Thursday, February 4, 2016

ACF in 2016

I have some news reguarding The American Cartoon Federation. There will be changes. One change will be the end of The Destiny League Bios. These bios aren't doing anything for this site and they don't have much popularity either. So it's dead weight. Next,I'll be retiring 'The Ultimate Boss' segments. I really don't feel the need to continue them,especially since I have 'What Should Have Been' now. The Program Line-Up's will be part of that segment from now on.

Next,we will be adding on to the site. One such section will be an Art Showcase for Jason,once he improves on his art,he will be able to post them here. But I do have some rules,one of the biggest ones being No Ponies,No Exceptions!

So Jason,improve on your art so you can post them in your own section here at ACF.

Another thing that may be in the cards is Another 60 Minutes: Cartoon Edition. I had fun making the last one,I might make another.

More Sailor Moon and Dragon Ball content coming down the pike. More Lists too.

And then there's the Secret Project that Jason will be helping with. I won't going into details,but it will be about Cartoons and it will be Big.

So expect these and other surprises on ACF.

See Ya Space Cowboy.


RekkaDragonJay said...

Not even my favorite ponies, Twilight Sparkle and her brother Shining Armor? Darn! I always think of Shining Armor as my steed, just like The Lone Ranger's trusty steed, Silver. And if you don't want any exceptions, so be it. Of course I did a fanart once with my favorite characters voiced by Tara Strong, including Twilight and Ariel's daughter Melody. Anyway, no ponies, no exception, no problem. At least there is a reason Deviantart exist anyway.

Stefan said...

Yeah,but hay if you want you can draw Tara Strong. That would be cool. Also Xena and Hercules are back on TV,in re-runs on a network called H&I.

RekkaDragonJay said...


Stefan said...

Heroes & Icons. It's a network that airs old Action and Adventure shows. It's MeTV's [a retro sitcom network]brother network.