Monday, April 25, 2016

Stupidest Network Executive Moments

It seems that there is a never ending stupidity to America's Network Executives. Yeah,It's sad and sickening,I know. Instead of doing an essay about it,I'm instead gonna make a list (yeah,another one!).

Here is a List of The Stupidest Network Executive Moments.

The Toxic Pool That Doesn't Belong: One of the biggest problems with Cartoon Network today,is Adult just doesn't belong. Instead of putting it on TBS Or giving it it's own Network,Stewie Snyder (and his successor) decide to be lazy and stupid by keeping the block (now since re-classified as a network) on Cartoon Network,where it has no buisness being on there anymore. But,this isn't the Only time on this list that I'm gonna be going after Snyder. Him and Nickelodeon's President will be targeted later.

Lazy,Lazier,Laziest: I'm talking about Program Directors. The biggest and most blatent example of lazy and neglectful program direction is Disney. And it's all thanks to Ben Sherwood,Anne Sweeney,and all of their cronies. However,I'm sure Disney isn't the only offender.

Baby Fetishism: 24/7 Pre-School Networks. *facepalm* This concept is and will forever will be Retarded! Seriously,what little child watches TV all day. And what child watches TV late at night? They are usually sleeping. There's absolutly no reason for these kind of networks to exist,there just isn't.

Fair Use = Criminal: They constantly force Youtube to block videos of their old stuff. I don't see the problem,since the networks who are against Fair Use Never air the shows they force Youtube to block in the first place. Yeah,there's Netflix,but what if they don't carry those old shows you want?. There's also the poor and middle class stuck with regular TV,because they can't afford cable,satellite,or the internet. Not to mention those who can't afford DVD,Blu-Ray,or Netflix. There're Also those who can't find Blu-Ray or DVD's of their favorite shows in their Area...And are too timid to order online. And what if DVD's or Blu-Ray's of said shows don't exist? The people have no choice but to watch on Youtube,but they can't if the Greedy,Ignorant Media Companies keep forcing them to block videos. Dumbass Bullies!

Holding Back The Big D: Robert Iger,Anne Sweeney,and Benjamin Sherwood are the stifilers of growth within disney and it pisses me off. Instead of embracing the potential,they either waste or bastardize it. It's because of this,that the Disney Nightmare happened...infact,it's still going on today. Walt would strongly dissaprove of the Girly-Girl and Teeny-Bopper bullshit!

Live-Action + All Animation TV = Grave Sin: This is a grave sin. One thing that should never Ever be done is put Live-Action shows on an All Animation Network. Stuart Snyder began this sick trend,and now Nickelodeon's President is following his example. *facepalm* And while,Cartoon Network has eased up greatly on the Live-Action stuff,Nicktoons Network is going full force with it.

The Expendible Blocks: Remember way back when we had Weekday Afternoon and Weekend Morning blocks to look forward to? Well them days are long gone..all thanks to executive stupidity. There excuses for ending these blocks are many,which include: They wanted kids to depend on Nickelodeon,Cartoon Network,and Disney to provide the entertainment in place of the traditional blocks. Excuse 2: They believed DVD's can do better. Excuse 3: They feared that they had no freedom due to the FCC. And Excuse 4: They felt that the blocks were expendable. Look,if these assholes were worried about the FCC's Infamous 'Children Television Act',They could've just worked around it. And DVD's can be expensive. So my arguement is valid. Plus,Why the Hell must the veiwer rely soley on the other Big 3 for entertainment?.....especially now,since they all suck. Plus,these various blocks often provided shows not seen anywhere else. Those who took those blocks away from everyone,need to be shot. I miss them all.

They Broke The Boomerang :( : Stuart Snyder is mainly to blame for this. He neglected Boomerang for the 1st half of his term and totally destroyed it in the 2nd half. Boomerang served 2 perposes: To provide everyone with retro cartoons And To provide an escape from Cartoon Network's stupidity. I won't go into details on How this bastard destroyed this network,cuz I've explained it many times before.

Canning,Canning,and More Canning: Network Executives love to stupidly cancel good shows and replace them with terrible ones. These execs tend to leave the mediocre and crappy shows alone,and only target the good ones. It pisses me off. The biggest offenders of this are Turner Broadcasting,The Disney Company,and Discovery Comunications. Speaking of Discovery...

Let's Suck: Henry Schelief and Nikki Reed thought it would be an excellent idea to replace the diverse Hub Network with the mega-lame Discovery Family. Discovery Family is nothing more than yet another generic Discovery Channel,in other words,it's just like all of the other Networks by Discovery Communications. They took away the uniqueness And the hope and joy of those who were sick to death of the bullshit of Viacom,Turner,and Disney. A prime example of raw stupidity.

Well that takes care of that.

See Ya,Space Cowboy.

Thursday, April 21, 2016

Anime Jason vs Discovery Family

Just wanted to hype my friends upcoming video series,Anime Jason vs Discovery Family.

Henry Sheleif,Nikki Reed Be Ready For The Slaughter! Whatcha Gonna Do When The U.F.A.R.,The ACF,and Anime Jason Destroy You?!!

You can catch the promo and other videos here:

Friday, April 15, 2016

Top 10 Things Disney Desperatly Needs To Copy From The Eisner Era.

There's no denying that the Eisner Era was the absolute best time for Disney TV. The program direction was great,the creativity was brilliant,the shows diverse,no relying on canada,the cartoons were the main focus,no girly-girl BS,and the general public demographic was always in mind.

Sadly,this ain't the case anymore. Bob Iger,the sociopath that he is,refuses to do what's best for buisness. But,if he did Finally decide to listen up,here is a Top 10 List of Eisner Era Elements That Disney Needs To Copy.

#10 - Nothing Wrong With Animation Domination: Over the past couple of years,Disney has been way too keen on pushing Teen Sitcoms and other Live-Action stuff. That's wrong on many levels,mainly because Disney was Built on Animation. Walt would agree with me in saying that Teen Sitcons shouldn't be the Dominant force on Disney Television. When Michael Eisner was in charge,we had at least 2-3 Disney Animated Shows come out a year. Nowadays it's just 1 or 2 a year. This needs to Change and Iger needs to stop being a stupid ass and put more faith and more money in Disney's TV Animation Department.

#09 - More Relience On American Shows: Iger has a fetish for Canadian Shows,and it really shows XD. All kidding aside,Disney should just forget on relying heavily on International Shows (both animated and live action) and Focus more on American Ones (mainly their own). The Eisner Era Did have shows from other countries,granted. But the American stuff was always dominant.

#08 - Women Who Mean More: When one thinks of Disney Women today,they can't help but to think about sidekicks,2nd and 3rd tier characters,one-offs,ect. Almost every Iger Era show (mainly the teen sitcoms) has been Male Dominated. And the women that Do get leads are potrayed as Idiots. We didn't have this in the Eisner Era,where females were almost always awesome.. Now in recent times that has changed. Shows like K.C. Undercover,Star vs The Forces of Evil,Sofia the First,Girl Meets World,ect. have proven that Females Can be strong,smart,and awesome. Disney needs to stick with this if it's gonna survive. More shows with Awesome Female Leads Now!

#07 - Break Away From The Teeny Bopper Sitcoms: This goes for movies too. One of the greatest things about The Eisner Era is that it Lacked Teeny Bopper Sitcoms and Movies. Sadly,Iger has a fetish for these and continues to push them. High School Musical 4 is the latest example. It's sad and,as a Disney fan,I'm still upset by it. To be honest Nobody likes the Teeny Bopper trash,so getting rid of them and replacing them with something great would put Disney back in the peoples favor. And when that happens,Ratings will rise.

#06 - Embrace The Classics: Iger hates the classics,we all know that. But it isn't what's best for buisness. Majority of Disney fans love these shows and movies and would rather have Them as filler than Mini-Marathons of shows we're getting sick of. Michael Eisner liked the classics and that's why he Rocked. Disney needs to give fans what they want And expose a new generation to these great shows. Nickelodeon Does It!

#05 - Reduce the Number of Times A Show Airs: During the Eisner Era a single show only aired 2-3x a day,Nowadays,a single show airs many more times,thus wasting airtime. Veriety is the splice of life as they say. Iger doesn't fully believe this and airs the same shows over and over again. This is mkst evedent on Disney XD. Eisner had more sence..he really did.

#04 - Produce Beloved and Memorable Shows: Eisner really knew how to pick 'em,Iger doesn't. Pickle and Peanut,Kirby Buckets,Walk The Prank,Austin and Ally,ect. Are shows that very few people actually like. In the Eisner Era,almost Every show was liked and is well remembered. Today,Disney lacks memorable shows,even the good ones will be forgotten in time. Gargoyles,Darkwing Duck,Goof Troop,Kim Possible are shows that we all love and easily remember. Sadly,despite being beloved,Girl Meets World,The 7D,Lab Rats Elite Force,Star vs The Forces of Evil,KC Undercover,and Wander Over Yonder will be forgotten within a 10 year period. The only exceptions to this are Gravity Falls and Phineas and Ferb. It's Disney's duty to create shows that are not only beloved,but are also remembered for all eternity.

#03 - Return of The Program Blocks: Disney Afternoon and One Saturday Morning were 2 of the greatest things that have come out of the Eisner Era,Iger would be wise to revive the concept of the Program Block. It will boost the falling ratings of each network. Disney desperatly needs a new Weekday Afternoon block,as well as a Sunday Morning Block. A good Program Block always makes a Network more meaningful (just look at cartoon network in the 90's and early 2000's).

#02 - Showing Respect To Fan Favorites: Michael Eisner loved us and the shows we loved. Bob Iger,on the other hand,loves to Screw Fans and as a testement of that,he completely cancels the shows we like Or forces them to end early. Wander Over Yonder is the latest victim of the latter. Tron Uprising and Motor City were also screwed by Bob Iger and Anne Sweeney. And Ben Sherwood is continuing Sweeney's legacy. This needs to stop. By showing so much disrespect for shows that we love very much,is insulting. No wonder people are loosing faith in Disney TV.

#01 - Be Ballsy: One of the greatest things about the Eisner Era is that Disney took risks. They started with The Little Mermaid which,after many failed movies,revived Disney's rep on the big screen and started the Disney Renaissance. They competed against Nickelodeon with the Disney Channel and won on different occasions. They created shows with the general public in mind. They made Gargoyles! They went head-to-head with KidsWB and Fox Kids on Saturday Mornings. Hell,even the Disney Afternoon was a gamble. All of those and more took guts and it all payed off in the end. Iger,on the other hand,doesn't like chance taking. He sticks with the status quo he set up,for the most part,and it's hurting Disney TV as a whole. One thing that they can do is forget about targeting a single insignificant group and return focus on the general public. Very few Disney shows nowadays do this. They need to forget about the Girly-Girls,Small Children,and the Parents Groups and think about what the Real Fans want. Give us more creative and edgy's what Walt would want. Also,change the program direction in a major way and start airing the classics again. Now Those are ballsy moves. If the Status Quo is broken,you must replace it.

Well that's about it. I think I made my point.

Monday, April 11, 2016

Horrid News

Bob Iger may be staying as Disney's CEO for much longer than planned.

Originally his departure was to be in 2018,but there are talks of him staying on longer. 

This is an outrage,keeping Iger as CEO would be an extreme insult to the fans. Iger Never listens to us,he Refuses.

Look up Bob Iger on google to find out more

Monday, April 4, 2016

SuperRetroCon 2016 Update

Ben Sherwood Is Extrenely Brainless! With Him incharge,Disney's Networks will not survive. Go to your favorite petition site and make a petition calling for Sherwood's resignation..or firing. Or if there is one available,sign it. We can't allow Disney TV to die because of one clueless man.

This Message Is Brought To You In-part By The American Cartoon Federation!
SuperRetro Con '16 is coming up. And we have the guest list and stuff right here. Guests will include famous celebs and stars from Anime and the Tooniverse.

Guests Include:

Kevin Sorbo (hercules:the legendary journeys)

Gohan Son (dragon ball super)

She-Ra (she-ra:princess of power)

He-Man (he-man: and the masters of the universe [80s])

The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (80s)

Krang (teenage mutant ninja turtles '87)

The Shredder (teenage mutant ninja turtles '87)

Yoda (star wars)

Darth Maul (star wars)

Ahsoka Tanno (star wars)

Darkwing Duck

Former WCW Omegastar and WWE Hall of Famer Sting

The Red Guy (cow and chicken)

Mojo Jojo (the powerpuff girls)

Classic Sailor Moon (sailor moon)

Frieza (dragon ball)

Roger Rabbit (who framed roger rabbit)

Mega Man X (mega man x)

Tron Bonne (mega man legends)

And Many More....

Activities and Events Enclude:

Celeb Panels (q&a)

Guest Speakers

Autograph Booths

Food Court

Souvenir Stands

Buy 'N Traid Booths

A Live Concert featuring Various Old School Artists

Retro Movie Theaters,where you can watch featured movies.

SuperRetroCon 2016 will be held at MSG,Saturday April 23rd to Sunday April 24th.