Wednesday, February 10, 2016

7 All-Time Greatest TV Animation Companies That Ain't Disney

There's no denying the power of Disney,after all They are the Gods of Animation. But just because they reign supreme,doesn't mean that they're the only game in town. In the world of Television Animation,The Big D had many rivals,but only a select few were serious ones.

This is a list of The Top 7 All-Time Greatest TV Animation Companies that Ain't Disney.

Honorable Mentions -

Sony: Not much to Sony in the TV Animation biz nowadays,but back in the day they were cool. They gave us fun shows like Max Steel,Jackie Chan Adventures,Men In Black:The Series,The Big Guy and Rusty,Spectacular Spider-Man,and others. They've also co-produced The Real Ghostbusters through Columbia. Thanks for the memories guys.

Nicktoons: Nicktoons may suck now,but in the 90's and early 2000's,they were great. The Shows they aired were original and entertaining....well most of them at least. Now they suck and there is no turning back. Korra was the final good Nicktoon. Thankfully,there is a special block on TeenNick that airs these old Nicktoons. Plus,Nicktoons Network randomly airs Nicktoons from the early 2000's. So dispite being evil,Viacom actually Respects the classics.

Rankin/Bass: These guys didn't do much,but what they did was great. Thundercats is there most well known show. And who can forget those fun XMas specials,huh? Warner Bros. owns most of their stuff now.
#7 - Ruby-Spears Productions: After co-producing Scooby-Doo with Hannah Barbera,these guys were on top of the world. They pumped out plenty of animated jems in the 80's,like Thundarr and Alvin & the Chipmunks. The 90's on the other hand,were not a very good time for the company. Mega Man and a select few were the only good things Joe Ruby and Ken Spears gave us. And by 1996,the company fell into disaray due to heavy competition from Nicktoons,Disney,Warner Animation,and the renewed Hannah-Barbera. In late '96/early-'97,the company went belly up. Despite their ups and downs,RS Productions was a great company. Here's to you Joe and Ken.

#6 - Filmation: The 1st Ever TV Animation company. Despite their various flaws,you can't deny that Filmation was a pioneer in the Animation industry. He-Man,She-Ra,Fat Albert,Bravestarr,and many others. Some shows were good,some were bad. But the greatest show Filmation ever produced was She-Ra. She-Ra was the very first Animated Heroine who Didn't originate in comic books. Sadly,in mid-1989,the company became defunct. I was bound to happen,y'know. Still,this company is Legendary and will always hold a special place in the hearts of classic animation fans.

#5 - Cartoon Network Studios: The Reincarnation of Hannah-Barbera and H-B in reverse. Meaning,They started out pretty good,before becoming Blah! Anyway,during the early-2000's Hannah-Barbera kinda died off and Cartoon Network Studios took it's place,though that wasn't a bad thing. One of the 1st things they did was continue Johnny Bravo,Dexter's Lab,and The Power Puff Girls. They then created their own fun shows,such as Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends and Hi!Hi! Puffy Ami Yumi. CN Studios was great.

#4 - Marvel Animation: Ah,Marvel,my favorite Super Hero company. I always loved their cartoons...well,most of them. Besides their own stuff,they also co-produced Transformers G1 and G.I. Joe:Real American Hero with Hasbro,Muppet Babies with Jim Henson Productions,and Spectacular Spider-Man with Sony. I Love Marvel and will always prefer it's animated shows to DC's.

#3 - Warner Bros.Animation: Now,we are down to the final 3. Warner Bros. Animation may be weak now,but these dudes are still Legendary. From Looney Tunes to Superman to Batman:The Animated Series and Animaniacs to Hysteria and Teen Titans. Warner Bros. was a Goldmine for great Animated programing. Words can't decribe how amazing these guys were.

#2 - Hannah-Barbera: What can one say about Hannah-Barbera,they started out weak in the 60's and improved over time. H-B Productions gave us some of the most memorable (and iconic) cartoon characters of all time,such as Johnny Quest,The Flinstones,Yogi Bear,Space Ghost,and Scooby Doo. By the Early 90's,H-B Production's inproved greatly with a fresh new attitude and awesome shows like Swat Kats,2 Stupid Dogs,and The Real Adventures of Johnny Quest. They also helped kickstart Cartoon Network and even made some of their famous Cartoon Cartoons. Hannah-Barbera would later go defunct and replaced with Cartoon Network Studios. Fun fact: H-B Productions was the first company to create an Animated Sitcom,The Flinstones in 1967. This predates the Simpsons,which debut in 1988.

#1 - DiC: Ah,DiC,how we miss you. Anime-like qualities were part of this companies charm. Originally a French company,DiC became American in the mid-80's. The company would give us a slew of great cartoons from the mid-80's to the Late 90's. What a streak,huh? However the DiC company isn't without controversy. In 1989,they created a Video Game based cartoon (their 2nd one) called Captain N:The Game Master. Fans complained (and this was before the net) that non of the characters looked or acted like how they were supposed to.....and they were right. Plus,some of the plots were cliche,lame,and often times stupid. The next controversy was their handling of Sailor Moon. Unnessassary edits and other things made Fans of Sailor Moon facepalm. After dubbing R,Sailor Moon's North American rights went to Cloverway. The final controversy was catering to the Babies and Girly-Girls in the late 90's/early-2000's. However,despite all of this,DiC did more good than harm. DiC went out of buisness in the early 2000's,after a string of failures. They were soon bought out by Cookie Jar Entertainment (now dhx media). No matter what one tends to think of this company,there's no denying the great cartoons they gave us during their prime(the 80's and most of the 90's).

Well that is my list of Greatest Non-Disney TV Animation Companies. Many will disagree with my list,But I'm sticking with it. I still believe that DiC was the best.

See Ya, Space Cowboy!


RekkaDragonJay said...

That's a decent list, man. Wish there was more animation companies like those in that list. BTW, add another voice actor to the list of the deceased, Joe Alaskey. Like David Bowie and Alan Rickman, he died of cancer. Cancer, why it had to be cancer? :'(

Stefan said...

maybe. At least Bret Hart beat it,so it's beatable at least