Saturday, December 12, 2015

Top 10 Biggest Disney F-Ups of 2015!

Sometimes Iger and his cronies just Live to piss us off. Hannah Montana,that retched excuse for a TV show,has returned to Disney Channels Line-up. It's official,Ben Sherwood is a brainless cronie.

Hey,Iger,you Asshole! Do you know the Real reason Your Networks are loosing viewers? It's because of You and your Retarded Cronies and your gross mishandeling of your networks. So don't you DARE blame Cable TV for shit that You and your minions are responsable for. I miss the Eisner Era...... F-YOU,IGER!!

Inspired by the Huge F-Up,I've decided to list the 10 biggest F-ups that Disney made in 2015.

Dishonorable Mention - Disney Park Peril: Nothing too exciting happening at these parks,have a nice day.

#10 - Incredibles 2 - Delayed: In favor of Cars 3,a movie we DIDN'T need (or want). 

#9 - The Lion Guard,The Babies Guard: The 1st Disney show drawn in Classic Disney style in years,and it's this lame peice of Baby Crap! What A Waste! 

#8 - Canadian Idiot (shows): More Canadian Shows has been announced for next year. *facepalm*

#7 - Mickey Mouse - Returning Babysitter: Just announced this year,A new Mickey Mouse series will be coming.......and it's a Pre-school show! Walt would NEVER do this to the Mouse. Suck It,Iger!

#6 - Bob Iger - Money Waster: Instead of using Disney's money for things that we fans would like,Iger wastes it on crap that we Don't want.

#5 - Gender Confusion XD: Disney XD airs Doll and stuffed animal commercials constantly. Are you Igerites Sure this Network is Supposed to be for Boys 9-14? That's what you retards said right? 

#4 - Program Mis-direction: The program direction of Disney XD is still pukish. Why must you be so brainless,Ben Sherwood? Why?

#3 - The Dis-eased Channel: It just keeps getting worse and worse. Besides return of Hannah Montana,we have many more Teeny-Bopper sitcoms coming soon. Not to mention more baby crap. Iger Must Die!

#2 - Live Action Movie Remakes,Just What We Never Wanted: These remakes of Disney's animated classics range from mediocre to terrible. It's Iger's attempt to erase the past. Oh and against the fans wishes,Iger is giving Maleficent a sequel. Iger's such a piss-off,isn't he?

#1 - Hi,I'm Robert Iger and I Wanna Give A Big F-You to the Fans (AGAIN!): Choosing Hannah Montana,Zack and Cody,Wizards of Waverly Place,Fish Hooks,and The Retarded Sitcoms Over Kim Possible and Other Cool Disney Shows. UNFORGIVABLE! Bob Iger,Why can't you and your cronies just listen to us? We obviously know better than you.

As you can see,Bob Iger continues to insult (and in hannah montana's case,assault) everyones intellegence and is Raping Disney. Uncle Walt would be pissed off as much as we are at the gross mishandling of the House of Mouse. This is the REAL reason why The Disney Networks are loosing ratings (it's NOT cable tv!)

Uncle Walt is in Heaven,but YOU Bob Iger Will be going to Hell....along with all of your cronies. Anne Sweeney Especially!

I Really REALLY Miss the Eisner Era! At least He knew how to to Television the right way.

We will never Ever forgive Bob Iger and his minions for what they're doing to The Company that Walt built. Bob Iger is the Anti-Disney....and that's a bad thing,a very bad thing.

I would start a petition to have Bob Iger removed from power,but,sadly,he seems to be a Villian With Good Publicity ala Lex Luthor.

That's gonna do it for this list. One more post until Holiday Vacation.


RekkaDragonJay said...

You're right about that. Iger is like Lex Luthor just like Henry Schleiff is like Tirek. No respect for the fans and no respect for nostalgia, either.

Stefan said...

Right,plus he Still has a Hannah Montana fetish.He's a disgrace to All things Disney.