Monday, December 7, 2015

Top 20 Underrated Cartoon Gems

This Is An ACF Special Presentation!

Thundercats,The Real Ghostbusters,Ducktales,Batman:The Animated Series,Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles,The Simpsons,The PowerPuff Girls,Garfield and Friends,Gravity Falls. What do all of these shows have in common? They are all well known and well beloved.

.....And because of that,they can't be on this list.

This list will comprise of 20 of the most underrated animated gems,including shows that aren't that well known.

This Is The List of Underrated Gems!

Honorable Mention - Thundarr The Barbarian: Sure you may call this 80's classic a He-Man rip-off,but this show is very different from Masters of the Universe. The action scenes and animation are superior too. Even though the show was short lived,it remains an underrated classic to this day.
#20 - The Tick: While popular back in the day,this fun show has been largely forgotten nowadays. The show's abserdist humor and hero parodies make this show a joy to watch. Spoooooooon!

#19 - Silverhawks: This show makes the list because it's always in the shadow of Thundercats. In it's own right,Silverhawks is just as fun to watch as Thundercats. The characters are cool and the action is great. Partly Metal,Partly Real,All Awesome!

#18 - The Adventures of the Galaxy Rangers: An Animeish show from the 80's with a great story and plenty of awesome action. It was also the 1st "kids" cartoon not to sugercoat death. No Guts,No Glory!

#17 - Bionic Six: Another cool animeish show from the 80's and one thats way too tough to find on Youtube. I doubt they have this show on DVD or Blu-ray. Bionic Six is a fun show with great action scenes and a decent story. The animation is awesome too. Bionics On,Super Future Family!

#16 - Men In Black: The Series: Everyone knows the M.IB.,but very few knew that they had an Animated Series. Agent J and Agent K in animated form are just as good as(maybe even better than) their live action counterparts. All the freaky and kooky aliens the M.I.B meet make this show a great watch. The Worms,however,make this show a Can't Miss. The M.I.B,saving the Earth from the scum of the Universe!

#15 - Dan Vs.: A modern underrated gem that Nikki Reed and Henry Schleiff would love everyone to forget. Dan Vs. is about a guy named Dan raging against the many things that annoy him most. It's a fun show with likable characters,so give this series a shot. Plus,it's made with adults in mind,but still ok for older kids to watch.

#14 - Max Steel (the original series): This show has been long forgotten since it aired on KidsWB all those years ago. It was the blocks 1st CGI animated series and one that was awesome. The show later was picked up by Cartoon Network,but was dropped a year later. Going Turbo!

#13 - Dr. Katz: Professional Therapist: Another adult sitcom that's (mostly) safe for older kids to watch. This show is about a therapist that helps comedians with their problems. This is yet another fun show that has been forgotten. Thanfully,unlike most shows on this list,you can find this series on DVD. The Doctor Is In!

#12 - The Critic: A funny animated sitcom that lived its life in the shadow of the Simpsons. Jay Shermen is a movie critic that reviews movies and often times gives them a bad reveiw. Outside of work,He is a single parent living in hollywood and is best known for his signature catchphrase: "It Stinks!" Another fun show made for adults that older kids can watch. It Stinks? I Think Not!

#11 - W.I.T.C.H.: One of the very few Underrated Animated Gems from Disney. The Animeish style,fun characters,and near-engaging story make this show a true animated gem. Guardians Unite!

#10 - Hi! Hi! Puffy Ami Yumi: An animated show based on J-Rock group,Puffy. This was Cartoon Network's tribute to Anime. This long-forgoton animated gem was one of Cartoon Network's last good shows. Even more sad....Only a Small Handful Of Episodes Made It To DVD!! *facepalm*

#9 - Where on Earth is Carmen Sandiego: One of the most underrated shows on the Fox Kids Block. Carmen Sandiego may have had educational stuff in it,but it was much more than Edutainment. It was an Adventure Show first and formost. This was a fun watch and if you can find this series on DVD,by all means buy it.

#8 - The Bots Master: Another show with Anime influence. This one comes from the early 90's. It's about a cool guy and his Bots (called boyz) battling an evil corperation and their robots. This show was action pact and a delight to watch on Sunday Mornings. It's Laser Time,Boyz!

#7 - Mummies Alive: One of the Final good shows from DiC. Mummies Alive is yet another Sunday Morning gem that people tend to forget about. If you like Action Cartoons and Mummies,this series has them both in spades..with a little Sentai thrown in. Let's Kick Tut!

#6 - Bravestarr: In New Texas,Marshal Bravestarr,a lawman with great powers,battles a host of vicious outlaws. This Show Is Great. It combines Westerns,Sci-Fi,and Super Heroes all in one show. Plus,Bravestarr is one of the very first Native American Super Heroes! All brought to you by our friends at Filmation. Eye Of The Hawk! Ears Of The Wolf! Strength Of The Bear! Speed Of The Puma! Bravestarr is Awesome!

#5 - Histeria: A show about history.....done in a very comedic matter. I used to love watching this show every afternoon on KidsWB. But,in recent times,many have forgotten this series. Such a shame,as it's one of the most entertaining cartoons that Warner Bros. has ever produced. If you have a chance to find this show,watch it.

#4 - The Big Guy and Rusty: Yet another show that pays homage to various Robot Anime,with Rusty being an obvious nod to Astro Boy. The show aired on Fox Kids for 2 seasons,but soon after,it was never aired again. The show was a fun one and it's a shame this series never made it to DVD. Sony owns the rights to this series I think.

#3 - The Real Adventures of Johnny Quest: An awesome 90's take on the classic Hannah-Barbera series. Despite being on Cartoon Network many times during it's golden days,It's never thought about anymore. To make matters worse,the series is very tough to find on DVD. If you do find both seasons on DVD,consider yourself lucky.

#2 - Kaijudo: Rise of the Duel Masters: Another show that has been tossed away in the trash by Henry Schleff when he turned The Hub into Discovery Family. Kaijudo is an American remake of the Anime Duel Masters and a great one. The show lasted for 2 seasons and was taken off the air almost immediatly after the final episode (thanks to that idiot nikki reed). This show deserved post-series reruns.

#1 - The Centurions: This was one of the most underrated shows ever. Not only is this series nnovative (for the time),but it provides some of the best art and anination of the 80's. The action scenes are top notch too (by 80's cartoon standards,at least). Power X-treme!
And there you have it,20 of the most Underrated Cartoon Gems. This list was something that was spur-of-the-moment,but kinda needed.

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RekkaDragonJay said...

I knew Centurions were number 1. I was just reminiscing about them yesterday and the day before. The cartoon was awesome, so were the toys. Wish I had some of them back then. POWER X-TREME!!!

Stefan said...

Indeed it was. Too bad it's so underappreciated nowadays