Monday, April 25, 2016

Stupidest Network Executive Moments

It seems that there is a never ending stupidity to America's Network Executives. Yeah,It's sad and sickening,I know. Instead of doing an essay about it,I'm instead gonna make a list (yeah,another one!).

Here is a List of The Stupidest Network Executive Moments.

The Toxic Pool That Doesn't Belong: One of the biggest problems with Cartoon Network today,is Adult just doesn't belong. Instead of putting it on TBS Or giving it it's own Network,Stewie Snyder (and his successor) decide to be lazy and stupid by keeping the block (now since re-classified as a network) on Cartoon Network,where it has no buisness being on there anymore. But,this isn't the Only time on this list that I'm gonna be going after Snyder. Him and Nickelodeon's President will be targeted later.

Lazy,Lazier,Laziest: I'm talking about Program Directors. The biggest and most blatent example of lazy and neglectful program direction is Disney. And it's all thanks to Ben Sherwood,Anne Sweeney,and all of their cronies. However,I'm sure Disney isn't the only offender.

Baby Fetishism: 24/7 Pre-School Networks. *facepalm* This concept is and will forever will be Retarded! Seriously,what little child watches TV all day. And what child watches TV late at night? They are usually sleeping. There's absolutly no reason for these kind of networks to exist,there just isn't.

Fair Use = Criminal: They constantly force Youtube to block videos of their old stuff. I don't see the problem,since the networks who are against Fair Use Never air the shows they force Youtube to block in the first place. Yeah,there's Netflix,but what if they don't carry those old shows you want?. There's also the poor and middle class stuck with regular TV,because they can't afford cable,satellite,or the internet. Not to mention those who can't afford DVD,Blu-Ray,or Netflix. There're Also those who can't find Blu-Ray or DVD's of their favorite shows in their Area...And are too timid to order online. And what if DVD's or Blu-Ray's of said shows don't exist? The people have no choice but to watch on Youtube,but they can't if the Greedy,Ignorant Media Companies keep forcing them to block videos. Dumbass Bullies!

Holding Back The Big D: Robert Iger,Anne Sweeney,and Benjamin Sherwood are the stifilers of growth within disney and it pisses me off. Instead of embracing the potential,they either waste or bastardize it. It's because of this,that the Disney Nightmare happened...infact,it's still going on today. Walt would strongly dissaprove of the Girly-Girl and Teeny-Bopper bullshit!

Live-Action + All Animation TV = Grave Sin: This is a grave sin. One thing that should never Ever be done is put Live-Action shows on an All Animation Network. Stuart Snyder began this sick trend,and now Nickelodeon's President is following his example. *facepalm* And while,Cartoon Network has eased up greatly on the Live-Action stuff,Nicktoons Network is going full force with it.

The Expendible Blocks: Remember way back when we had Weekday Afternoon and Weekend Morning blocks to look forward to? Well them days are long gone..all thanks to executive stupidity. There excuses for ending these blocks are many,which include: They wanted kids to depend on Nickelodeon,Cartoon Network,and Disney to provide the entertainment in place of the traditional blocks. Excuse 2: They believed DVD's can do better. Excuse 3: They feared that they had no freedom due to the FCC. And Excuse 4: They felt that the blocks were expendable. Look,if these assholes were worried about the FCC's Infamous 'Children Television Act',They could've just worked around it. And DVD's can be expensive. So my arguement is valid. Plus,Why the Hell must the veiwer rely soley on the other Big 3 for entertainment?.....especially now,since they all suck. Plus,these various blocks often provided shows not seen anywhere else. Those who took those blocks away from everyone,need to be shot. I miss them all.

They Broke The Boomerang :( : Stuart Snyder is mainly to blame for this. He neglected Boomerang for the 1st half of his term and totally destroyed it in the 2nd half. Boomerang served 2 perposes: To provide everyone with retro cartoons And To provide an escape from Cartoon Network's stupidity. I won't go into details on How this bastard destroyed this network,cuz I've explained it many times before.

Canning,Canning,and More Canning: Network Executives love to stupidly cancel good shows and replace them with terrible ones. These execs tend to leave the mediocre and crappy shows alone,and only target the good ones. It pisses me off. The biggest offenders of this are Turner Broadcasting,The Disney Company,and Discovery Comunications. Speaking of Discovery...

Let's Suck: Henry Schelief and Nikki Reed thought it would be an excellent idea to replace the diverse Hub Network with the mega-lame Discovery Family. Discovery Family is nothing more than yet another generic Discovery Channel,in other words,it's just like all of the other Networks by Discovery Communications. They took away the uniqueness And the hope and joy of those who were sick to death of the bullshit of Viacom,Turner,and Disney. A prime example of raw stupidity.

Well that takes care of that.

See Ya,Space Cowboy.


Frank Coufal said...

I wish every executive and CEO of every major studio, corporation, and TV network would just disappear for just one or two months and the fans could be in charge, that way we could be the ones deciding what's good and what's not good. Wouldn't it be great if a fan could think outside the box to fix this whole mess networks are in?

RekkaDragonJay said...

Let's not forget one other factor to why these execs act the way they are, the Select Few who supports them. The ones who talk down and bash free thinkers like us. Not just the Select Few, but also the Moral Guardians and the Social Justice Warriors, who speak for all of us and rather kill the fun and the livelihood of what we do than be normal people like us. These people rather be slaves and servants to those execs than to speak out against them like us.

Other than that, your list is very sound. Well done.

Stefan said...

Next is a multiple part project,similar to Aninejason vs Viacom. Can you guess who my target is?