership to watch it online. I'm pretty sure many people like my good buddy, Stefan, agrees with me.  So, if you want to keep television alive and preserved for future generations, talk to your local congressman in your state, the FCC or any other cable, satellite and online company (and be civil about this).  Cause one thing is for sure, no TV show or anime is worth sums of money every month. It's time we preserve television's future. I am tired of the poor and middle class have to suffer through this.

A recent theory is that the various media companies have been championing the death of Cable and Satellite. Proof of this comes from the fact that the program direction of many TV Networks have been stupid and lazy. It's like they don't care about TV and want it to die.

It's something to think about.

This has been a ACF Special Bulletin.


Stefan said...

I was expecting a full on defence of Cable TV and condemnation of those who concider it Outdated.

But..Ok. I even added to the post

RekkaDragonJay said...

I was defending it. I did mention that Cable and Satellite must be preserve and I rather watch our shows for free than to pay membership to watch it online. Anyway, thanks for helping me out on this blog. Told you it was a trick one.